Name origin: Name from a military title.

Richard (Hugh) Sargent Bath, Somerset, England; parents ukn
d.March 1674
m.Nov. 22, 1602, Katherine (George) Stevens
b.1580 Bath, Somerset, England; d/o George Stevens

CHILDREN included:

  1. William Sargent b.June 28, 1606
  2. Joanne Sargent
  3. Elizabeth Sargent

Cite: E.E. Sargent's, "The Sargent Record".

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William Sargent

b.bef.June 28, 1606 England; s/o Richard (Hugh) Sargent and Katherien (George) Stevens
chr.June 28, 1606 at Abbey Church, Bath, Somersetshire, England
d.March 1675 Salisbury, MA; bur.April 13, 1675 at "The Ferry" Amesbury, MA
m.(1)1624 at Boston, MA; Judith Perkins
[2nd source} The Grantees and Settlement of Hampton N.H., by Victor Channing Sanborn]says m.Elizabeth Perkins 1638 at Agawam, MA]
b.March 3, 1611 Bath, England; d/o John and Judith (Gator) Perkins of Ipswich
m.(2)Sept. 18, 1640 Amesbury; Elizabeth Perkins
m.(3)Sept. 18, 1670 at Amesbury, MA the widow Joanna (Pindor) Rowell
b.d/o Henry Pinder and Mary ______
d.Oct. 1690
Joanna m.(3)Oct. 26, 1676 Richard Currier

CHILDREN of William and Judith/Elizabeth included:

  1. Mary Sargent d.Sept. 27, 1716 Philip Watson Challis
  2. Elizabeth 1 Sargent d.Sept. 14, 1641
  3. Thomas Sargent Lt. b.Apr. (or Jun) 11, 1643 d.Feb. 27, 1725/26 Salisbury, MA; bur. in Ferry Cemetery m.(1)Sarah Osgood m.(2)March 2, 1667/1668 Rachel Barnes
  4. William Sargent b.Jan. (Nov?)2, 1645 d.May (Mar)31, 1712; farmer[William was ordered to whipped or pay a fine for fornication on April 12, 1670.]; m.Sept. 23, 1668 Mary Colby d/o Anthony and Susanna (Haddon) Colby
  5. Lydia Sargent b.July 17, 1647 d.160/61 m.Henry Bennet
  6. Elizabeth Sargent b.Aug. 22, 1648 d.Sept. 4, 1649
  7. Elizabeth Sargent b. Feb. 29, 1652 m.bef. 1670 Samuel Colby
  8. Sarah Sargent b.Dec. 29, 1651 d.Dec. 29, 1651
  9. Sarah Sargent b.Feb. 10, 1652 d.Oct. 3, 1701 m.Dec. 22, 1681 Orlando Bagley

NOTES: Occupation Seaman who also held various town offices.

Elizabeth Perkins came over on the Lyon with her parents and four siblings, reaching Nantucket Island Feb. 5, 1631. The family settled in Boston, MA.

Will of William Sargent ca 1606-1675, as recorded in Edwin Everett Sargent's book, The Sargent Record, self-published in 1899: In the name of God Amen. The 24 day of March 1671/72 I William Sargent of ye town of Emesbury in ye County of Norfolk Massachusetts in Newengland Seaman being in pritty good health of body & of sound and pfect memorie (praise bee given to god for ye same) & knowing ye uncertainty of this life on earth & being Desirous to settle things in order to make this my last will & testiment in manner & form That if to say First & principally I commend my Soule to Allmighty God my Creator assurdely beflieving ye shall receive full pardon & free remission of all my sins & bee saved by ye pecious death & meritte of my blessed Saviour & Redeamer Christ Jesus & my body to ye earth from whence it was taken to bee buried in such Decent & Christian manner as to my Executoed hereafter named shall be thought meete & convenient.
And as touching such wordly estate as ye lord mercy hath lent mee my will & meaning is ye same shall bee imployed & bestowed as hereafter by this will & Testament. Item I give & bequeath to my grand child William Challis five pounds & to my grandchildren Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary & Phillip Watson Challis to each of them Twenty shillings. Item I give & bequeath unto my grand children Dorothie & Elizabeth Colby to each of them twenty shillings. Item I give unto my grand child William Sargent thirty shillings. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth ye wife of Sam Colby five pounds. Item I give all ye remanyndere of my estate (these my legacies & my funeral charges being first paid) unto my daughter Sarah both howsing and chattles & other moveables what soever always provided that if she die without children that these housing & lands: to bee equally divided; unto my four children hereafter named, i:e: my sons Thomas & William & my daughters mary & Elizabeth. Item I do constiture ordaine & appointe my sone Thomas Sargent my daughter Sarah Sargent Executors unto this my will & testamt & doe make my loving brother in law Tho Bradbury & my esteemed friend Major Pike my overseers to take care that this my will may bee performed according to ye true intente & meaning thereof.
Ane to this my last will & Testament I doe hereunto sess my hand & seale ye day & year above named. William Sargen (Seal) Signed, sealed and thto in ye prfence of Thomas Bradbury, the mark MB Mary Bradbury, John Bradbury. Tho Bradbury & Jno Bradbury testified upon oath yt they say Wm Sargent senr. signe, seale & declare this to bee his will before ye court held at Salifury 13 April 75. Tho Bradbury rec. Entered and Recorded in ye County records for Norfolk (tit 3d pa 6 ye 29th of Aprile 1675) as atteste. Tho Bradbury recr.

FROM Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700, by Holmes: WILLIAM, came from near Bath, Engl, to Ipswich, Mass., 1633; one of the first settlers of Newbury, Mass., 1635; with Rev. Stephen Bachiler, began Hampton, NH, plantation, 1638; removed to Salisbury, Mass., and in 1655 helped in the settlement of Amesbury, Mass.

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Thomas Sargent

b.Apr. 11, 1643 at Amesbury, MA son of William and Elizabeth (Perkins) Sargent
d.Feb. 27, 1706 Amesbury, MA ["New Eng. Marriages Prior to 1700" gives his death as 1726]
m.or notm. (1?)Sarah Osgood d/o Wm and Elizabeth (Clere) Osgood
m.(2?)1/2 March (or Jan.)2, 1668 at Amesbury, MA Rachel Barnes
b.Apr. 30, 1649 (or Feb. 3, 1648) Salisbury, MA d/o William and Rachael (Fitts or Lord) Barnes [second source says d/o Wm and Louisa Mellor]
d.Feb. 7, 1718 Amesbury, MA; bur. in Ferry Cemetery

CHILDREN included:

  1. Judith Sargent b.June 2, 1668 Salisbury, MA d.Sept. 15, 1715
  2. Thomas Sargent b.Feb. 24, 1669 d.March 18, 1669 infant
  3. John Sargent b.May 27, 1672 d.Nov. 9, 1690 single
  4. Mary Sargent b.Oct. 14, 1674 d.Apr. 25, 1752 m.Dec. 26, 1695 at Haverhill, MA John Saunders
  5. Hannah Sargent b.July 23, 1675
  6. Thomas Sargent b.Nov. 15, 1676 d.May 1, 1719 m.Mary Stevens
  7. Jacob Sargent b.Oct. 1, 1678 d.May 7, 1754 2, 1700 Amesbury, MA; Gatterit/Gertrude Davis
  8. Judith Sargent b.July 1, 1679
  9. William Sargent b.Dec. 1, 1680 d.Aug. 15, 1711
  10. Rachel Sargent b.Aug. 12, 1683 d.Aug. 19, 1720 m.Dec. 14, 1704 William Currier
  11. Hannah Sargent b.July 23, 1685 d.aft.1724 m.July 14, 1704 William Somes
  12. Joseph Sargent 6th; b.June 2, 1687 (twin) d.May 18, 1733
  13. Judith Sargent 4th; b.June 2, 1687 (twin) d.May 22, 1688
  14. Judith Sargent 5th; b.July 1, 1689 d.Sept. 15, 1715
  15. John Sargent, Capt. b.May 18, 1692 d.May 19, 1762 m.Jan. 12, 1713/14 Hannah Quimby
  16. Rachel Sargent b.April 22, 1694
  17. Jacob Sargent b.Jan. 1694

NOTES: Thomas was found not guilty of fathering Sarah Osgood's child in Oct. of 1668.
Her child was:

  • Elizabeth Sargent b.1668 Salisbury, MA d.Sept. 12, 1713 Salisbury, MA m.Jan. 18, 1688 at Amesbury, MA John Flanders

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