John de Oxenbridge

b.of Atte Gate, Beckley, parents ukn

CHILDREN of John and ukn

  1. Thomas Oxenbridge

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Thomas Oxenbridge

b.of Beckley; s/o John de Oxenbridge
m.dau of Leland de Allards

CHILDREN of Thomas and dau. of Allards:

  1. Robert Oxenbridge

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Robert Oxenbridge

b.of the Forde in Brede, East Sussex, England; s/o Thomas Oxenbridge

CHILDREN of Robert and ukn included:

  1. Robert Oxenbridge

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Robert Oxenbridge

d.bef.Sept. 6, 1433; s/o Robert Oxenbridge

CHILDREN of Robert and ukn:

  1. Robert Oxenbridge b.abt.1414

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Robert Oxenbridge

b.abt.1414 Brede, East Sussex, England; s/o Robert Oxenbridge
d.abt.1487 Brede, East Sussex, England
m.Anne Lyvelode
b.abt.1430 of Lyvelode

CHILDREN of Robert and Anne included:

  1. Goddard Oxenbridge b.abt.1478
  2. Malyn Oxenbridge m.Sr. Richard Carew of Beddington, Surrey
  3. Katherine Oxenbridge
  4. Margaret Oxenbridge
  5. Thomas Oxenbridge m.Anne Blount d/o William Blount and Margaret Exhingham
  6. Robert Oxenbridge

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Goddard Oxenbridge (Sir)

b.abt.1478 at or near Brede Place, Sussex, England; s/o Robert Oxenbridge
d.Feb. 10, 1531
bur.Brede Church, Sussex, England. Tomb is dated 1536, erected 6 years after his death.
m.(1)Elizabeth [or Anne] Echingham d/o Sir Thomas Echingham and Margaret West
m.(2)abt. 1502 Anna Fiennes d/o Sir Thomas Fiennes and Anna Urswick
[m.(3)Faith Devinish?]

CHILDREN included:

  1. Thomas Oxenbridge b.abt.1501 d.March 28, 1540
  2. Margaret Oxenbridge b.abt.1528 Brede Place, Sussex, England m.John Thatcher
  3. Robert Oxenbridge
  4. Mary Oxenbridge
  5. Elizabeth Oxenbridge d.1578 m.Sir. Robert Tyrwhitt of Leighton Brunswold, Hunts
  6. William Oxenbridge

NOTES: In spite of being knighted by Henry VII in 1509, an unfortunate legend features our ancestor [copied from one of many sites with this story] This reputation is believed to be not deserved and was likely derived from the animosity of some Sussex tenants or some of his other local "enemies".:


Tiring, perhaps, of his usual diet of saddle of mutton, haunch of venison and roasted ox, Sir Goddard Oxenbridge, an early 18th century (sic) occupant of Brede Park, decided one day to tickle his jaded palate with an exquisite new sensation; that day one of the village children disappeared. Apparently the new dish pleased the squire and thereafter children were reported missing from all parts of Sussex.

Naturally the servants at Brede Park became aware of their master's nasty eating habits and soon it was common knowledge in the locality; but because Sir Goddard was, outwardly, a pious and God-fearing man of gentle birth, the gentry and clergy discounted the rumours as the wicked gossip of envious peasants. Thus the bereaved parents had little chance of retribution.So it was left to the actual victims, the children, to counter the threat to their lives. Secretly, all the children of Sussex got together and made a plan. At the entrance to Brede Park they placed a large barrel of mead, then lay in wait for the squire.

Foraying out in search of his supper, Sir Goddard chanced upon the barrel and being partial to a drop of good Sussex mead, he quaffed the lot and collapsed in a stupor in the middle of the bridge outside the park gates . Immediately the children emerged from the shrubbery, dragging with them a huge wooden saw. The East Sussex children took one end and the West Sussex children the other, and promptly they sawed the squire in half. They do say, over in Brede, that the child-eating ogre's ghost, in the form of a sawn tree trunk, still haunts Brede Park and the nearby Groaning Bridge.

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