Name origin: A place name form Lincoln, England; shiretown of Lincolnshire. The name is derived from lin in the Gaelic, Welsh, and Cornish-British, which signifies a pool, pond, or landk and coln, the ridge or neck of land, so called from its situation, as Lincoln occupies the top and side of a steep hill on the river Witham. The Anglo-Saxon word lin and the Roman word colonia meaning colony, makes Lincolnia, finally Lincolnshire.

  • Thorold of Lincoln (955- )
  • Henry Lincoln

    Thorold of Lincoln

    b.abt.955 of Mercia, England; parents ukn

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Godiva, Countess of Mercia b.abt.980 of Mercia, England d.Sept. 10, 1067 m.1030; Leofric III, Earl of Mercia

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    Henry Lincoln

    CHILDREN included:

    1. Isabelle Lincoln b.abt.1357 of Badby, Northamptonshire, England m.abt.1417 Henry Spencer

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