Sylvester Stover

b.bef.1628 at Suffolk, England; parents ukn
d.Feb. 14, 1689 York, ME
m.May 15, 1650, 1650 York, ME; Elizabeth Norton
b.1631 Cape Neddick, York, ME; d/o Henry Norton and Margaret ______
Signed will: Dec. 7, 1714 York, ME
d.abt.1722 Scituate, MA


  1. John Stover b.abt 1653
  2. Elizabeth Stover b.abt.1653 m.(1)Capt. Richard Hunnewell m.(2)Jeremiah Walford m.(3)Capt. John Downing
  3. Dependence Stover b.1659 York, ME d.Sept. 25, 1723 at York, ME m.Mary Young
  4. Josiah Stafford Stover
  5. George Stover b.1668 d.abt.1753 m.Abigail Elwell
  6. Sarah Stover b.1656 m.John Road m.William Lancaster
  7. Deborah Stover b.1667 m.Dea. James Sayward
  8. Mary Stover b.1664 m.John Wanton
  9. Hannah Stover d.June 21. 1731 Plymouth, MA m.(1)Richard Church m.(2)David Bryant

One of the earliest settlers of York, ME.

NOTE: Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, Page 200: STOVER, Sylvester, York, had grant of land at Cape Neddick 3 July 1649, with John Ball and others, for the fishing trade. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. gove. 22 Nov. 1652. Proprietor in 1655 {Bax. MSS}

In 1687, having occasion to visit England, he made his will in advance as a precautionary measure on account of the known perils of the voyage as well as his advancing years. Will dated July 21, 1687, prob. 14 Feb 1689-90, was "bound by the grace of god into old England", beq. to wife (Elizabeth), sons John, Dependance, Josiah, and George, and "the rest of my children." Josiah, of Tiverton, RI one of the sons, sold his share to his brother Dependance 19 April 1709.

His will was proved Feb. 14, 1689/90 so it is assumed that his death occured while in England. He was a ferryman at Cape Neddick River at a town meeting held Dec. 8, 1652. In 1660, his mother-in-law Margaret Norton, lived at his house, causing Sylvester such trouble that the Court threatened to imprison her. IN 1665, he and his wife were before the Court for "Complaining on one another on the Lord's Day in the morning--He for saying that wife did abuse him and bid him go to Thomas Crockett's and carry some bread and cheese to his bastard".

Will of Elizabeth Norton Stover: after usual bequeaths to children had the following: Item. I give unto Phebie, my Negro woman slave, her freedom at my death, and ten pounds in silver money at eight shillins an ounce to be paid her by my Executors at the end of one month after my decease. Item. I give unto my said negro woman all her wearing cloths, together with the bed she lyeth on, and the bed stead & clothing which belongs to it.

I give unto Jonathan my Negro Lad, the Son of Phebie my negro woman, his freedom at my decease. Item. I give unto the lad Jonathan all his wareing cloths, the bed whereon he lyeth and the clothing beling to it, my Gun, and ten pounds in silver money at eight shillings an ounce to be paid him by me Executor when she shall arrive at the age of twenty and one years.

Item. I give unto Jerusha my Negro Girl the Daughter of Phebie my negro woman her freedom at my decease. Item. I give the sd Jerusha her wearing cloths, & ten pounds in silver money at eight shillings an ounce, to be paid unto her by my Executor when she shall arrive at the age of eighteen years.

From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700, by Holmes: SILVESTER, resident of York, Maine, 1652.

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John Stover

b.abt. 1653 York, ME, son of Sylvester Stover and Elizabeth Norton
d.before Apr. 12, 1748 York, ME
m.Abigail Alcott
d.July 9, 1730


  1. Joseph Stover b.Canada Feb. 24, 1707
  2. Lydia Stover b.1702 Wells, ME m.Jacob Perkins
  3. Dorothy Stover b.Dec. 10, 1704 m.(?)Thomas Pickering
  4. John Stover b.Aug. 4, 1709 m.Miriam Harmon

NOTES: From Wheeler's History of Brunswick, Thopsham, and Harpswell Part III, Chapter 2, page 855: STOVER. (STAFFORD?) JOHN STOVER, the ancestor of all of that name in Harpswell, was 1709, in the town of York. It is held as a family tradition, handed down for many generations, that when he was nine years old his parents and all his brothers and sisters were killed by the Indians; that he escaped by hiding under a pile of brush; that when he was discovered by the whites he had been so terribly frightened that he was not sure of his name, but thought it was Stafford; and that he was adopted by a family named Stover. (It has been ascertained that two brothers named Stafford emigrated from England, one of whom settled in Providence, R.I., and the othe rin York, Me.) He m.a dau. of Captain Johnson Harmon. He moved to Harpswell, probably not later than 1730, and settled on a spot about half-way between the present highway and Norton Stover's shipyard. He d. about 1786. Ch. were:-John, who d. at home; Wanton, who settled in Portland; Joseph; Alcott; Johnson; Abigail, who m. a Varnum, and moved to Bowdoin; Mary, m.a Wheeler, who lived where Rovert Stover now does.

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George Stover

b.1668 York, ME, son of Sylvester Stover and Elizabeth Norton
d.between April 1748 and 1753, York, ME
Will proved April 2, 1753.
m.(1)abt.1685 York, ME Abigail Alcott
m.(2)Jan. 25, 1692/3 York, ME Abigail Elwell, dau. of Isaac Elwell and Mehitable Millett
b.Apr. 13, 1679 Gloucester, MA
d.before 1741 York, ME
m.(3)( 29, 1741) Elizabeth (Young) Webber

CHILD of George and Abigail Alcock:

  1. Lydia Stover York, ME d.1717 Cape Neddick, York, ME

CHILDREN of George and Abigail:

  1. Josiah Stover b.Jan. 21, 1693/94 prob.d.y.
  2. Jonathan Stover b.Apr. 12 1696 d.Aug. 3, 1696
  3. Isaac Stover b.June 3, 1697 Gloucester, MA d.abt.1788 York, ME m.Mary Stover (dau. of Dependence)
  4. Joseph Stover m.Sarah Freeman
  5. Hannah Stover b.Feb. 19, 1701/2 d.Feb. 26, 1701/2
  6. Abigail Stover b.Apr. 20, 1703 Gloucester, MA m.George Rodick
  7. Mehitable Stover b.Feb. 15, 1705/6 d.y.
  8. Abraham Stover b.Feb. 23, 1706/7 d.y.
  9. John Stover b.Aug. 26, 1709 Gloucester, MA d.bef.April 12, 1748
  10. George Stover b.abt. Aug. 27, 1710 d.Dec. 10, 1729
  11. David Stover b.Nov. 13, 1712
  12. Josiah Stover b.March 9, 1715/16 York, ME m.Sarah Webber
  13. Abraham Stover b.May 30, 1718 York, ME m.Deborah Webber

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Joseph Stover

b. ca.1699 Gloucester, MA; s/oGeorge Stover and Abigail Elwell
m.Sarah Freeman, d/o Nathaniel Freeman and Alice Penwell

CHIDLREN included:

  1. Nathaniel Stover b.Sept. 28, 1728 m.Mary Weeks

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Nathaniel Stover

b.Sept. 28, 1728 York, ME, s/o Joseph Stover and Sarah Freeman
d.1794 Brooksville, ME
m.March 3, 1752 Mary Weeks
b.abt.1730 Kittery, ME

CHILDREN included:

  1. Alice Stover b.June 7, 1756 York, ME m.John D. Connor
  2. Josiah Stover b.abt.1758 York, ME
  3. John Stover b.abt.1759 York, ME
  4. William Stover b.Nov. 11, 1761 York, ME d.Jan. 18, 1844 Brooksville, ME m.Mary (Dyer)
  5. Alice Stover b.abt.1763
  6. Betty (Elizabeth) Stover b.abt.1764 Brooksville, ME m.Cunningham Lymburner
  7. Sally Stover b.Aug. 25, 1768 (or 1760) Brooksville, ME d.Aug. 16, 1823 Brooksville, ME m.abt.1784 Brooksville, ME Peletiah Tapley
  8. Mehitable Stover b.abt.1770 Brooksville, ME d.Feb. 16, 1854 Brooksville, ME m.Samuel Jones

Nathaniel was one of the first settlers of Brooksville, ME, moving there about 1762. His will mentions his grandson, James Stover.

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