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  • John Sadler
  • John Sadler
  • John Sadler (1766- )
  • Joshua Sadler ( -1871)

    John Sadler

    m.April 11, 1713 Rowley, MA (or Gloucester, MA) Sarah Scott

    CHILDREN included:

    1. John Sadler

    Note: John Sadler came to America from England with a brother who settled in Baltimore. John settled in Rowley, MA. (B.L.N.)

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    John Sadler

    m.Jan. 6, 1765 Mary or Molly Kendall

    CHILDREN included:

    1. John Sadler b.May 11, 1766
    2. William Sadler (twin to John) b.May 11, 1766 m.Dec. 6, 1787 in Gloucester, Hannah (H or M)illett; went to Georgetown, then to Harrington, ME where he reared a family of eleven children.
    3. Joshua Sadler b.May 5, 1768, he and Isaac having been drowned en route to Fox Islands with their mother.
    4. Isaac Sadler, not in Gloucester vital records; drowned.

    Note: John Sadler who came from Marblehead to Gloucester, where he m. January 6, 1765, a "Maid of the Forest", Mary or Molly Kendall. She was an Indian girl from a Cape Cod tribe and they settled in Gloucester and had four children. John entered the Revolutionary Services and in the first engagement was either killed or taken captive. The Indian mother, thinking of the safety of her boys, took the youngest and boarded a vessel for Fox Island. A storm was encountered on the way and all hands were lost. The two older boys, John and William, arrived safely in Georgetown, William moving to Stonington, Me., and John to Swans Island.

    Mr. H.--Small, Swans Island historian and my informant on this early Sadler ancestry, said the following (May 1934), "The story of the Indian Maid was told me by Mrs. Hannah Sadler who was living when I went to Swans Island. She was the wife of Thomas and the last of the original settlers. She had a wonderful memory, and this account was told Mrs. Sadler by her husband's father who was 18 years of age when his Indian mother was lost at sea, and the Gloucester records confirm this. Most of her descendants were dark, swarthy conplexioned with keen black eyes. What induced the Indian mother to seek refuge at Vinalhaven (Fox Island) and how, in later years, her son, Joshua, happened to find a wife there, are questions yet unanswered.

    The tradition from the descendants has it that John was in the Rev. War but, not returning, was supposed to have been lost or killed. The following item will probably clear this matter up, from "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Revol."--"John Sadler, seaman, State Ship "Tartar" commanded by Capt. John Cathcart, engaged May 21, 1782; service 2 mos. 15 days; reported deserted Aug. 5, 1782; roll sworn to at Boston.--B.Lake Noyes

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    John Sadler

    b.March 11, 1766
    m.Dec. 2, 1792 Lydia Bond
    b.Essex, MA
    d.Georgetown, ME

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Joshua Sadler m.1829 in Vinalhaven, ME Mary Crabtree, where they resided a few years, before moving to Swans Island, 1834. Had a large family.
    2. Thomas Sadler, b.July 10, 1805 Georgetown, ME d.Jan. 19, 1866 Swans Island m.Sept. 14, 1828 Georgetown; Hannah Hunt b.Dec. 28, 1806 d.Dec. 11, 1897 aged over 90 years. They were married by Samuel H. Whitten, J.P., and continued to reside in Georgetown ten years where the first four of their children were born. Hannah was a dau. of Thomas Hunt and Mary Cromwell, and , according to Dr. Small, a direct descendant, through Mary, of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Proctor of England. Mary was this country but her parents fled from Ireland after the restoration of the monarchy. They could not remain in Mass. as the Royal Governor would seize them, so they migrated to Georgetown. Mrs. Hunt had previously been the wife of Thomas Walker, and by this second marriage had Thomas, David, Benjamin and Clarissa Hunt. Mary Cromwell was b.Apr. 10, 1779 and d. Georgetown 1848, the Georgetown records give Mr. Hunt's death as 1828. Mr. Small writes, "I have tried in vain to connect her with the Cromwell family but after they fled from England some of them changed their name to Smith, others concealed their identity. Mrs. Sadler told me she had often heard her grandmother say it was hard to be poor when her people had so much power and means in England. She spoke in a distinct English accent and always referred to her ancestors of "Krumwel". I find it recorded in like manner in some of the Georgetown records. Thomas and Hannah and 2 children. A few years before she d. all of her children and their wives and husbands came to Swans Island on the anniversary of their parents marriage, and ranged in ages from 14 to 56. One of them came from the Pacific coast.

      I have a photo of this family taken at that time in front of their old homestead on Swans Island. They were a most interesting and progressive family. Edwin Benson's mother was one of the family and it was from him I received the photo. I have quite a complete record of the family."

      Thomas came to Swans Island at the solicitation of his brother Joshua who preceded Thomas and Moses by about two years, being the first Sadler to settle the island. Thomas took the northern half of the tract of land first taken up by Joshua and built a house near where Merrill Sadler later lived, and just previous to his death, Thomas built the house afterwards owned by his son, Rodney Charles Sadler.

      Pages 130 and 131 of Dr. Small's 1899 edition of Swans Island history depicts very clearly pioneer life on the Island when the Sadlers first settled there, as given Dr. Small by Thomas' wife, Hannah Sadler, who possessed a remarkable memory, and lived to attain a great age.

        CHILDREN of Thomas and Hannah (not in correct order):
      • William Sadler m.Maria Ross and settled in Rockland.
      • Thomas Sadler m.(1)Lovina Joyce who d. and m.(2)Mrs. Julia Oakes of Gloucester who d. and he m.(3)Mrs. Abbie Dyer of Vinalhaven, and last resided in Everett, Mass.
      • Rodney Charles Sadler, called sometimes Charles; per information from his wife in 1917 when they were both living, he being aged 68 and Ann Steward, his wife, about 69. Rodney was the youngest of the family, she said, and resided on the homestead.
          CHILDREN of Rodney and Annie, dau. of Geo. Stewart:
        • Charles Rodney Sadler, Jr. m.Mamie Stinson, dau. of Michael, lived in Bar Harbor but now (1934) in Ellsworth where is employed by Maine Central Railroad.
        • Merrill E. Sadler m.Lizzie Proctor from away, and lives n Minturn section of Swans Island. He has a dau. Marguerite Sadler b.abt.1897 m.Lawrence Orcutt from Sullivan way and has Lawrence, Jr; Merrill, Basil, and Althea Orcutt. A son Clyde d. aged about 16 years. A "Deer Isle Gazette" clipping shows a son was b. to Mr. and Mrs Merrill Sadler, at Swans Island, March 14, 1896.
        • Lelia Sadler m.Alfred Sprague and went out west.
        • Alma Sadler m.Reuben Pray
        • Clara Sadler m.Ralph Grant who was drowned.
        • Emerson Sadler m.a Rockland girl and lives there.
      • Clara Sadler, aged 89 in 1917, and the oldest of the family, Mrs. Rodney C. Sadler said in 1917; m.Newell Smith and lived in Rockland. Mr. Smith d. of yellow fever in 1882 and Clara m. (2) Horton Burpee.
      • Isetta Sadler m.Cornelius Wasgatt and resided in Everentt, Mass.
      • Mary Sadler m.Eben Smith who was lost at sea so that she m.(2)David H. Sprague
      • Elizabeth Sadler m.Freeland H. Benson and last resided in Seattle, Wash. The Swans Island records give these three children born there to "Frelan H. Benson"--Edwin F. Benson b.Feb. 2 1861, Mari Benson b.Feb. 13 1865, and Edna Benson b.Aug. 9, 1967.
      • Rosilla Sadler m.Elias Sprague
    3. Moses Sadler came to Swans Island while yet single and m. there Dec. 17, 1837 Eunice Smith who was b.June 6, 1817 and a dau. of Benj. & Margory (Toothaker) Smith. Eunice d. Sept. 6 or 16, 1863, and he moved to Mooseabee River. He m.(2)Orra Matilda Smith, b.Oct. 1, 1825, having been m. by Benj. Smith, J.P., Nov. 22 1863. After the death of his second wife he m.(3)a Mrs. Dunbar of Jonesport. Moses took up the lot south of the Gott's extending to the lot owned by his brother, Thomas, and built a house where was later one owned by Parker Bridges.
        CHILDREN by Moses and 1st wife:
      • Sylvanus N. Sadler (Capt.) b.July 8, 1839 d.May 29, 1900 Seattle, WA (of dropsy) the South Mary Elizabeth Carmichael b.April 1837 in Pennsylvania
          CHILDREN of Sylvanus and Mary included:
        • Lorenzo [Dell/Dow?] Sadler b.April 1865 [another date found:April 14, 1871] Pensylvania d.Sept. 1, 1951 Los Angeles, CA m.(1)1898 Mrs. Martha/Maty Rupple m.(2?)Maty Austin
            CHILDREN of Lorenzo included:
          • Gladys Sadler
          • Bernice Sadler
          • Ernest Sadler, Sr. m.Pauline Brinegar (had Children, Grand and Great grand children)
        • Harriet L. Sadler b.1869 MA m.(1)abt.1892 _____ Mobley m.(2)1898 Washington Philo F. Fish
        • Mabel E. Sadler b.Jan. 2, 1875 MA m.Aug. 1897 OH Harry L. Wiley
      • Lorenzo D. Sadler b.Aug. 20, 1841 lost at sea
      • Lucinda S. Sadler b.July 29, 1843' d.June 1, 1847
      • Theodore Sadler b.July 24 1845, d.Feb. 10, 1849
    4. William Sadler settled in Vinalhaven, Me. A Sadler lived at Roberts Harbor on or near site of John Sellers (Chas, John, Wm.), per William Smith notes--see John Sellers history, No Sadlers continued to live in Vinalhaven.
    5. Harvey Sadler settled in Georgetown and committed suidide by jumping overboard.
    6. Polly Sadler m.David Avery of Georgetown, ME
    7. An Elizabeth G. Sadler was pub. Nov. 26/34 and m.Jan. 25, 1835, in Vinalhaven, to Asa Dyer (VH Rec).

    Note: John was eighteen years of age when his Indian mother was drowned on a vessel en route to Fox Island, with her youngest sons.

    The S volume in "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of Rev." has this entry, "John Sadler, Jr., return of recruits sent by the State of Mass. as portion of her quota of the Continental Army subsequent to Jan. 1, 1781, who were reported as unfit for duty; 8th Mass. Reg.; age 15 yrs. 2 mos., stature, 4 ft. 11 in.; engaged for town of Gloucester for term of the war."--(B.L.N.)

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    Joshua H. Sadler

    b.Georgetown, Sagadahoc County, ME; s/o John Sadler and Lydia Bond
    d.July 20, 1871 Gloucester, MA [or ca.1864 Ellsworth, ME]
    res.several years Vinalhaven, ME
    m.Aug. 7, 1829 Vinalhaven, ME; Mary Crabtree 29, 1804 Vinalhaven, ME; parents ukn [BLN-States:Mary is said to have been a daughter of a Crabtree of Crabtree's Point, now in the town of North Haven, one imfarmant stating her father was David and another Samuel Crabtree. We find but one Crabtree living in Vinalhaven in 1790, Eleazer, with a family consisting of one boy over 16 years, four boys under 16, and three females in the family, including his wife if she was then living, besides himself...]

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Chaney R. Sadler b.North Haven m.Abigail Bridges; lived Swans Island several years then moved to Ellsworth, where he reared a family; the 1908 Lawton Register of Ellsworth giving him as C.R. Sadler, retired, living on Bayside Road No. 1; wife, Abbie P. Bridges; chdr. Frederick B., sea capt.; Mary A., m.Betts, and a dressmaker in Boston; Julia, m.Dorr of Bar Harbor; Aldana, m.a Frazer and living in Winter Harbor; Justina, m. a Wells and living in Boston. Frederick B., being the only one living in Ellsworth of Chaney's family, at the same address, with wife, Lizzie Moulton; chdr., Chaney sea capt., Willis, sailor, and Gladys, pupil.
    2. James Gott Sadler; Capt. b.North Haven, ME October 12, 1831, per his own statement; pub. in D.I. as "James G. Sadler to Miss Margaret Stinson, both of Deer Isle, Nov. 7 and "Margaret H.", at the Parsonage, Nov. 19, 1855, by Rev. Wm. A. Merrill (D.I.). Margaret Hatch Stinson was b.June 15, 1832 in D.I., dau. of Simon & Sally (Hatch) Stinson. Margaret d. in Sunshine, Friday before Easter, March 23, 1821, and was buried in the Sunshine cemetery but has no stone. James was a sea captain and sailed coasting vessels. Lawton's 1910 Register gives Jas. G. Sadler, fisherman, in Sunshine; wife, Margaret H. Stinson; Sadler's death certificate as copied in the D.I. town books, states he was b.Vinalhaven, Oct. 12, 1831; d.Feb. 9, 1926, aged 94-3-27 Sunshine, of "heart failure"; son of Joshua Sadler, b. Georgetown, (Mass.-sic.), and Mary Crabtree, b.Georgetown.

      James' home in Sunshine is the first house seen on the right side of the road after crossing the bar, and is now (May 1934) resided in by the Betts family.

      A clipping from the D.I. paper of Oct. 21, 1921 described "Uncle Jim's" birthday party when he was 90 years old; another from the Feb. 12, 1926 issue reads, "Mr. James Saddler, the oldest man in town and holder of the Boston Post Cane, died at his late home at Sunshine Tuesday night, and the cane now, we believe, goes to Capt. Ezekiel H. Marshall."

        CHILDREN of James Gott Sadler and Margaret Stinson:
      • Benjamin (Bennie) Sadler d.April 1860 (D.I.), aged about 2 years
      • Carrie L. Sadler b.1859 d.April 1860 (D.I.)
      • Eugene Harrison Sadler b.Nov. 15, 1865 (DI); Personal statement: always lived on his father's place in Sunshine except when visiting his cousins in Ellsworth; depending somewhat on farming he made most of, and considerable, money in the weir business at Sunshine when the "weir days" were very flourishing prior to about 1920; owning a good automobile, he was frequently a visitor to Stonington and shared in the general social life of the island, the same continuing, as was the case with all the Sunshine fishermen in those days, until the bottom suddenly dropped out of the weir business as presently seen (1934). With an honest and industrious life to his credit, he began to ail with a mysterious abdominal malady which caused him to seek relief in the Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, where an operation proved so critical that he died there Jan. 1, 1930, aged 64-1-16. Eugene m.April 1, 1918 in D.I. by Rev. Orville J. Guptill, to his first cousin, Minnie Abigail Milliken, b.Ellsworth, Me. Nov. 17, 1871 (Minnie's Statement) dau. of Leander and Lydia (Sadler-dau. of Joshua) Milliken, of Ellsworth. This was Minnie's third marriage and she presently resided with her son, Leo Bertram Betts, on the James-Eugene Sadler place, Sunshine.
      • Joshua H. Sadler, b.abt.1868-9, probable the one called Herbert, who is said by the family to have died at age of 2 years, having been taken sick on way home from Boston and died off Gloucester Harbor, and body brought home; D.I. has "Joshua E., d.July 20, 1871".
      • Alice Maude Salder b.Nov. 3, 1875 (DI) m.Freeman, son of John Sprague and Margaret Stanley of Swans Island; reared a family in Sunshine. Lawton's 1910 register gives Freeman Sprague, fisherman, in Sunshine, wife Maud Sadler; children Lida M., and Vera, pupils; and Edith and Lena M. Sprague.
          CHILDREN of Freeman Sprague and Alice Maude Sadler:
        • Alfred Sprague scalt to death when a child by pulling a hot cup of water off the table onto himself.
        • Lida M. Sprague m.Leslie Conary Thompson b.Jan. 27, 1895 son of Arthur L. and Lizzie (Conary) Thompson of Round Pond, Bristol, ME. Leslie was their only child, and he lives in Sunshine, and has but one child: Freeman LeForest Thompson, called LeForest.
        • Vera Sprague m.June 11, 1921 Stonington, by Percy Clarke, Esq., Ernest Haenesler, son of Julius and Frances Haenesler of Sunshine. Frances was a dau. of Lemuel Conary and after Frances d. m. again in Bangor vicinity.
            CHILDREN of Vera and Ernest:
          • Ernestine Haenesler, b.Sept. 3, 1921
          • Clifford
        • Edith Leela Sprague b.Sunshine, Nov. 29, 1905; m.Charles Roabert McDonald, b.Oceanville, Sept. 17, 1904, son of Billins Putnam and Edith Mabel (Davis) McDonald. They live in Freeman Sprague's house, having been built by Thomas Trundy, in Sunshine, and have four children.
            CHILDREN of Edith and Charles McDonald
          • Shirley Elaine McDonald b.Oct. 12, 1924 5 a.m. in Old Maggie Eaton house (now-1934-Chester Eaton's)
          • Dorothea Maude McDonald, b. Dec. 6, 1925, 4:30 a.m.(OLA), in same house as above, corner of Church & Schools Sts., where Edith McDonald has a maternity.
          • Robert Billings McDonald, b.Nov. 7, 1929, 12:15 a.m., at the Haenssler place, Sunshine; d.aged about 6 mos.
          • Wilber McDonald
        • Lena Maud Sprague d.single, at home, May 1934
      • Vera Sadler
      • Lena Sadler
    3. Harvey Sadler d.single in Sunshine, in the Dan Conary house where he was cared for by his mother; buried in Sunshine
    4. Julia Crabtree Sadler b.March 27, 1836 [March 28, 1835] Deer Isle d.June 18, 1888 bur.Greenwood Cemetery, Oceanville, Stonington. m.Dec. 5, 1855, pub.Dec. 3, 1855 Deer Isle Thomas Smith Trundy by Rev. Abraham Plummer.
    5. George Washington Sadler b.Feb. 11, 1839 d.April 9, 1898 (death rec. in D.I.) D.I. Jan. 14, 1860 and m.Jan. 18, at house of Chester Ball in D.I., by Rev. Simeon Waters, to Lydia A. Ball, as both of D.I. (DI). Lydia Ann was D.I. (D.I. record date been erased looks like July 20 or 23, 1841, but Bryant's copy has July 20, 1834. Dau. of Chester and Nancy (Hutchinson) Ball. Geo. and Lydia resided in the Hutchinson House in Mountainville before Joseph Haskell lived in it. They also lived in a house built by Chester Ball call the Smith house because Asa Smith bought it and lived in it for years, and is now (1934) owned by John Lowe being between the Jo Harvey house and the shore. After the birth of two children, Geo. and Lydia separated, Lydia going away with her mother and (finally dying in Portland) with her sister, Sarah, where her parents also died. See Hutchinson history, (John 3), for Sarah's four marriages, etc. Lydia took her two young children away with her.

      George was m.(2) as "George W. Sadler to Mrs. Charlotte Webb, both of D.I., Jan. 1, 1867 (pub. Dec. 27, 1866), by C.A. Spofford" (DI). Charlotte was b.dau. of William Stinson, and a widow of William Webb. George and his second wife lived in Sunshine in the Wm. Webb house (now Dan Conary house), where two more children were b. to George. There are three different dates given for Charlotte's death; D.I. has one entry Nov. 7, 1885, and a duplicate entry has Nov. 30, same year; while her stone in Sunshine cemetery reads "Charlotte, wife of George W. Sadler, d.Nov. 8, 1885, aged 53-1-25." After Charlotte d.George went to live with his sister-in-law, Lizzie Sadler, and d. of heart disease and dropsy in the John Davis-Johnson Billings house, and was buried in Sunshine but has no gravestone. George was a fisherman; was drafted for Civil War but paid $300, it is said, for a substitute; while his brother James was exempted on account of a disability.

      George D.I., Apr. 9, 1898, aged 58-11-28, of heart disease; a widower, farmer, son of J. and Mary Crabberry (sic), per his certif. from Dr. Wasgatt.

        CHILDREN of George and Lydia included:
      • Chester B. Sadler b.Sept. 29, 1860 D.I.
        CHILDREN of George and Charlotte included:
      • Austin W. Sadler
    6. Eben H. Sadler d.lost at sea m.July 29, 1871 Deer Isle, ME; Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Billings; d/o Johnson and Eliza (Smith) Billings
        CHILDREN of Eben and Mary Elizabeth included:
      • Cora Lee Sadler
    7. Lydia Salder m.Leander Milliken of Ellsworth, ME [he was lost at sea]
        CHILDREN of Lydia and Leander included:
      • Minnie Abigail Milliken
    8. Betsey Sadler m.and res. Ellsworth.
    9. Georgianna Salder m.and res. Ellsworth.
    10. Benjamin Albert Sadler m.Justina Bridges d/o Moses and Emily (Eaton) Bridges
    11. John Sadler the South while in the service of the government during the civil war

    NOTES: Joshua Sadler (John 3-2-1) was b.Georgetown, Maine and was the first Sadler to settle on Swans Island, coming there in the year 1834. He previously lived a few years in Vinalhaven where he m.Aug. 7, 1829, by George Dyer, Esq., (pub.July 11), Mary Crabtree of Vinalhaven, Joshua, also, hailing from Vinalhaven, per V.H.Rec.

    Mary is said to have been a dau. of a Crabtree of Crabtree's Point, now in the town of North Haven, one informant stating her father was David and another Samuel Crabtree. We find but one Crabtree living in Vinalhaven in 1790, Eleazer, with a family consisting of one boy over 16 years of age, four boys under 16, and three females in the family, including his wife if she was then living, besides himself. An historical sketch of Vinalhaven printed in 1900 gives a brief account of Captain Eleazer Crabtree, stating he was a native of New York State and born 1738; was in Vinalhaven in 1760 but removed on account of trouble with the Indians, returning again in 1784 and settled on a lot at the head of Southern Harbor; also bought of John Perry the lot known as Crabtree's Point. He was a master mariner and shipbuilder and in 1804 was cast away in the vessel 'Lucy & Nancy', built for him the year previous in Vinalhaven, on the coast of Ireland. Capt. Crabtree and crew were picked up and landed at Liverpool, England. He was one of the first board of selectmen and was well advanced in years when he died. Nothing is said of his family, only mentioning that a grandson B.(or E.)C. Crabtree, Esq., was yet living in 1900 in Vinalhaven. The vital records of that town give the mar. undoubtedly, dau. of a bro. of this Eleazer, Jr., and Lois (dau. of Joseph) Robbins, in 1818. Mary was undoubtedly, dau. of a brother of this Eleazer, Jr., who was married a year of so previous, as she was born in 1817 (sic-subtraction error), per her gravestone in Sunshine Cemetery, Deer Isle, reading "Mary, wife of Joshua Sadler, d. Jan. 29, 1887, aged 60-10-0" Mary died at Stinson's Neck (Sunshine-D.I.), at the home of her son James.

    When Joshua first came to Swans Island he bought a large tract of land of the Widow of William Nutter, who was the first settler on this land which later came into possession of Joshua's nephew (son of his brother Thomas), Rodney Charles Sadler, besides a large tract extending to the south and southwest of this place to the salt water. Mr. Nutter had a small house where Rodney Sadler later built. The brothers afterwards divided the tract of land that Joshua has taken up, the latter taking the southern half including the "Point", and Thomas had the northern half. Joshua then built a house where Mrs. Margaret Sprague later resided. Joshua sold out his place, the southern part to John Ross, and "Point" to Silas Hardy, and moved to Ellsworth, where he died about the year 1864. he went first to Black or Conary's Island, then to Sedgwick, before finally settling in Ellsworth

    The first of Joshua's family were born in Vinalhaven but abstracts from the records there show no children of Joshua, in fact but few early births of that town have been preserved so it is doubtless if a careful search would reveal anything further. [B.L.N.]

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