Lindsay/de Lindsay/Limesi

Name origin: A local surname first assumed by the proprietors of the lands and manor of Lindsay, in County Essex, Eng. The eastern part of Lincolnshire was originally called Lindsey, from the place abounding with linden trees.

  • Alan de Lindsay (1058- )
  • Galfrid (Gerald) de Linsay/Limesi (1090-1185)

    Alan de Lindsay

    b.abt.1058 of Pirton, Herfordshire, England; parents ukn

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Galfrid de Lindsay b.abt.1090

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    Galfrid (Gerard) de Lindsay or Limesi

    b.abt.1090 of Pirton, Hertfordshire, England; s/o Alan de Lindsay
    m.Amicia de Bidun

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Basilia de Lindsay b.abt.1143 of Pirton, Herfordshire, England m.abt.1175 Hugh de Odingsells

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