William Littlefield

b.1500 Titchfield, Hampshire, England; s/o parents ukn
d.May 27, 1567 Titchfield, Hampshire, England
m.abt.1528 Margaret Wrigley Tenderton, Kent, England
d.May 2, 1550 Titchfield, Hampshire, England

CHILDREN included:

  1. Francis Littlefield b.April 15, 1530 England
  2. Richard Littlefield
  3. James Littlefield
  4. Mary Littlefield

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Francis Littlefield

b.April 15, 1530 England, s/o William and Margaret Littlefield
d.1605 Titchfield, Hampshire, England
m.bef.1560 England Annis Pope

CHILDREN of Francis included:

  1. Francis Littlefield b.abt.1565, Exeter, Devon, England; of Titchfield, Hants, England d.Oct. 21, 1618 Titchfield, Hants, England
  2. James Littlefield d.aft.1618 Droxford Parish, Titchfield, Hants, England
  3. Mary Littlefield d.aft.1615 m.Jan. 25, 1606/07 Titchfield, Hants, England John Beane
  4. Richard Littlefield b.T, H, England d.after.1618

NOTES: 1618 Bequest of Francis Littlefield to brother James Littlefield, his best doublet and breeches. Bequest of Francis Littlefield to sister Mary Beane 5s. Bequest to brother Richard Littlefield 20s.

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Francis Littlefield

b.abt.1565 in Exeter, Devonshire, England; s/o Franceis and Annis (Pope) Littlefield
d.Oct. 21, 1618 Titchfield, Hants, Hampshire, England
m.(1)abt.1589/91 Mary E. French/or Hill
d.Oct. 29, 1605
m.(2)July 14, 1606 Annis (______) Wigg
d.bur.July 5, 1619

CHILDREN of Francis and Mary:

  1. Nicholas Littlefield b.1591 bapt.July 24, 1595 bur.Aug. 12, 1595
  2. Edmond Littlefield bapt.June 22, 1592 d.Dec. 11, 1661 Wells, ME
  3. Nicholas Littlefield b.July 24, 1595 d.Aug. 12, 1595
  4. James Littlefield b.June 18, 1598 d.Dec. 24, 1661 m.Jan. 17, 1618/19 at Titchfield, Joane Jeffrey
  5. Anne Littlefield bapt.Apr. 8, 1601 d.bur.Apr. 10, 1601
  6. Francis Littlefield bapt.Oct. 6, 1605 d.Oct. 29, 1605

CHILD of Francis and Annis:

  1. Nicholas Littlefield bapt. Aug. 28, 1608 Nicholas Little of Funtley, May 23, 1677
  2. John Littlefield bapt.Jan. 13, 1610/11
  3. William Littlefield b.1619

From THE BURGESS FAMILY TREE by Paul Burgess p. 513: "Francis Littlefield, 1565, in Titchfield, Hants Co., Hampshire, England; d. Oct. 21, 1618, bur. Oct. 22, 1618 Titchfield, Eng; occupation clothier. His parentage has not been learned, but he had brothers, James Littlefield of Droxford and Richard Littlefield and an sister Mary who mar. John Beane. Francis mar first Maria (Mary), ca 1591. She died prob as a result of childbirth. Chr. Oct. 29, 1605 Titchfield ENG. He mar second, Annis (______) WIGG (a wid with ch Elizabeth and Robert WIGG), Jul 14, 1606, d 1619(?)."

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Edmond Littlefield

b.bef. June 27, 1592 in Titchfield, Hants, Hampshire, England; s/o Francis Littlefield and Mary E. French
d.Dec. 15 (or 11), 1661 in Wells, ME
m.Oct. 16, 1614 Annis/Anne/Agnes Austin in Titchfield, England
b.Feb. 1, 1596 Exeter, Devon, England;d/o Rychard Astin and wife Anes ______
d.Dec. 12, 1677 Wells, ME

CHILDREN all born in Titchfield, England:

  1. Anne Littlefield b.Feb. 11, 1615/16 d.Jan. 2, 1616/17 Titchfield, England
  2. Edward/Edmund Littlefield b.bef. Feb. 17, 1617/18 d.June 13, 1635 in England
  3. Francis "The Elder" Littlefield b.bef. June 17, 1619 d.Jan. 15, 1712 in Wells, ME m.(1)Dec. 20, 1626 Jane Hill dau. of Ralph Hill Jane d.Dec. 20, 1646 at Woburn, MA m.(2)April 27, 1648 at Woburn, MA Rebecca Rust m.(3)1688 Mary Hannah (Ward) Symonds of Ipswich
  4. Anthony Littlefield b.bef.Oct. 7, 1621 d.Dec. 11, 1661 m.Mary Page dau. of Thomas Page
  5. Joseph Littlefield b.abt.1621
  6. [Annis/Anna] Elizabeth Littlefield b.bef.July 22, 1627, m.John Wakefield
  7. Mary Littlefield m.(1)Lt. John Barrett m.(2)Thomas Page
  8. John Littlefield b.bef.Nov.1, 1624 d.Feb. 2, 1696/7 in York, ME m.(1)Mary Mere m.(2)Patience Wakefield
  9. Thomas Littlefield b.bef.Aug. 10, 1633 d.bef.March/May 5, 1689 m.(1)abt. 1667 Ruth ______ m.(2)Sarah ______
  10. Hannah (Anne) Littlefield b.July 10, 1633 d.1680 m.abt. 1663 Peter Cloyes
  11. Francis "The Younger" Littlefield b.bef.Mar. 24, 1635/36 d.Feb. 5, 1674 m.abt. 1658 Meribah Wardwell b.May 14, 1637 Boston, MA; d/o William Wardwell and Alice Marshall

From manuscript Joseph Austin of Dover, NH and Matthew Austin of ME p 123-4, by Edith Austin Moore: "Edmond Littlefield came from Titchfield, ENG in 1637, settled at Exeter, NH and later moved to Wells, ME. He was one of the original settlers at Wells and probably built the first house there. In 1641 he built a saw and grist mill on the Webhannet River. He was agent of Thomas Gorges to give possession of house lots to settlers, and was one of the committee for settling the boundary between Wells and Cape Porpoise, and a commissioner to try small causes from 1654 to 1661. On Dec. 11, 1661, he made his will at Wells, ME. He named his wife, Annis and sons Thomas and Francis extrs. HE HAD TWO SONS NAMED FRANCIS, BOTH LIVING. Francis and Anthony came with their father in 1637."

From MAINE WILLS by Sargent p. 4: "Will of Edmond Littlefield of Wells, ME. Names wife Annas, sons Francis, Thomas and John, daughters Mary Barrett, and Hannah. Will recorded Jul. 16, 1662."

From THE BURGESS FAMILY TREE by Paul Burgess p. 514:"Edmund came from Titchfield to Boston in 1637 with Rev. John Wheelwright and they became the first settlers of Wells, ME in 1641. Edmund was listed as living in Boston in 1638. Annis Littlefield came from Titchfield to Boston in 1638 aboard the ship "Bevis" commanded by Capt. Townes. She came with two servants, Hugh Durdal and John Knight and six children. Edmund and his oldest son Francis came to America about 1637. Did Anthony stay in England or immigrate to USA?"

From PIONEERS OF MAINE AND NEW HAMPSHIRE 1623 - 1660 by POPE page 128-129: LITTLEFIELD, LITTLEFEILD, LETLEFEILD, Edmund, Exeter, signed the combination 5 (4) 1639. His wife Annis, ae, 38, with 6 children, and servants John Knight, and Hugh Durdal, came in the Bevis in May 1638. It may be presumed that he either came at that time, (though not named on the passenger list) or had come before. He rem. to Wells, Me; had a grant of land from Thomas Gorges 14 July 1643. Took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 5 July 1653, as did his sons Francis Senior, Anthony, Francis Junior, and Thomas.

He made will Dec. 11, 1661, beq. his estate to wife Annis, sons Francis, Anthony, Thomas, Francis Jr., and John, to daughters Elizabeth Wakefield, Mary Barrett, and Hannah Littlefield. Inventory rendered 24 (10) 1661. The widow and sons Thomas and the two Francises made an agreement concering the estate 17 Dec. Follwoing [York De.I]

The widow made will 12 Dec. 1677, giving estate to her daughters Elizabeth Wakefield, Mary Barrett, Hannah Cloyce and Meribah; to sons Peter Cloyce and John and Thomas Littlefield; to grandchild Katherine W. [Inventory in York Deeds V.]

Maine Wills 1640-1760 by Wm M. Sargent; page 76: The Last Will and Testament of Annis (Austin) Littlefield
12th December 1677: In the name of God Amen/The last Will & testament of Annis Littlefield/
1: first I bequeath my soule into the hands of the Almighty God, my maker, my body to be buried in Christean buriall, at ye discretion of my executor hereafter mentioned/
1: I do give unto my daughter Hannah Cloyce my bed & bowlster, & Katterine Wakefeild to deliver It to her/
2: I give unto my three daughters, Elizabeth Wakefield, Mary Barrett, & Hannah Clyce, all my lining & Wollen New & ould to bee equally divided amougst them/
I give unto my sonn John Littlefield my Cow Gentle & five burlls of Corne/
I give unto my daughter Merribah foure buslls of Wheate due from ye Mills/
I give to my Grandchild Katterine Wakefeild my Rugg & eight bulls of Corne/
I give to sonn Peter Cloyce too Acres of marsh bee it more or less, yt lyeth on the South West side of Mr. Whelewrights Necke of Land/
I give unto my sonn Thomas Littlefield, who hath taken a great deale of care of mee, all the rest of my household goods Corne & Chattles, & I do make my sd sonn Thomas Littlefield, my whoole & soole executor, & to receive all debts comeing to mee, & to pay all If any thing there bee that I do ow, & to take all the remaindr to him selfe & to see my will fullfilled/ Signed, & Delivered, Annis Littlefield her marke (x) In ye presence of us, Joseph Bolls/William Symonds/ (Sworn to by attesting witnesses & recorded 2 April 1678; Inventory returned at 36 lbs:15:0, by Samuel Austine and Joseph Bolls, appraisers, 7 March 1677/8.)

From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: DANIEL, at Wells, Maine.
EDMUND, b.Titchfield near Southampton, Eng., 1590; came to N.E. 1637; following year was at Boston, Mass;. removed to Exeter, N.H., and 1645 to Wells, Maine.
FRANCIS, at Woburn, Mass., 1646.
JOHN, at Dedham, Mass., 1650, afterwards at Wrentham, Mass.
THOMAS, at Dover, N.H., 1648, afterwards at Wells, Maine, 1653.

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John Littlefield, Capt.

b.bef. Nov. 1, 1624 in Titchfield, Hants, ENG; s/o Edmund Littlefield and Annis/Anne/Agnes Austin
d.Feb. 9, 1696 in York, ME
m.(1)abt. 1650 Mary Mere
m.(2)abt. 1660 at Wells, ME, Patience Wakefield

CHILDREN of John and Mary:

  1. Charity Littlefield m.William Webb
  2. Elizabeth Littlefield m.Edward Beale
  3. Patience Littlefield m.James Webber
  4. Samuel Littlefield

CHILDREN of John and Patience all born in Wells, ME:

  1. Josiah Littlefield b.1661
  2. Deborah Littlefield b.1663 m.Samuel Webber
  3. John Littlefield b.Oct. 15, 1664 d.bef. Oct. 1701 m.Joanna _____ [one dau]
  4. Mary Littlefield b.1666 d.aft.Oct. 7, 1701 m.Matthew Austin Jr.
  5. Liddin (Lydia) Littlefield b.1667 m.Josiah Winn
  6. Mercy Littlefield b.1668 m.______ Lufkin
  7. Ebenezer Littlefield b.Oct. 13, 1669
  8. Eliab Littlefield b.1674 m.Lydia Storer
  9. Abigail Littlefield b.aft.1674

NOTES: From Maine Probate Abstracts, Vol. 1, 1637-1775; Picton Press, Camden, ME 1991, page 64: CAPT. JOHN LITTLEFIELD, of Wells. Est. div (2.2/73). F11828. Agreement of & Oct. 1701 bet Patience Littlefield, wid, of Capt. John Littlefield of Wells, decd int, Josiah Littlefield, Eliab Littlefield, for himself & as atty for Lidden (Lydia) Stover, d of Capt. John Littlefield, Samuel Webber, for Himself & his w Deborah, another d, Matthew Austin, for himself & his w Mary, another d. William Webb, for himself & his w Charity, another d; Josiah Winn, for himself and & his w Liddia [sic], a gd & only c of John Littlefield, decd, eld s of Capt. John Littlefield, Edward Beale, for himself and his w Elizabeth, another d of Capt. John Littlefield, Joanna Littlefield, wid, and d-in-l of Capt. John Littlefield, Mercy Lufkin, wid, another d, & James Webber, for himself and his w Patience, another d, dividing the est of Capt. John Littlefield [a detailed div followed]; allowed, 7 Oct. 1701. est div incl land & marsh on the house side of the river, dwelling house, saw mill & our houses divided; 1/2 to wid ["our mother"], for life, plus use of W end of dwelling with milk house & garden; other 2/3 equally divided among chn, with exceptions. Mentions also marsh & thatch on beach side of river, & misc lots of marsh & land.

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