Name origin: One of the ancient names of England; in the French Louis; Latin Ludovicus; Teutonic Ludwig or Leodwig; from Saxon leod, the people, and wic, a castle--the safeguard of the people; Lluaws, Welsh, signifies a multitude. Original seat of the family in County Kent, Eng.

George Lewis

b.abt.1571 Brenchley, Kent, England
d.July 11, 1631 Brenchley, Kent, England
m.May 24, 1596 at Brenchley, Denise Forman, dau. of Clement Forman and Margery Baldock
b.Aug. 16, 1579 d.Jan. 10, 1625/6

CHILDREN included:

  1. Margery Lewis christened Dec. 4, 1597 d.July 18, 1619
  2. George Lewis
  3. James Lewis christened Apr. 17, 1603 d.aft.1636 m.True Whatman
  4. John Lewis christened Nov. 1, 1606 d.1678/9 Boston m.(1)Feb. 21, 1631/2 Sarah Mead m.(2)Nov. 22, 1659 Alice ______
  5. Mary Lewis b.abt. 1608 d.bef.March 17, 1676/77
  6. Elizabeth Lewis christened Feb. 2, 1613/14 Brenchley

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George Lewis

b.abt.1600 christening Aug. 31, 1600 Brenchley, Kent, England; s/o George Lewis and Denise Forman
d.1662/3 in Barnstable, MA
m.(1)Mary ______
m.(2)1626 Greenwich, Kent, England; Sarah Mary Jenkins.
b.Nov. 15, 1603 of Brenchley, Kent, England; d/o Thomas and Susannah Jenkin
d.1654 Barnstable, MA
m.(3) Mary Fuller
living in 1670.

    CHILDREN included:
  1. Mary Lewis christening Dec. 27, 1625 Brenchley d.July 2, 1655 Scituate, MA m.Nov. 14, 1643 John Briant
  2. George Lewis b.1625 christening Nov. 11, 1627 Brenchley d.March 20, 1709/10 Barnstable, MA m.Dec. 1, 1654 Mary Lombard dau. of Bernard Lumbard
  3. Thomas Lewis christening Jan. 5, 1630/1 Brenchley d.May 18, 1709 Falmouth, MA m.Jun. 15, 1653 Mary Davis
  4. James(or Joseph) Lewis (Lieutenant) christening.Mar. 25, 1632/3 Brenchley, England d.Oct. 14 or 4, 1713 Barnstable, m.Oct. 31, 1655 Sarah Lane b.1637 d.1697
  5. John Lewis b.March 2, 1637/8 Scituate, MA d.March 26, 1676 Rehoboth, MA
  6. Edward Lewis b.May 9, 1640 d.March 28/9, 1703 m.May 9, 1661 Hannah Cobb dau. of Henry Cobb
  7. Ephraim Lewis b.July 23, 1641 Barnstable d.1670
  8. Sarah Lewis b.Feb. 2, 1643/4 in Barnstable, bapt. Feb. 11, 1643/4, d.Feb. 11 (or 16), 1735/6 Barnstable, MA m.(1)Dec. 26, 1663 in Barnstable, MA James Cobb m.(2)Nov. 23, 1698 James Sparrow

NOTES: George Lewis was a clothier from East Greenwich, County of Kent, England. He and his brother John had adjacent lots in Scituate in 1633 and were known as "the men of Kent". In 1636 George was named a freeman, and his brother the following year.

In 1639, he moved to Barnstable and bought a lot second west of Hyannis Road. He had several large parcels of land, some of which were later sold to his sons, Edward and John. In 1648 and 1650 he was surveyor of highways, in 1649 a juryman, and in 1651 a constable. He was separatist or Pilgrim, clothier turned planter by necessity, large property owner, and one of the earliest settlers at Barnstable. He was probably buried with the other first settlers near the seashore. His will was exhibited at court March 3, 1663.--From 400 years with a New England Lewes-Lewis Family page 6-7. by Barbara Lewis Williams.

Some genealogists list Nathaniel, Joseph, and Jabez as belonging to this family--however the evidence points to their being in another family.--TAG, Jan. 1993, pages 24-28.

From Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: GEORGE, clothier, b.East Greenwich, Eng.; joined church at Scituate, Mass., 1635, having been previous to this at Plymouth, Mass.; removed 1638 to Barnstable, Mass.

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John Lewis

b.ca.1617; parents unk
d.Nov. 16, 1647 (or 1667) Roxbury, MA
m.abt.1635 Roxbury, MA Elizabeth ______
b.abt.1635 Roxbury, MA


  1. Elizabeth Lewis m.Isreal Phillips
  2. Mary Lewis m.(1)Thomas Cobbet m.(2)John Hinks
  3. Hannah m.May 11, 1702 Joseph Simpson
  4. Peter Lewis b.Sept. 11, 1644 Roxbury, MA d.1712/16
  5. Andrew Lewis

Ref: Gen. Dictionary of ME & NH

From Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: JOHN, settled at Roxbury, Mass., 1640.

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Peter Lewis

b. Sept. 11, 1644 Roxbury, MA; s/o John Lewis and Elizabeth ______
d.1712/1716 prob.Kittery, ME or Isle of Shoal, NH
m.1667 Grace Diamond
b.abt.1645 prob. Kittery, ME

CHILDREN included:

  1. Anne Lewis, b. Kittery abt. 1669 m.1693 Kittery, ME, John Tapley
  2. Peter Lewis b.abt.1670 Kittery, ME d.1739 Kittery, ME
  3. Andrew Lewis b.abt.1672 d.abt.July 27, 1758 Kittery, ME
  4. William Lewis b.bef.1674
  5. John Lewis b.abt.1674 d.1708
  6. Grace Lewis b.bef.1676
  7. Morgan Lewis b.1678
  8. Rebecca Lewis b.bef.1684
  9. Elizabeth Lewis b.bef.1686
  10. Sarah Lewis b.bef.1688

NOTES: Peter Lewis is listed in the York County Court Index in the following cases: 1695, def. for Nonapperance; 1695 Fine Remitted; 1715 Def. cause unlisted. Morgan Lewis Def. 1706 for Fornication. Andrew Lewis Def. 1715 cause not listed; Plt 1739 Debt; PLT 1741 Debt.

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