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Ann Ray - 12/06/00 04:56:49
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How did you find my webpages?: google search
Are we related?: yes

I am descended also from Ellen Neville. I thinks its fun searching the Neville family because they are related to so many historical figures. I live in Oregon

Clay Willey - 11/30/00 21:23:47
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How did you find my webpages?: doing web search for Willey info.
Are we related?: Hope so?.

I like your work, keep it up, do you have any info about "Willey's" fighting at Yorktown 1781.? Regards Clayton L Willey. Coventry, U.K.

Nancy Cousins Skei - 11/16/00 19:23:49
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How did you find my webpages?: just searching genealogy
Are we related?: definitely!

My first known Cousins ancestor was Isaac. Our lineage follows yours through Elisha Cousins, Sr. His son 3. John b. Mar. 21 or 27, 1764 is the father of Joseph who changed his name in 1840-50 to Andrew Peters Cousins, married Sarah Wasgatt, and became he father of Jacob. Jacob was the father of Henry Hamilton Cousins who was the father of Willard Wood Cousins who was the father of Wiley Arland Cousins who was my father. I'll put all of this together eventually for all of us but I can't wait that long to share as we go along. Love you. Nancy

Fran Cobb Arnold - 11/05/00 16:01:12
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Are we related?: I belive so.

Hi, This is a very interesting site. There is so much to learn here. Thanks for all of your hard work in putting it together. My father's paternal line is from John Cobbs of Kent. I am looking for any Cobbs that lived up in Ill. around Pekins. in the 20's 30 & 40's. also any Cobb/Tucker relations. My father met a Tucker cousin as a child. She was from Missouri. With also have Cobb/Smiths, Cobb/Jacobs,Cobb/Snodgrass etc. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Once again, thanks

Alan Brian Trundy - 11/05/00 00:57:05
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How did you find my webpages?: Cindi's List
Are we related?: yes

I am a descendant of Daniel Trundy and Sarah Jordan of Dover,Maine.

nan stinson - 10/25/00 03:54:20
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Hi: I enjoyed the page. I was looking for Stinson but haven't made the connection. My great grandfather is Edwin Owen Stinson of Lincoln Maine and great grandmother Annie M. Hatch. I have not found there parents. Does anyone have any info on them. Thanks.

Lillie Franke - 10/22/00 18:33:05
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How did you find my webpages?: Looking for Smalleys
Are we related?: yes in a distant way

I was looking for any information about my grandfathers , Grandmother Rachael. And I found one With the added names on It I found your web site. I live in Texas. Your information was helpful. If you would like some more information about the Smalley line let me know and I will send you some and tell you where I found other lines of information .

Lillie Franke - 10/22/00 18:27:00


alan trundy - 10/22/00 13:35:41
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Sam - 10/17/00 13:07:26
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Are we related?: Might as well be!

Great page..I'd like to check out my families back ground but I'm afraid as to what I might find!

Starr Cousins - 10/11/00 15:01:41
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How did you find my webpages?: Searching the Cousins geneology.
Are we related?: Probably, I'm originally from Southern Maine.

My Grandfather was Elmer Cousins m. Gladys Rockhill. They were living in Westbrook,Me. Their children were Mary and Richard Ernest, (my father). He was born in Westbrook,Me. March 6,1930. He m. Verna Alice Ladd Worcester March 11, 1966. I was born Starr E ayne Cousins, April 28, 1967. My brother Michael Richard Cousins was born September 17, 1968. Now here I am. Hoping that we might be related. Are we?

Loretta Smith - 09/28/00 10:31:15
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Are we related?: Not sure

Great site! I am looking for a John Knight (1767-1834) who married a Jane Wyckoff (1776-1838). Think they were in NH for a while before heading to Michigan. Have you heard or seen those names? Thanks

Olivia Hicks Forrester - 08/30/00 04:46:40
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How did you find my webpages?: I just think it is great

I am trying to find my Grandfather's Mother's full name. His name was Felton Hicks and her name was Collie Hicks I think. There was not much said about her. She was born in the 1800. If you know anything about her please let me know. She lived in Dekalb County Georgia.

Barb. Boisclair - 08/29/00 04:25:25
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How did you find my webpages?: you sent it to me @ rootsweb
Are we related?: maybe

Thanks for emailing me and sharing this sight with me. Greatly appreciated. Barb from Canada

Edith moulton - 08/27/00 13:02:12
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How did you find my webpages?: surfing surnames
Are we related?: yes

your John (Barn)knight is a brother to my 3rd gen grandmother's,line is :from Zebulon and Anne. Their daughter Mehitable Knight that married CPL Samuel Weeks of first Parsonsfield ,ME they meaning family later migrated to Kezer Falls area, then to Corinna,ME did this line give us who were searching it fits and running into brick walls until I found Ruth Gray work ,Maine Families 1790 have found several pieces of info in her work. Then my family continues to Methitable Knight's and Samuel's son James and Love Carter BY THE WAY FOR WHO MOTHER I'M SEARCHING HELP ANYONE? SHE WAS LYDIA (nee COFFIN) CARTER WIFE OF JOHN CARTER OF LEE;N.H>and Parsonsfield have their dates and siblings that's all ;I would love to be able to complete the Coffin/Carter line . Then Mehitable's descendents go on to her grandson my great grandfather Civil War Vet.Samuel Weeks.WE also have many common cousins though distant ,Young and Coffin line. I love your web page. It is so well done and the way you have set it up is very easy to not only to read but follow your lines, this I might add is the first thing a cousin noticed after about two second of seeing your page when I was introducing it to her so;keep up the good work. A cousin

Pam H.Corr - 08/19/00 14:16:21
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How did you find my webpages?: Surfing Deer Isle
Are we related?: No

Interested in Wardwell/Eaton connection. My grandmother, Pauline Johnson, b. Deer Isle, Me. Also stuck on the Johnson family too. G-grandfather B. George Johnson. Any way I can do this thru you or any info you have greatly appreciated. This is terrific you've filled me in on some missing links. P. Corr

Jeanette De Vere Butikofer - 07/24/00 19:10:12
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How did you find my webpages?: through familysearch.org
Are we related?: don't know: have Charlemagne in my line

My people are through the Counts of Vermondois...moved from Paris to Jamaica...any clues? anything I may not have? Tks, Jeanette

Jeane Eckert - 07/14/00 19:44:48
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How did you find my webpages?: FamilySearch
Are we related?: I think so

I am researching Young's of York. Have Moulton, Littlefield,Came, Nowell in the line. I am having trouble untangling this web, but your site is quite helpful.My Ggfather was Jonathan. Also have a Masterson who was either a brother of uncle. Anything sound familiar? Thanks

John Grindle - 07/08/00 12:54:51
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Are we related?: yes

we are related through Joshua of Berwick. I have a copy of The Grindles of Hancock County Maine. If you ever need any information

Harold Cheek - 07/02/00 22:22:54
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Are we related?: no

Very nice work

Anna Brewer - 07/02/00 17:41:07
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Are we related?: Yes

Hi, First off, I am real pleased with your work. I found Richard and Johanna (INGERSOLL) PETTENGILL of whom I descend from. I am a PETTENGILL by birth. Will you contact me please. I find it strange that you are connected to ROBBINS and PETTENGILLS both. My mother was born a ROBBINS and my father, a PETTENGILL. Would very much like to chat. Anna maray@ipa.net

Susan - 07/01/00 06:05:58
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How did you find my webpages?: Looked up William Hooper
Are we related?: Maybe

I am searching to try and find out if the family rumor that I am the great(5 times) grand daughter of William Hooper is true. You really have a great Web site!!!

Darlene Walsh - 06/30/00 17:44:35
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How did you find my webpages?: FamilySearch.com
Are we related?: yes

I am a descendant of Samuel and Amy CARLL KNIGHT through Thomas and Mary Daniel and Mehitable Zebulon and Anna Zebulon and Polly Porter and Lucinda PITTS Edwin SMITH and Mary Lucinda KNIGHT of Waterboro. This is one of the best family sites I have seen. Thank you. Let me know if there is any info I can share with you. Darlene

Mojo - 06/20/00 18:16:52
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Are we related?: no

Great site!! Enjoyed my stay and bookmarked you.

Doreen - 06/12/00 15:15:19
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How did you find my webpages?: Crocker list
Are we related?: hope so

Hi I would love to swap CROCKER info more with you. Also maybe, oops, forgot other name of yours. I am in Maine, are you? Doreen

Ed Peck - 06/04/00 23:49:17
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Are we related?: think so


gill blackledge - 05/28/00 21:04:18
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How did you find my webpages?: looking for a surname
Are we related?: maybe

Hello Helene I was searching for the surname Furneaux which is my gggrandmothers maiden name and one of the sites that came up was yours so I decided to look up Rogers which is my Fathers surname you have a great web site I love the bird and the dog I live in Caerphilly South Wales hope to hear from you gill

Minnie Rose - 05/23/00 17:00:40
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Are we related?: no

thanks for a place to come that is clean and interesting.

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