Athletic Field Name

It is gratifying to see a major rejuvenation under way at our Stonington athletic field. Congratulations to Allie Webb and all the other volunteers.

The field was originally developed largely by volunteer labor. It has been a valuable asset to the town and Island community for many years.

Concerning eventual naming of the field, full attention should be given to its history. There are many individuals, living and deceased, who are worthy of various kinds of public recognitions. For the athletic field name there is one former citizen for whom there should be unanimous approval.

Elwood ("Buster") Knight was an outstanding athlete, very much appreciated by all who knew him. I was privileged to be on both the Stonington High School baseball team and the Stonington's town team with him in those years before WWII when area baseball was at its peak in popularity. He was a key member of those teams.

Like so many young men of our generation he was drawn into that great conflict. His qualifications enabled him to become a member of an elite U.S. Army combat unit. In the front lines of heavy fighting following that 1944 invasion of German-occupied France, he was killed in action.

We can honor the memory of that supreme sacrifice by eventually giving his name to our athletic field.

Thurlow Pitts

From: Island Ad-Vantages, August 5, 1999; page 4

Section of a Guest Column in the Island Ad-Vantages, June 9, 2005; "Memorial Day, 2005 Year of the 60th Anniversay of the end of WWII" by Thurlow Pitts:

...Of more than 292,000 U.S. battle deaths in WWII, one in particular has a special remembrance. Elwood "Buster" Knight, 1918-45, member of the elite U.S. Army Rangers, was killed in action in the European Theater on February 25, 1945. Buster was a close friend from school days when we were teammates on our 1936 Stonington High School Championship baseball team. I have good memories of being with him skating on the "Meadow", going to smelt brooks in spring, summer dances at the Legion Hall in Sunset, movies at the Opera House, and touch football on the big lawn now occupied by Union Trust...

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