Name origin: SIMMONS, SIMONDS, SYMONDSON A corruption of Simeon or Simon, the son of Sim; some authorities claim the name is of Dutch origin.

William Simmons

b.1575 of Leiden, So. Holland; parents ukn
m.Ann ______

    CHILDREN included:
  1. Thomas Simmons b.1602-1604 Leiden, So. Holland d.1682 Boston, MA
  2. Moses Simmons b.Jan. 1, 1604 d.Sept. 15, 1691

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Moses Simmons

b.Jan. 1, 1604 of Leiden, Holland, Netherlands; s/o William and Ann Simmons
d.Sept. 15, 1691 Duxbury, MA
m.1632-1637 Leiden, Holland; Sarah Chandler
b.Oct. 15, 1622 Leyden, Holland; d/o Roger and Isabella (Chilton) Chandler
d.Oct. 27, 1675 West Bridgewater, MA

    CHILDREN (all born Duxbury) included:
  1. Mary Simmons b.1638 d.Feb. 8, 1697 Bridgewater, MA
  2. Moses Simmons b.1638 d.March 18, 1676 Duxbury, MA
  3. Thomas Simmons b.abt.1642 d.1689
  4. Elizabeth Simmons b.1644 d.Feb. 24, 1707/08 Duxbury, MA
  5. John Simmons b.1648 d.aft.June 17, 1689
  6. Sarah Simmons b.1648 d.aft. June 17, 1689 Duxbury, MA
  7. Aaron Simmons b.March 10, 1650 d.March 12, 1718
  8. Rebecca Simmons b.1665-1668 d.bef.1678

NOTE: Some references say Moses is the son of Thomas Simmons, also a son of William and Ann Simmons.

From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700, by Holmes: MOSES, one of the first comers, b.Leyden, Holland, came Plymouth, Mass., 1621, [on the ship Fortune] settled Duxbury, Mass., original proprietor Dartmouth, Bridgewater and Middleboro but did not remove to any of those places.

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Moses Simmons

b.1638 Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; s/o Moses and Sarah (Chandler) Simmons
d.March 18, 1676 Duxbury, Plymouth, MA
m.1659-1662 Duxbury, Plymouth, MA Patience Barstow
b.Oct. 3, 1643 Dedham, Norfolk, MA; d/o William and Anna (Hubbard) Barstow

    CHILDREN included:
  1. Moses Simons b.June 10, 1666 Duxbury, Plymouth, MA d.1690
  2. John Simons b.March 15, 1667 Scituate, Plymouth, MA d.1711
  3. Sarah Simons b.1670 d.Oct. 24, 1742
  4. Aaron Simmons b.1672 Middleboro, MA d.Aug. 8, 1757 Middleboro, MA
  5. Job Simons b.1674 Scituate, MA d.Sept. 26, 1761
  6. Patience Simmonds b.bef.March 18, 1676 Duxbury, MA d.Oct. 30, 1723 Plymouth, MA m.George Barrows

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