Knight Hunting Camps Pictures

No date. Probably taken at Malunkus Camps or the Knight Hunting Camps Mocwaback (sp?) ares. Left to Right: Uncle Edd Knight, guide; ukn; ukn; Clara Ella Young Knight; ukn, ukn, Andrew Savage Knight [notice his hands which sonw evidence of his civil war wounds]. Unknowns are probably some of the "sports" who paid the Knights for the hunting/fishing experience.

Uncle Edward Patrick Knight, son of Elizabeth Fields and Andrew Savage Knight, step-son of Clara Ella Young Knight. No date on picture. Presumed to have been taken at Camp Autumn Leaf, his home in Newburg, ME. In photos of the camp, the birch trees are present, as in this photo.

Malunkus Camps. No date. Left to Right: Joan Knight Cyr, wife of Frank Cyr, she was the daughter of Elizabeth Fields and Andrew Knight. Edd Knight, son of Elizabeth Field and Andrew Knight, Leventia Etta Knight Cilly, dau. of Clara Young and Andrew Knight. Maybelle Hopkins Cyr, daughter-in-law of Joan. Kenneth Jones, son of Nellie Condon Knight and Franklin Jones, and grandson of Clara and Andrew Knight.

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