Deer Isle Quarry

Grandpa Knight (Willard) is the second from the left in front. The man in the center is Frank McGuire, owner of the quarry (beside the tall gentleman with glasses). Can anyone identify the others in the picture?--E-mail Helene

Great News! Have heard from Mary McGuire, daughter of Frank in picture. She has sent the identity of most of the people in the picture and some history of the picture. Her information:

The scene of the picture is the Settlement Quarry, Stonington. Time: 1922 or 1923. This was the time of the so-called "Fuller job", the New York County Courthouse, the most important job the Settlement ever had (Corinthian columns, no less); and the winter of 1922 was one of the worst the area ever had. The quarry was leased by the owners, J.C. Rodgers Corp., to the George A. Fuller Co. for the duration of the contract. (My father, Frank McGuire, did not own the quarry at this time; he and his brothers, Thomas and James J. McGuire, owned it later.)

The people in the picture, I believe, were all connected in some way with this job. I can identify more or less positively a few, but unfortunately not all.
  • First row: 2nd from left is indeed Willard Knight.
  • 3rd from left -- Harold Morey
  • 4th from left -- Norman Webb (Harold and Norman must have been office workers. They were never quarry workers.)
    Back row:
  • 2nd from left -- Ernest Coombs (bookkeeper)
  • 3rd from left --George Walker (blacksmith)
  • 5th from left -- Arthur Poitras (stonecutter)
  • 7th from left -- Frank McGuire (superintendent for J.C. Rodgers)
  • 9th from left -- Arthur McMullen (CEO fro George A. Fuller Co.)
  • 10th from left -- unidentified woman was probably an office worker or a relative of Arthur McMullen. He had two daughters.
    The man between George Walker and Arthur Poitras just possibly might be Hollis Gray (quarryman). The man behind the woman, and to the left of the McMullen was, I think, the assistant to the latter, but I can't remember his name.
    Several of these people have descendants living in Stonington. [Excerpts of personal letter from Mary McGuire to her niece, Ann Durgan, dated 1/31/03]

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