Macfearghal Family Line


Dunghal MacFearghal, King

b.abt.760 in Ossory, Ireland; parents ukn
m.abt.799 of Ireland; ukn

CHILDREN included:

  1. Cearbhall (Kjarval) MacDunghal b.800

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Cearbhall (Kjarval) MacDunghal

b.800 of Ireland; s/o Dunghal Macfearghal, King
d.888 of Ireland
m.abt.821; ukn

CHILDREN included:

  1. Rafertach (Rafarta) MacCearbhall b.830
  2. Ceallach MacCearbhall b.832
  3. Dungial MacCearbhall b.836
  4. Fridgerd Kjarvalsdatter b.abt.840
  5. Kormiod Kjarvalsdatter b.850
  6. Audna (Ethne)(Edna) Kjarvalssdatter b.bef.888 of Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland m.Hlodver (Lodver) Thorfinnsson, Earl of Orkney

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