• Richard Thorla (1606-1685)
  • Thomas Thurlo (1632-1713)
  • George Thurlow (1671-1713)
  • Thomas Thurlow (1701-1789)
  • Abraham Thurlow (1743-1786)

    Richard Thorla of Holme-Upon-Spaulding-Moor, Yorkshire, England; parents ukn
    d.Nov. 10, 1685 Newbury, MA
    m.bef.1636 Jane ______
    d.March 19, 1684 Newbury, MA

    CHILDREN included (chr. dates from Holme-Upon-Spalding-Moor, York, England):

    1. John Thorley chr.Aug. 21, 1628 [d.y.?]
    2. Francis Thorley (Thurlo) (Thorlay) chr.Feb. 7, 1630 d.Nov. 26, 1703 Newbury, MA
    3. Thomas Thurlow b.1632 chr.Jan. 1, 1633 d.June 23, 1732 Newbury, MA
    4. Mary Tharly (Thorley) b.abt.1636 d.Oct. 24, 1661 m.Nov. 20, 1653 John Woollcutt
    5. Lidea Thurlley (Thorley) b.Feb. 1, 1640 Rowley, MA d.July 4, 1669 Ipswich, MA
    6. John Thorley b.May 19, 1644 Rowley, MA d.July 4, 1659 Newbury, MA
    7. Martha (Thorla) Thorley b.1646 Rowley, MA d.Jan. 29, 1700 Rowley, MA

    Ref: John J. Currier's Ould Newbury--1896/7: "May 3, 1654, the General Court noted that Richard Thorley, having built a bridge over Newbury (Parker) River at his own expense was at liberty to collect toll for cattle, but passengers to go free. This was the first bridge erected over navigable waters within the limits of Old Newbury, and over navigable waters within the limits of Newbury, and comes third in the list of bridges that have been in continuous use in New England for two centuries and a half. It had been rebuilt and repaired several times but the location remained the same and it stands on the same site it occupied 250 yrs ago. By order of The General Court, June 11, 1680 Thurlow's bridge was made free."

    Ref: Coffins History of Newbury: "Richard Thorla was one of the party in the church that was against the Rev. Mr. Parker, their minister. For a number of years there were differences among the members and it was not settled even after the court found them guilty. Richard Thurlow, being of Mr. Woodman's party (the losing one) was fined four nobles (a noble is 6 shillings, 8 pence). His was one of the leaders. His eldest son, Francis, one noble."

    From Directory of the Ancestors of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: RICHARD, among first settlers Rowley, Mass., 1643, removed Newbury, Mass., 1651, died Nov. 10, 1585.

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    Thomas Thurlo

    b.1632/1650 England; s/o Richard Thurlow and Jane ______
    d.June 23, 1713 Newbury, MA
    m.Apr. 13, 1670 Newbury, MA; Judith March
    b.Jan. 3, 1652 Newbury, MA; d/o Hugh March and Judith Knight
    d.July 11, 1689 Newbury, MA

    CHILDREN (all born Newbury, MA):

    1. George Thurlo b.March 12, 1670/1 d.March 17, 1714 Newbury, MA
    2. Simon Thurlo (Tharlay) b.Feb. 20, 1672/3 d.July 4 (or 24), 1690
    3. Judith Thurlo b.Dec. 13, 1675 d.July 24, 1677
    4. Judith Tharley b.Nov. 12, 1679 d.Oct. 15, 1682
    5. Mary Thurlo b.May 1, 1682
    6. Judith Thurlo b.Apr. 14, 1685 m.Aug. 28, 1712 Newbury, MA John Robinson

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    George Thurlow

    b.Mar. 12, 1670/1 Newbury, MA; s/o Thomas Thurlo and Judith March
    d.Jan. 17, 1713 Newbury, MA
    m.Nov. 26, 1694 Mary Adams; d/o Sgt. Abraham Adams 3rd and Mary Pettengill
    b.Jan. 16, 1672 Newbury, MA
    d.Jan. 17, 1714 Newbury, MA

    CHILDREN (all born in Newbury, MA):

    1. Judith Thurlow b.Sept. 6, 1696 (maybe the one who married in 1712 John Robinson?)
    2. Mary Thurlow b.Apr. 11, 1699 d.Nov. 11, 1706 (or 08)
    3. Thomas Thurlow b.Dec. 11, 1701 d.Oct. 28, 1789
    4. George Thurlow b.June 5, 1704 m.1726 Newbury, MA Elizabeth Hale
    5. Mary Thorla b.abt.1706 d.Apr. 1775

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    Thomas Thurlow

    b.Dec. 11, 1701 Newbury, MA; son of George Thurlow and Mary Adams
    d.Oct. 28, 1789 Newbury, MA
    m.March 12, 1722 or 28 Newbury, MA; Joanna Pike
    b.Dec. 17, 1700 Newbury, MA; d/o John Pike and Lydia Coffin (Somerby)
    d.bef.Dec. 21, 1759

    CHILDREN (all born in Newbury, MA) included:

    1. Judith Thurlow b.Mar. 24, 1724
    2. John Thomas Thurlow b.Oct. 5, 1726 m.Ruth Stevens
        CHILDREN of John Thomas and Ruth included:
      • John Thomas Thurlow Jr. b.Sept. 25, 1752 Rowley, MA d.Dec. 22, 1835 Ohio, m.Deliverance Owens b.Aug. 13, 1764 Rowley, MA d.aft.July 3, 1821 prob.Rowley,MA
    3. Mary Thurlow b.Feb. 16, 1728
    4. Hannah Thurlow b.Oct. 26, 1730
    5. Joseph Thurlow b.May 30, 1734
    6. Sarah Thurlow Newbury, MA on July (or June) 6, 1737 at Newbury, MA m.May/Mar 27, 1760 Kingston, N.H. Joseph Colby, Sr.
    7. Tristram Thurlow b.Mar. 12, 1740 m.Elizabeth "Betsey" Carr
        CHILDREN of Tristram and Betsey included:
      • Solomon Thurlow b.Feb. 24, 1765 m.Apr. 14, 1787 Newburyport, Mary Davidson
      • Tristram b.Feb. 14, 1766 m.Jan. 31, 1787 Newbury, Anna Baker
          CHILDREN of Tristram and Anna included:
        • Hannah Thurlow b.Nov. 4, 1787
        • Anna Thurlow b.Dec. 15, 1789
        • Mercy Clark Thurlow b.March 10, 1792
      • Joseph b.Nov. 27, 1768 prob.m.(pub)Nov. 25, 1789 in Newbury Joanne Chase
      • Elizabeth b.Sept. 2, 1770 m.(int)Apr. 29, 1798 Deer Isle, Thomas Colby
      • Carr b.June 5, 1773 m.Deer Isle, ME Molly Tyler
      • Mary b.March 11, 1776
    8. Abraham Thurlow b.July 14, 1745 (or 43) d.Aug. 31, 1786 m.Lydia Boynton
    9. Lydia Thurlow b.Nov. 11, 1747

    Marion Dixon's story of Grandmother and the Handbill. The family version of the story of how the British at the fort in Castine learned of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis which ended the long Revolutionary War.

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    Abraham Thurlow

    b.July 14, 1743 Newbury, MA; s/o Thomas Thurlow and Joanna Pike
    d.Aug. 31, 1786 Newbury, MA
    m.(pub.)May 20, 1763 Newbury, MA; m.[Newbury Records] Lydia Boynton
    b.Feb. 10, 1743 Newbury, MA; d/o Jeremiah Boynton and Mary Colman
    Lydia m.(2)Hezekiah Lane (prob. after 1796).

    CHILDREN (all born Newbury, MA)

    1. Paul Thurlow b.Aug. 20, 1767 bapt.Oct. 11, 1767 m.Hannah Adams
        CHILDREN of Paul and Hannah included:
      • Patience Thurlo m.Josiah Plumer Noyes
    2. Lydia Thurlow b.July 27, 1769 bapt.July 30, 1769 m.March 23, 1798 Sewell Woodman
    3. Eunice Thurlow b.Jan. 13, 1772 Newbury, MA m.(1)Feb. 5, 1788 Daniel Pillbury m.(2)abt.1797 Joseph Colby, Jr.
    4. David Thurlow b.Oct. 18, 1774 d.April 15, 1857 Deer Isle, ME m.April 4, 1799 Mercy Small Trundy d/o Samuel Trundy and Ann Corey
        CHILDREN of David and Mercy included (all b. Deer Isle, ME):
      • Jeremiah Thurlow b.Nov. 20, 1800 d.Sept. 15, 1857 drowned m.(1)April 15, 1822 Mary O. Gross m.(2)March 31, 1836 Dorothy Gross
      • Stephen Thurlow
      • David Thurlow b.Jan. 17, 1805 D.I. d.Jan. 27, 1873 D.I. m.Amelia Mills
          CHILDREN of David and Amelia included
        • David Thurlow
        • Lydia Boynton Thurlow
        • Caroline Thurlow
      • Caleb S. Thurlow
      • Moody Thurlow
      • Paul Thurlow
      • dau. m.Capt. Levi Babbidge
      • Lydia Boynton Thurlow m.Aaron Babbidge
          CHILD of Lydia and Aaron:
        • Mercy Thurlow Babbidge m.Andrew Small Trundy
      • Phebe Niles Thurlow m.Capt. P. Tyler
      • Elvira Adams Thurlow m.(1)Capt. Nathan Raynes m.(2)Charles Collier
      • dau. m.Sullivan Green (Clayton H. Gross says Sullivan m. Drusilla Eaton sister of Charles Eaton. Did he marry twice?)
      • another child
    5. Jeremiah Thurlow b.Sept. 27, 1778 d.shot while gunning near Kent's Island Aug. 22, 1797
    6. Stephen Thurlow b.Jan. 17, 1781
    7. Moody Thurlow b.Apr. 1, 1783
    8. Abraham Thurlow b.July 1, 1765
    9. Mary Thurlow bapt.Aug 5, 1716 (sic 1776??)

    NOTES: Revolutionary ancestor of Deer Isle stock. He served as a private in Capt. John Gerrish's company at the Lexington Alarm. [from DAR lineage Book Vol. 153 page 187, Mrs. Lucile Emerton Bassett 152599.

    Re: Newbury Records, "Abraham, son of Thomas Thurlow, suffocated by going into a well to clear it out, Aug. 31, 1786, age 48 yrs."

    A descendant, Georgianna Thurlow, of Newburyport wrote B.Lake Noyes in 1900 that, "Mr. Thurlow on descending a well, fell to the bottom and died before he could be rescued. He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill."

    From: Mass. Archives, Dept. of Reb. Services: National Number 16935.

    Petition to the court: "We Stephen Thurlo and Jeremiah Thurlo both more than fourteen years of age and sons of Abraham Thurlo late of Newbury yeoman dec'd, do hereby make choice of our mother Mrs. Lydia Thurlo for our Guardian and request that she may be allowed of as such. March 28, 1796
    signed: Stephen Thurlo and Jeremiahr Thurla" No. 27605.

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    NOTE: The day before YESTERDAY May 8, 1997 by Clayton H. Gross: In Stonington's history, before leaving the Thurlow family, a word about graveyards is in order. The Babbidge graveyard on Crotch Island was moved by David Thurlow (who died in 1955) and his father to the present Woodlawn Cemetery when the expansion of the Benvenue Granite Quarry threatened the site. There was also a cemetery in the village of Green's Landing [Stonington] situated in a rather odd place (six feet of earth straight down being hard to come by in this locality). It was on the plot of ground once occupied by the Combination store, later the State Liquor Store and now a game arcade. [In 2006 it's now an art gallery] Among those buried there were Stephen Wells, Green's Landing first postmaster who was put there in 1858, and many members of the Moody Thurlow family. When Green's Landing began to grow rapidly in the 1885-95, the land in the area became too valuable to be a cemetery, so the bodies were moved to Woodlawn which was on Thurlow property. In an 1886-87 picture of Ben Small and his horse taken in front of the Town House, the stones show up well in the background. Tradition says that not all the remains were moved. Some who had no one to see to it were left behind and rest there to this day. Perhaps not all the spirits in the liquor store were confined to the inside of a bottle!

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