John Lymburner

b. s/o parents ukn
d.Jan. 17, 1769

CHILDREN included:

  1. John Lymburner bapt.March 19, 1721
  2. Matthew Lymburner m.Feb. 28, 1767 Margaret Kaims
  3. dau.
  4. dau.

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John Lymburner

bapt. Feb. 2, 1743 at Porterstoune, Dundonald Parish, Scotland
d.Apr. 1801 Brooksville, ME
m.(1)April 22, 1769 at Irving, Ayr Elizabeth Glen, sister of Jean; both daus/o William Glen
m.(2)May 1, 1770 at Dundonald, Ayr, Scotland, Jean Glen
b.bapt. May 29, 1748 Scotland d. Jan. 26, 1819 Brooksville, ME

CHILDREN included:

  1. Jane d.y.; drowned in the Bagaduce River as a small child
  2. Margaret "Peggy" b.June 18, 1771 d.Jan. 23, 1828 Brooksville, ME; m.(1)Oct. 1, 1794 Samuel Nichols; m.(2)Sept. 23, 1804 James Douglass of Sedgwick
  3. John b.1773 d.Mar. 25, 1815 Gibralter; m.Jennet Miller of Belfast, ME
  4. Thomas Lymburner b.1774 m.Mary Snow
  5. Mary b.New Brunswick, NS
  6. Anna b.New Brunswick, NS
  7. James [possibly b.New Brunswick, NS]

NOTE: John came from Kilmarnock, Scotland with his brother Matthew on John Dunn's ship.

"John amd Jean also had two adopted children who came with them from Scotland, named Cunningham. The son became Cunningham Lymburner and resided at West Brooksville on land at first settled by Matthew Lymburner. He d.abt. 1825 advanced in age. He married Elizabeth "Betty" (Stover), b. Old York, ME., daughter of Nathaniel Stover and Mary (Weeks). The daughter [Margaret] became the wife of Thomas Conary, Jr. of Deer Isle." --Brooksville, Maine "A town in the Revolution" by Walter A. Snow 1976

Cunningham Lymburner who lived in Brooksville, Maine had sons David, John, Matthew and James and daughters Mariam, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mehittable, Nancy, Jane and Prudence. Son David died at sea 1821 and son John died pre 1813.

"Jones Narrows is located at West Brooksville, at which place Cunningham Lymburner operated a ferry service to Castine prior to 1796."...Brooksville, Maine "A Town of the Bagaduce" by Walter A. Snow

LDS Source M115904; Reel 1041339; and REEL 1041383.

See: 1788 Deposition of John Lymburner

Emailed note from Brenda Young explained that the tombstone erected to John and Jean years after their death has the dates in error. She told me in 2002 that she believed that the Lymburner line is: Thomas>Alexander>Robert>Matthew>John>Our John and Matthew. She was looking forward to checking wills in Scotland to verify this line. She hadn't found any tartans for Lymburners, but said that the Glen Family is from Mackintosh and Chattan Clans. The story passed down about Matthew and John marrying two sisters is also false...the truth being that John married two sisters.

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Thomas Lymburner

b.1774, Sedgwick, ME, s/o John Lymburner and Jean (Glen)
d.Oct. 8, 1854, Brooksville, ME
m.(1)Dec. 23, 1797 Betty Bowden
m.(2)Feb. 17, 1801 Mary "Polly" Snow dau. of Nicholas Snow and Huldah Watkins
b.Jan. 2, 1779

CHILDREN included (all born in the part of Brooksville which was part of Sedgwick until 1817):

  1. John Lymburner b.Sept. 5, 1801 Sedgwick d.July 3, 1873 Brooksville, ME m.(1?)int.Sept. 10, 1822 Elsy Alice Tapley b.Aug. 25, 1799; m.(2?)May 1, 1824 Catherine Condon b.Feb. 11, 1801 Sedgwick
  2. Jane Lymburner b.March 7, 1803 d.August 12, 1881 Blue Hill, ME m.John Clough
  3. Margaret Lymburner b.Sept. 16, 1804 m.(1)Daniel Moore m.(2)Isaiah Emerson
  4. Mariah Lymburner b.Jan. 29, 1808 unm.
  5. Susan Lymburner b.Jan. 24, 1810 m.Syvanus Douglas
  6. Julia Ann Lymburner b.April 14, 1812 m.Joseph Jones
  7. Thomas Lymburner b.Sept. 24, 1814 18, 1846 Hannah E. Means of Blue Hill
  8. Joseph Lymburner b.Dec. 19, 1816 d.Oct. 2, 1908 Brooksville, ME m.Maria Potter
  9. William Lymburner b.July 9, 1819 d.Oct. 2, 1908 Brooksville, ME
  10. Robert Lymburner b.Sept. 1822 d.Feb. 4, 1884 Belfast, ME m.Mary Walker
  11. Samuel Lymburner b.Nov. 23, 1824 prob. d.young

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William Limeburner

b.Jan. 17, 1816 or July 9, 1819 Brooksville, ME son of Thomas Lymburner and Mary (Snow)
d.Oct. 2, 1906 (or 1908) Brooksville, ME
m.Phebe Wine Parker d/o William Parker and Thankful (Snow)
b.Jan. 7, 1821 Brooksville
d.Jan. 28, 1894 Brooksville

CHILDREN included:

  1. Augusta M. Limeburner, b. Oct. 15, 1840 d.Dec. 1873 m. Dec. 23, 1858 Brooksville, ME Capt. Charles A. Gott. He m.(2)1884 Lucy A. Fitzgerald
  2. Sylvester Parker Limeburner, b.Dec. 13, 1845 d.Nov. 24, 1912 m.Nov. 3, 1867 Blue Hill, ME Fannie E. Blodgett
  3. Emma Phebe Limeburner b.Nov. 30, 1858 Brooksville, ME d.March 20, 1937 Camden, ME m.Dec. 25, 1876 Elwood Erastus Grindle

NOTE: William was a ship carpenter. William always used the spelling Limeburner.

See Wm Limeburner Newspaper Article.
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