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Eliza Drake Auth - 05/12/00 13:54:00
My Email:elizaauth@excite.com
How did you find my webpages?: through the LDS site
Are we related?: I think we must be

I really enjoyed your site. It's fascinating. I've just begun researching my family so I haven't yet determined how my Elizabeth Cousins born c. 1752 in Eden, ME who married John Thomas c. 1776 connects with your Cousins line but I'm assuming the link is there somew

David Knight - 04/23/00 23:28:08
My Email:dmknight@intelos.net

Thanks for joining the Knight webring. You have a good looking site. Please encourage others to join. David

Bambi - 04/22/00 05:09:37
My Email:bambi@shreve.net
How did you find my webpages?: searching www
Are we related?: Don't know

I am searching for roots of my grandmother. Her father was married three times, lived in different places, mostly around northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.

Helene Myllysilta - 04/19/00 05:27:23
My Email:helene.myllysilta@verdandi.fi
How did you find my webpages?: I wrote name Helene to Alta Vista

Greetings from Finland!!!

Jeremy E.K. Rankin - 04/18/00 13:11:18
My Email:jrankin@bu.edu
How did you find my webpages?: Through geocities.com
Are we related?: YES!!!

So very nice to find and use your information. Thank you. My family is related to Andrew Knight. We have quite a strong connection to him, in fact my oldest brother is named after him. My family also has a deep and passionate interest in the Civil War. When we found out that Andrew was not only in it, but a major player in some of the most bloody fighting know to date, we became interested almost to a fault. My brother Alex and I have found out a great deal about him. If at ANY time you would like to speak with us, please please give us a call. My mother has always thought us to know and remember where we come from, and who we are, she always thought that Andrew would be proud to know that his ancestors took such an interest in who HE was and the things HE elieved in, and fought and suffered. I know they would love to talk to you. Thank you again for helping us find our roots, and I sincerely hope to speak with you in the future.

Delle Babbidge - 04/05/00 14:25:38
My Email:dbabbidge@aol.com
How did you find my webpages?: link within "Babbidge family genealogy" link on web search for family name Babbidge
Are we related?: possibly

Like your page - colorful and full of varied information and links. May even be connected distantly on my mother's side, as well, though didn't see any direct links in the French-language genealogy page. My brother Christopher Welton Babbidge of Kennebunk Maine has done the recent family research. I'm going to show your page to him - perhaps he's already familiar with it! Have a great day, and thank you for your work!

helene diu - 04/03/00 19:09:37
My Email:wabbunny@multimania.fr
How did you find my webpages?: searching the surname 'helene'
Are we related?: Unfortunately not

I've just been reading your guestbook and I'm amazed by the number of people who seem related to you. Are all the Americans cousins???...By the way, I am French!

Sallad - 03/21/00 12:21:15
My URL:http://hey.to/sallad
My Email:grabbhalvan@yesbox.net
How did you find my webpages?: by luck :)
Are we related?: Nope! At least not close at all...

Well... nice page... but... unfortunately I can't really say that I succeeded to follow your genealogy pages. And I could even less find me in there (but I guess that's sort of the point since we aren't related :) Anyway, I liked your links! :)

Dana E Cousins - 03/19/00 17:14:11
My Email:dcuz@zoomnet.net
How did you find my webpages?: searching
Are we related?: no


DAVID ANDERSON - 03/16/00 06:06:05
My URL:http://My Family Tree
My Email:Dande18292@aol.com
How did you find my webpages?: In the comments
Are we related?: I don't think so!

I was looking under "Family.org/" for my Dad's family tree .I went back to 1892 to 1932 in Canada. URL: http://members.aol.com/-ht-a/dande 18292/myhomepage/heritage.html .

Muffin Bartlett - 03/06/00 22:08:51
My Email:mbartlett@acadia.net
How did you find my webpages?: During lunch at Connie's
Are we related?: almost

Helene, This is exciting. What a creation!

Richard Astley - 03/03/00 20:48:36
My Email:richard.astley@lineone.net
How did you find my webpages?: Browsing
Are we related?: I don't know, but I am a genuine descendent of Thomas and Jacob Astley


Alice A.Bowlin,Carnes - 02/25/00 19:57:57
How did you find my webpages?: familysearch.com
Are we related?: Baldock,way,way back......


Vicki Burns - 02/21/00 08:52:11
My Email:v_burns@hotmail.com
How did you find my webpages?: search for Grindle
Are we related?: Maybe!!

Hi! I found my great-great grandmother Flora on your page. She was the daughter of Mark Hatch Grindle and Mary Farnham Grindle. Her daughter was Minta Perkins Hilton and her daughter was my grandmother Araminta Hilton Burns. How are you related to the Grindles?

Beverly Morgan - 02/20/00 20:46:18
My Email:Bargain@telapex.com
How did you find my webpages?: Family Tree Maker
Are we related?: Hope SO!

Hi Cousins... I am a granddaughter of John R. Cousins b 1833 in England died before 1870. He married Armenda B. Crider on 28 Jan 1857 at, Copiah County, Mississippi. They had three children... William T. born 1857 : Albert B. born 1859 : John Miles born 23 Sept 1861 married Eula Hurst. If anyone has any info on this please E-mail me. Isn't it wonderful to be living in the computer age????

Daniel Wilson - 02/11/00 08:01:31
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/6785
My Email:dlwilso@ksu.edu
How did you find my webpages?: web search on the name "Throckmorton"
Are we related?: maybe... very distantly

I come from a very long line of Throckmorton's including the three that you list on your surname list. Please visit my web page, look at my family tree and let me know how we are related. Dan

Dorothy Knieriem - 02/11/00 03:57:54
My Email:jondot@exotrope.net
How did you find my webpages?: surfing familysearch
Are we related?: Somewhere down the line

My grandfather,Amasa Lane,was the 9th child born to Hardy Lane and Lavonia Stinson. Your website gave me the information linking Oliver Lane to Hezekiah Lane and then to Robert Lane in Hertfordshire,England. Your pedegree listed the village as Richmanswor h I believe it should be Rickmansworth. I found H.W.Small's book "History of Swan's Island Maine" to be a valuable resource in my research into the Lane and Stinson families. Your site was a great help. Thank you!

Carol-Jeanne - 02/05/00 15:45:51
My Email:Carol.Jeanne@juno.com
How did you find my webpages?: Search engine - Lymburner
Are we related?: Yes

Enjoyed most of your web pages. My sign is The Cross. Some of my ancestors are: Cunningham Lymburner and Elizabeth Stover; Ichabod Grindle and Mariam Lymburner; Nathaniel Mayo and Hannah Prince (Rev. John Mayo) I'm still searching for the parents of Nancy A. Knight who married Orr's Island, ME 23 Feb 1778 Clement Orr. <>< Take care, Carol

bill bailey - 01/30/00 17:39:49
My Email:starrynight@cei.net
How did you find my webpages?: thru knight genealogy
Are we related?: distantly perhaps

what a tangled web this gene pool is. i find my roots come back to the same places thru different routes. snow,knight,bailey all tie together and sometimes in different ways. but i guess it should be expected over 4 or 500 years.

Diana Hanley Bergman - 01/28/00 17:53:38
My Email:proserpina@worldnet.att.net
How did you find my webpages?: search
Are we related?: possibly, not sure

I'm not sure I understand how your pages genealogy works. I'm a Hanley, and I saw Hanley on your site. Could you explain it a bit to me?

Mildred King - 01/22/00 19:51:24
My Email:mildredk@apex.net
How did you find my webpages?: family search
Are we related?: don't think so

Our Kings were born in North Carolina--1750 is my earliest information. Thanks

Jan McGrath - 01/12/00 12:52:18
My Email:mdenardo@optusnet.com.au
How did you find my webpages?: researching Deer Isle
Are we related?: Not directly, but we shave close! Samuel Eaton Holden G-G-G Uncle married Melissa.

I really enjoyed the journey, thankyou. Did Samuel and Melissa's son Amasa Amidon marry and have children? Just interested. Jan McGrath - Australia

Elaine (Smith) Young - 01/01/00 19:42:31
My Email:Lany23@aol.com
How did you find my webpages?: research
Are we related?: Most likely - way back, somehow

VERY good work! I am a direct descendent to Abraham Colby (Amesbury Mass & Bow NH) through two of his sons, and on down the line. Both my grandmothers (Colby's) were from Bow and were cousins. Continue your good work, for those of us who don't have your talent. Thank You.

Jack - 12/30/99 08:14:26
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/9915
My Email:nt3bjack@mail.cvn.net
How did you find my webpages?: surfing though Heartland
Are we related?: Sorry, we are not just that lucky.


Hello Helene,

Thank you for a very nice visit to your web page. Enjoyed reading the history on your ancestors. A lot of very nice links for Maine. May God Bless and a very Happy New Year for 2000.

The Ditzler's

Graham Custance - 12/19/99 00:26:17
My URL:http://www.zyworld.com/grahamcustance
My Email:Graham.Custance@btinternet.com
How did you find my webpages?: Surfing genealogy pages
Are we related?: I don't think so

I found your site through browsing genealogy sites. I have a Custance Website dedicated to the research of the surname Custance, so I was intrigued when I saw a reference to it on your site.

richard riley - 12/09/99 13:03:05
How did you find my webpages?: you told me
Are we related?: only in my dreams

yes, your web page is better than my page. much, much much better. I really will try to fix mine, but seems I am doing so much else. happy holidays.

Betty Ralph - 11/30/99 18:54:53
My Email:bralph@HiWAAY.net
How did you find my webpages?: surfing
Are we related?: Yes

I descend from Isaac Cousins who died in the poorhouse in Boston 23 Jul 1702 through his son Abraham b 22 Aug 1665 d 28 Feb 1728, married Mary Eames, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Eames. Here's what I have on Isaac: Isaac Cousins was an expert gunsmith and locksmith. He and his wife Elizabeth appear to be people of education since they both signed various legal documents. The earliest record of him is living in Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1647 when it was recorded that Samuel Fogg was apprenticed to him. New London, Connecticut, offered him inducements to settle there in 1651 (a skilled craftsman was a valuable asset to a community), but he stayed in Rowley until 1652 when he moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts. Haverill had voted on 1 December 1651 to give permission to Isaac Cousins and others of the town who might join him permission to build a sawmill. Court records in this time period give evidence of his consistent ill-luck in horse trading. He participated in the division of land in Haverhill in 1652 and 1653, then transferred his business to Ipswich. He sold his house in Ipswich and moved to Boston, leaving several lawsuits behind him - in one the town sued him for bringing in an old woman and leaving her there without providing for her. Elizabeth died in Boston and he married Ann Hunt, widow of John Edwards. On 16 December 1659 he was received as a tradesman at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He was back in Boston in 1668. He had some dealings with North Yarmouth, Maine, and witnessed several deeds for them in Boston. The town committee of North Yarmouth offered him a tract of land in 1681 "hee or his sonn ingaging to come & dwell ye, & to accommodate the inhabitants by ye work of his Trade" but continued Indian hostilities prevented him from accepting the offer. He experienced real poverty in his later years. Was warned out (a method of getting rid of undesirables and dissenters) of Dorchester in 1691 "having a long time bin an inhabitant of Boston and now being aged." He tried to bring a lawsuit without fees, stating he was "an ancient inhabitant of this country�fallen much into decay and waxen so poore�" in Boston in 1696 against Richard Priest for withholding household goods which "were in the house where the plaintiff and Martha his late wife lived next to t e mill bridge on the north side thereof." Finally, on his death record 23 July 1702 we find the old man, 74 years old, a town charge. Sources Genealogical Dictionary of New England Ancestry of Lydia Harmon by Goodwin Davis Encyclopedia of Biography vol 47 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire page 658 History of Haverhill by George Wingate Chase

Helene - 11/29/99 17:30:28
My Email:hennes_87@hotmail.com
How did you find my webpages?: I searh: "helene er kul"
Are we related?: now, but we have the same name

i realy, realy like yor name!!!! you have a cool page. are you Norwegian??

Pat Wardwell - 11/20/99 19:17:58
My Email:tompat_01730@yahoo.com
How did you find my webpages?: search on "Wardwell"
Are we related?: I am a direct descent of Hugh Wardell. My 6 year old son is named Eliakim Wardwell Barkovic, after his multiple Eliakim Wardwell great grandfathers.

Prior to his death, my Dad, Wallace E. Wardwell, son of Charles Wardwell, had traced the family. I have a nice summary of each generation dating back to Hugh Wardell. Nice to see your page. I will pass it on to my siblings to check out. Pat

Sue Stimpson - 11/15/99 06:37:41
My Email:sstimpson@bigpond.com.au
How did you find my webpages?: Family Tree Marker
Are we related?: No

Great page. Well done.

John Wight - 11/10/99 17:43:09
My Email:jrwight@acadia.net
How did you find my webpages?: Looking for Huldah Rich

Great site, found info on almost 50 lines! (Cobb, Paine, Wardwell, Fogg, snow, ect..) Well organized and easy to read.

Annick Young - 10/28/99 14:10:16
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/Young_Bob/
My Email:annyou@autobahn.mb.ca
How did you find my webpages?: Through the LDS site

My mane interest is the name Cousin. I was told that some Cousin went to Scotland during the religious war. It is possible that from there they went to England. I am also interested in tthese names plus many others. Downes,Mullan,Mulligan,Young,Bryan,Parmentier.

Annick Young - 10/28/99 13:57:05
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/Young_Bob/
My Email:annyou@autobahn.mb.ca
How did you find my webpages?: through the LDS
Are we related?: I don't know yet

I admire the work you put in your page. Keep going!

Richard McGuinness - 10/19/99 13:01:42
My Email:cheti377@aol.com
How did you find my webpages?: very nice
Are we related?: probably

Researching Shaw from England to Rhode Island to Nova Scotia and back to New England. I live in Auburn. You have spent a lot of time on your genealogy. I am just beginning.

Sandra Parratt - 10/07/99 21:36:54
My Email:sandraparratt@canoemail.com
How did you find my webpages?: searched under Parratt
Are we related?: ???

I'm new to doing anything on the Web and have started searching through my family name. Thanks for an interesting beginning.

Susan Forman - 10/04/99 00:54:43
My Email:jsforman@infinet.com
How did you find my webpages?: surfing
Are we related?: Mmmmmmmmmmm--could be

I'm very interested in Forman genealogy (along with several other surnames). Did any of your line end up in Mason/Lewis County Kentucky? I think that mine came down from the NY/NJ area in the late 1700's, but have not made that conclusive connection.... ..yet. I read an old genealogy that connects the KY Formans to William Forman, Lord Mayor of London, about 1536-37. I'd love to hear from you if there is a connection or if you have any info. Nice WebPage! Susan

Ismael Belda Alifa - 09/21/99 10:20:39
My Email:ibeldaa@meditex.es
How did you find my webpages?: altavista
Are we related?: NO, I think...

I need know the origin of my second surname: ALIFA In your excelent pages you write "Judith Alifa" daugther of Richard II. Excuse me my ask, if you cannot answer don't worry in deed, sorry.

Gail Chapman Brewster - 09/20/99 20:16:24
My Email:gbrewste@canr.cag.uconn.edu
How did you find my webpages?: surfing
Are we related?: Maybe

My husband James Brewster is a direct descendant of William Brewster, so if you are also, then we are related.

Hy Libby - 09/13/99 01:53:27
My URL:http://LibbyFamily.org
My Email:hylibby@libbyfamily.org
How did you find my webpages?: Sheer luck
Are we related?: I don't know. Any Libbys in your family?

Stop by www.LibbyFamily.org sometime. Tell me what you think of it.

Diane Simmler - 09/07/99 18:31:28
My Email:dsimmler@hotmail.com
How did you find my webpages?: Gerrish search
Are we related?: Yes

I have a spiral bound genealogy complied by a relative that starts at William Gerrish born Aug 21, 1617 married to Joanna Lowell. The balance of the line goes through M. John Gerrish, Mary's oldest brother. I have conflicting notes on this first page co pared to yours...would love to compare...I have a 10 sibling listed...Also can't get the William Gerrish 1591 to load...I am new to this, so your generational charts are somewhat Greek to me. My Gerrish's are in Stratton.

B. D. Keener - 08/21/99 12:24:18
My Email:bvkeener@compuserve.com
How did you find my webpages?: FTM
Are we related?: Possibly

I am descended from Lt. John Andrews and am interested in the information you have on his antecedents. What are the sources for that information? Incidentally, I am from the line of Andrews that left St. George, Maine for Brazil in the middle of the last century. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jerry Scott - 08/19/99 18:53:44
How did you find my webpages?: Search for Robert Andrews
Are we related?: Yes. See comments below.

It appears to me that your mother and my children are eighth cousins. We share William Andrews and his wife Margaret Woodward as common ancestors. I think we also share John Moses as an ancestor; in this case you and my children are ninth cousins. Enjoyed the web page very much, even thought the graphics take forever to download on my slow modem.

Russell Hobbs - 08/18/99 00:04:18
My Email:hobbsrm@aol.com
Are we related?: I don't no

Looking for family of Phoebe Knight born feb 5 1788 died 1865 in south berwick maine married to my 4th great grandfarther James Hobbs born september 28 1782 died 1865 buried in south berwick Children are Waldron,sarah,george,edmund,james,joesph,miranda.Thank You for any help . Russell Hobbs Gloucester mass. p.s your webpage is great.

Dwight F. Halstead - 08/13/99 04:48:14
My Email:dhalst4636@aol.com
How did you find my webpages?: by chance
Are we related?: through Ezekiel Norland

I guess we are very distant cousins Edna Halstead From Rawley Mass and England Married Ezekiel Northend

Charles Clarke - 07/31/99 00:29:11
My Email:gandydan@aracnet.net
How did you find my webpages?: Yahoo
Are we related?: I doubt it.

I am researching the Clarke family (grandfather) Currie " (grandmother) My mother was a Tapley born in Waterville N.B. Her mother was a Weeks

Hy Libby - 07/27/99 03:19:05
My URL:http://www.hyjinx.com/LibbyFamily
My Email:hlibby@hyjinx.com
How did you find my webpages?: I asked Jeeves about Libbys
Are we related?: You tell me..

...My line begins with Matthew. If you are familiar with the Libby Family genealogy then you know what this means: (11-7-1-8-2-1-6-4-1-4) What's your line?

Stephen Redwood - 07/25/99 09:35:17
How did you find my webpages?: looking for my own
Are we related?: unlikely!


Ginny Holt Aguilera - 07/24/99 01:36:54
My Email:myhouse@mcmsys.com
How did you find my webpages?: Colby site
Are we related?: Maybe

Descended from Nicholas Holt throught his son James Holt.

Wendell Penwell - 07/09/99 16:56:09
My URL:http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/penwellpapers
My Email:wendellpenwell@hotmail.com
How did you find my webpages?: Yahoo
Are we related?: Unknown

We are looking for Early Maine Penwell descendants.

Philip Knight - 06/23/99 08:07:21
My Email:phknight77@hotmail.com
How did you find my webpages?: I was browsing
Are we related?: I don't know, but it is possible.

I am interested in my family's history, so I thought I would look up somethings on the internet and I came across your site. Is there any way possible you could help me?

Doug Speeckaert - 06/19/99 11:01:43
My Email:dougspe@cs.com
How did you find my webpages?: Browsing on the Grindell, Varnum, etc. names
Are we related?: possibly

You've done a fantastic job with your genealogy!! It's great to read how far back you've been able to research. My mother is a Grindell and I'm just starting my research.

gayle chubb-defelice - 06/18/99 04:39:33
My Email:salemsghost@uswest.net
How did you find my webpages?: surfing
Are we related?: Uncertain

Wonderful, wonderful; I enjoyed it a lot.

helen cooper - 06/14/99 22:46:53
My Email:helen_cooper@bc.sympatico.ca
How did you find my webpages?: accident
Are we related?: I don't know

I would like to know your reference for Robert Knight b. 1585 md Margaret Grimley. Would you be kind enough to let me know. I like your site it is very good. I am not that good on the computer. Bye Helen

Madge Wasgatt Pedersen - 06/13/99 20:35:08
My Email:macgrads@aol.com
How did you find my webpages?: luck
Are we related?: yes

Please contact me as I am a direct descendent of Charles Gott. Thanks Madge

margaret Stout - 06/07/99 23:27:18
My Email:mhs72647@horizon.hit.net
Are we related?: Maybe

I received your reply to my last note, thanks. I have looked further and found that the Joseph Knight, Martha Spaulding family moved to New York where Joseph died in 1812 and is buried in cemetery at Jerusalem Hill. Do our trees cross somewhere along the line?I'd be most interested to know. Thanks again for answering me. Margaret

margaret stout - 06/05/99 20:30:07
My Email:mhs72647@horizon.hit.net
How did you find my webpages?: just looking
Are we related?: maybe

I am a decendent of a Joseph Knight born June 12, 1767, married a Martha Spaulding in April of 1793, their son married a nancy Spaulding in 1839 They would be my great-great grandparents. I am unable to find a record of them in any of the web-sites.

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