______ Moses of Northumberland, England; parents ukn
m.abt.1578 England; ukn

CHILDREN included:

  1. Isabell Moses b.1580 Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England; d.1678 m.1608 England; John Tripp

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John Moses

b.abt.1616 Scotland, Wales, or England; parents ukn
d.Oct. 1686
m.(1)1639 Portsmouth, NH; Alice Moser
b.abt.1616 England
m.(2)1667 Portsmouth, NH Ann (______) Jones; widow of John Jones of Portsmouth
b.abt.1616 England

CHILDREN of John and Alice:

  1. Elizabeth Moses b.abt.1640 m.abt.1660 Joseph Walker
  2. Samuel Moses b.abt.1640 Portsmouth, N.H. d.Dec. 28, 1670
  3. Joseph Moses b.abt. 1642 Portsmouth, N.H.
  4. dau. Moses b.abt.1642 m.bef.1664/5 Thomas Creber
  5. Mary Moses b.March 1, 1645 Portsmouth, N.H. m.Ferdinando Huff
  6. Joanna Moses b.abt. 1651 Portsmouth, N.H. m.Timothy Davis s/o Hopkin Davis of Portsmouth, NH
  7. Elizabeth Moses b.abt.1640 Portsmouth, N.H. d.Dec. 28, 1670
  8. Aaron Moses b.abt.1643 Portsmouth, N.H. d.June 1713 m.Mary Leach
  9. Alice Moses b.abt.1647 Portsmouth, N.H.
  10. Sarah Moses b.abt.1649 Portsmouth, N.H. age 30

NOTES: John was made a freeman October 2, 1666.
References: "The Great Migration Begins", by Alexander and "The Genealogical Dictionary of ME and NH", page 40, by Noyes.

From The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660 by POPE page 144: MOSES, MOYSES, John Strawberry Bank, after an apprenticeship of 7 years to [George] Cleve and [Richard] Tucker of Casco Bay, rec'd from them 6 Apr. 1646, 100 acres of land at Casco Bay, adjoining that of George Lewis. He and wife Alice carried suit for slander against certain persons in Dover court 3 (4) 1648; acknowledgment to be made openly at Dover and Strawberry Bank. Juryman in 1651. Bought land of Ambrose Lane 15 April 1651. Lands assigned him 1652 and 1660. With wife Ann sold land 12 Sept. 1667, and conveyed other land 6 Jan. 1679, to son Aaron, who was to pay a portion to his sister Sarah.

From Massachusetts and Maine Families and Ancestors of Walter Goodwin David page 130: In 1648 one of those neighborhood quarrels which, being aired in the courts, lend a little color to our drab records, broke out at Sagamore Creek. Thomas Williams and John Moses had built a post and rail fence for Nicholas Rowe and, not being able to collect for it in money or goods, entered suit against him. Elizabeth Rowe, Nicholas' wife, taking up the cudgels for her husband, stated in vigorous Anglo-Saxon that Alice Moses was too free intimate with one George Ellett. Thereupon John Moses threatened Elizabeth with a summons to court "for the divers wrongs she had done him," and, in his and Anne Crowther's hearing, Elizabeth specified the place on her anatomy where the court might demonstrate its affections. At about the same time Elizabeth had announced that Jane Walford was a witch. In the session of the court held on October 8, the jury gave Williams and Moses a verdict in the fence case, and the justices sentenced Elizabeth Roe to acknowledge the wrong that she had done to Alice Moses in the public meeting-houses of both Dover and Portsmouth. For her offenses against the court and Jane Walford she was to be publicly whipped. To cap the climax the unhappy Nicholas Rowe was ordered to pay charges of 8s. 6d. for summoning Williams and Moses but failing to enter a suit. It was a bad day for the Rowe family. In all these records Moses's name is spelled Moyses.

From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700, by Holmes: JOHN, shipwright, Welsh descent, came to Plymouth, Mass., 1632.

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