Mitton/Mytton/de Mutton

William de Mutton

b.parents ukn

CHILDREN [or grandson]included:

  1. Thomas de Mutton

NOTES: Name appears in the Tallage Roll for Shrewsbury in 1313.

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Thomas de Mutton

b.son or grandson of William de Mutton

CHILDREN included:

  1. Renald de Mutton

NOTES: Thomas' name appears in the Tallage Roll for Shrewsbury in 1344. Thomas was fourth on the roll of the Guild Merchants, was bailiff of the town in 1353 and 1360 and was elect MP for Shrewsbury in the Parliament summoned to meet at Westminster on May 4, 1366.

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Renald de Mutton

b.s/o Thomas de Mutton
m.(1)Eleanor le Skinner
b.d/o William le Skinner
m.(2)Alice Vaughan
b.d/o Hamo Vaughan, Knight of Shrewsbury

CHILDREN of Renald and Eleanor included:

  1. Richard Mitton

NOTES: Renald was bailfff of Shrewsbury in 1373, prepresented the town in the Parliaments which met at Westminster on Nov. 21, 1373 and Oct. 31, 1377.

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Richard Mitton; Sir Knight

b.abt.1389 of Weston, Staffordshire, England; s/o Renald de Mutton and Eleanor le Skinner
d.Nov. 10, 1418
m.Margaret de Pershale
b.d/o Sir Adam de Pershale
d.Aug. 5, 1420

CHILDREN included:

  1. William Mytton

NOTES: The estate of Weston-under-Lizard came to the Mittons through Adam de Pershale.

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William Mytton

b.abt.Dec. 28, 1415 Weston, Staffordshire, England; s/o Richard Mitton and Margaret de Pershale
m.abt.1427 Margaret Corbett
possibly m.(2)Margaret Burley

CHILDREN included:

  1. John Mitton m.(1)abt.1463 Anne Swinnerton m.(2)Joan Middlemore of Edgbaston m.(3)Joan ________
  2. Joan Mytton b.abt.1455 of Staffordshire, England m.abt.1454 John Washbourne

NOTES: William was Sheriff of Staffordshire in 1443 and was again appointed on Nov. 7, 1457. He was returned as MP for Stafford in 1446/7 and favored the Lancastrian party. Said to have wasteful of his inherited estate... From--Pages 313-325: Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis, by W.G. Davis

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