Wardwell/Wardall Family

Name Origin: WARDALL, WARDHALL, WOODELL, WARDWELL the name had its origin in medieval institution of "watch and ward."

Hugh/Hugo Wardall

b.1530 Well, Lincolnshire, England; parents ukn
d.Nov. 28, 1585
m.Isabel Wardale
b.abt.1534 parents ukn
d.Jan. 12, 1590

CHILDREN included:

  1. Joanna Wardell b.1557 d.1574
  2. John Wardall b.1562 d.Sept. 15, 1642
  3. William Wardell b.1564
  4. Miles Wardell b.1568
  5. Thomas Wardell b.1572
  6. Hugh Wardell b.1575

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John Wardall

b.1562 Alford, Lincolnshire, England; s/o Hugh Wardell and Isabel Wardale
d.Sept. 15, 1642
m.Nov. 8, 1591 Maltby Le Marsh, Lincoln, England Margaret Webster
b.abt.1570 parents ukn

CHILDREN included:

  1. Richard Wardell b.1592 d.1592/3 Alford, Lincoln, England
  2. Thomas Wardell b.1594 d.Sept. 19, 1597
  3. John Wardell b.1597 d.May 6, 1596 Alford, Lincoln, England
  4. William Wardwell b.1596 bur.Apr. 25, 1670 m.(1)Alice (Pyce?) m.(2)Elizabeth Crow
  5. Francis Wardell b.1601
  6. Thomas Wardwell b.1602-3 d.Dec. 10, 1634 Boston, MA
  7. William Wardell b.1605 d.May 2, 1693 Taunton, MA
  8. Mary Wardell b.1609

Thomas was the first of the family to come over from England.

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Thomas Wardwell

b.1602 Alford, Lincolnshire, England; s/o John and Margaret Wardwell
bapt.Alford, Lincolnshire, England; Jan. 31, 1603/4
d.Dec. 10, 1646 Boston, MA
m.1631-3 Boston, MA Elizabeth Woodroffe
b.1610 Lincolnshire, England
d.Feb. 22, 1697 prob. Boston, MA

CHILDREN included:

  1. John Wardwell bp.Alfond, March 35, 1632
  2. Elyakim Wardwell b.New Ipswich, Hillsboro, NH bapt.Nov. 23, 1634 Boston, MA d.1692 Burlington, NJ m.Hampton Oct. 17, 1659 Lydia Perkins, d/o Isaac Perkins
  3. Martha Wardwell b.Apr. 6, 1637 Boston, MA bapt.Sept. 3, 1637
  4. Joseph Wardwell b.abt.1637 Boston, MA
  5. Benjamin Wardwell b.Feb. 6, 1639 Exeter, recorded at Boston, MA; on Jan. 25, 1675/6 service under Capt. Joshua Scottow at Blackpoint garrison; oath of allegiance at Boston, Nov. 11, 1678
  6. Samuel Wardwell May 16, 1643 Exeter, recorded at Boston, MA d.Sept. 22, 1692 Salem, MA [hanged at Salem in 1692 for witchcraft] m.Andover Jan. 9, 1672/3, Sarah (Hooper) Hawkes, d/o William Hooper and widow of Adam Hawkes

From Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire page 222: WARDALL, WADDELL, WARDWELL, WODDELL, Thomas, shoemaker, Boston, admitted church 9(9) 1634, frm. March 4, 1634-5; proprietor Jan. 1635-6. Was dismissed to the chh. of Exeter with the Wheelwright party 6 (11) 1638. Proprietor; town officer, commissioner for local trials; sergeant. Returned to Boston.

Wife Elizabeth; children, Eliakim bapt 23 (9)1634, Martha b.(6)1637, Benjamin b.at.Exeter Feb. 1639-40, Samuel 16 (3) 1643.

From Directory of the Ancestors of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: THOMAS, shoemaker, admitted church Boston, Mass., 1634, removed Exeter, N.H., afterwards Ipswich, Mass, 1648.
WILLIAM, brother of the preceding, resident Boston, Mass., removed Exeter, N.H., 1637, afterwards resident Ipswich, Mass., but in his later life returned to Boston, Mass.

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Samuel Thomas Wardwell

b.May 16, 1643 Boston, MA
d.Sept. 22, 1692 Salem, MA
m.int.Jan. 9, 1672 m. May 16, 1672 Andover, MA the widow Sarah (Hooper) Hawkes
b.Dec. 7, 1650 Reading, MA dau. of William Hooper and Elizabeth Marshall


  1. Mary (Mercy) Wardwell b.Oct. 3, 1673 Andover, MA d.Feb. 16, 1754 Andover, MA
  2. Elizabeth Wardwell b.Sept. 3, 1675 Andover, MA d.Sept. 9, 1675 Andover, MA
  3. Samuel Wardwell b.Feb. 24, 1676 Andover, MA
  4. William Wardwell b.Nov. 9, 1679 Andover, MA d.Apr. 22, 1751
  5. Eliakim Wardwell b.Aug. 17, 1687 Andover, MA d.Oct. 1753 York, ME
  6. Rebecca Wardwell b.Sept. 10, 1691 Andover, MA d.March 2, 1737 Andover, MA

Samuel was hanged as a "witch" in Salem. Sarah was tried and jailed. In 1703 her 1692 conviction for witchcraft was overturned by her petition. A detailed description of this family's trials due to the witch hysteria can be found in The Devil in the Shape of a Woman by Carol F. Karlsen, pages 105-6, and 127.

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Eliakim Wardwell

b.Aug. 17, 1687 Andover, MA s/o Samuel Wardwell
d.Oct. 1753 York, ME
m.Oct. 1710 [Dec. 4, 1711] Andover, MA Ruth Bragdon
b.Apr. 9, 1691 York, ME dau. of Samuel Bragdon and Mary Moulton
d.Dec. 4, 1728 Kittery, ME

CHILDREN included:

  1. Mary Wardwell b.March 9, 1711/12 Andover, MA [another record says she was born in York, ME) d.aft.March 1748/9, m.(1)July 10, 1729 York, York, ME, m.by Rev. Samuel Moody; int.pub.May 14,1729 York, York, Richard Westcott [s/o Richard and Anna (Haley) Wescott], who d.1756 She then m.(2)Aug. 5, 1758 Thomas Haskell
    CHILDREN of Mary and Richard included:
  2. Abigail Wardwell b.June 27, 1715 Andover, MA d.bef.March 31, 1760 Wells, ME m.abt. Dec. 22, 1739 York Co., ME Joseph Perkins
  3. Hannah Wardwell b.Sept. 11, 1716 York, ME
  4. Joseph Wardwell b.Dec. 18, 1718 York, ME d.1782 [of cancer of the Jaw. Re: diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr.] m.Mary ______
    CHILDREN of Joseph and Mary included:
    Other Possible CHILDREN of Joseph and Mary included:
  5. Meribah (Ruth) Wardwell b.Dec. 25, 1720 York, ME d.aft.1762 bur. Little Deer Isle, ME m.Nov. 20, 1742 York, ME, Major William Eaton He b.1720 Haverhill, Essex, MA
  6. Samuel Wardwell b.March 2, 1722 Andover, MA
  7. Eliakim Wardwell b.July 5, 1725 Andover, MA
  8. Lydia Wardwell b.Aug. 8, 1727 Andover, MA
  9. Hepzibah Wardwell b.Oct. 2, 1729 York, ME
  10. Jeremiah Wardwell b.Feb. 19, 1731/2 York, ME
  11. Capt. Daniel Wardwell b.Apr. 17, 1734 York, ME d.Jan. 7, 1803 Castine, ME bur. Penobscot, ME m.Jan. 24, 1755 Sarah Staples d/o William & Elizabeth (Jones) Staples. Daniel taught school.

NOTES: Eliakim was about five years old when his father and mother were taken away. He was indentured out to a councilman for his keep while his parents were going through their ordeal. Sarah Hooper was also accused, but was found not guilty. After the trial was over the whole family left Andover and moved to York, ME. Eventually, a small compensation was paid to Samuel Jr. by the courts for the wrongful death of Samuel Sr.

Abigail Wardwell: York, ME Vital Records, "John, the Son of Abigail Wardwell, whose Reputed Father is Timi Bagley, was born in York, February 27, 1734/5." Abigail charged with fornication, April 1735 in York County Court.

In 1739, Abigail age 25 1/2 m.Joseph Perkins age 21, the natural son of "Deborah Webber Junior". Deborah had been "brought before the court on April 1, 1718, for having a bastard child. She accused Jacob Perkins of York and Wells, 33, of fathering her son Joseph, (who had been born at York on February 8, 1717/18) Jacob Perkins subsequently denied the accusation, and posted a bond of 50 pounds support, paid the court fees, and was "acquitted". On the other hand, Deborah's charge was dispensed with quite differently: The Court ordered that she 'receive Ten stripes on her naked back to the post & to pay fees of Court 8s, or pay a fine of 30 shillings and fees."

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Other Sources: Salem Witchcraft by Enders A. Robinson, and House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and NH p.720
Maine Wills, 1640-1760 Vol. 2, pp 721-3, by William Sargent
Eliakim Wardwell of York, Maine--With an informal Collection of his Descendant through the 7th Generation by Majorie Wardwell Otten 2002

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