Name origin: From Old Gaelic, llane, a plain, barren, sandy, level lands. Lane, a narrow way between hedges, a narrow street, an alley.

Robert Lane

b.abt.1504 Rickmansworth, Hertford, England; parents ukn
d.1542/43 Rickmansworth, Hertford, England
m.1530 Alice ______
b.bef.1508 England

CHILDREN (all born Rickmansworth):

  1. Agnes/Annes Lane b.abt.1517
  2. Margaret Lane b.abt.1519
  3. Thomas Lane b.1530 d.Dec. 9, 1586 Rickmansworth, England

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Thomas Lane

b.1530 Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England: s/o Robert Lane and Alice ______
d.Dec. 9, 1586 Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England
m.abt.1555 Alice ______

CHILDREN (all born Rickmansworth):

  1. Elyne Lane b.1556
  2. Dorothy Lane b.abt.1558
  3. John Lane b.abt.1558
  4. Richard Lane b.1560
  5. Dorthy Lane b.1562
  6. George Lane b.1564 d.Nov. 6, 1627
  7. Joan Lane b.1566
  8. Elizabeth Lane b.1568

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George Lane

b.1564 Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England; s/o Thomas Lane and Alice ______
d.Nov. 6, 1627
m.abt.1589 ukn

CHILDREN (all born Rickmansworth):

  1. Jerome Lane b.abt.1586
  2. James T. Lane b.1588 d.1654 Rickmansworth, England
  3. Thomas Lane b.abt.1590 d.bef.1646 England
  4. Henry Lane b.abt.1592 d.1654
  5. John Lane b.abt.1594 d.1667
  6. Symon Lane b.abt.1596 d.1629
  7. George Lane b.abt.1600 d.1656
  8. Jeremiah Lane b.abt.1602 d.Sept. 30, 1646
  9. Isabel Lane b.abt.1604

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James T. Lane

b.1588 prob.Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England; s/o George Lane
d.1654 Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England
m.1618 Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England; Katherine Russell
b.June 13, 1590


  1. Jobe [Job] Lane b.1620 England d.Aug. 23, 1697 Malden, MA
  2. James Lane b.1626 England d.Sept. 12, 1688 Lanes Island, ME
  3. John Lane b.1628 England d.Aug. 7, 1661 England
  4. Edward Lane b.1630 England d.1663 Boston, MA

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James Lane [Layne]

b.1626 Rickmansworth, Hertsford, England; s/o James T. Lane and Katherine Russell
d.Sept. 12/3, 1688 Lane's Island, ME
m.(1)abt.1649 Ann _____
m.(2)abt.1652 Sarah White d/o John White and Mary ______

CHILD of James and Ann:

  1. Ann Lane

CHILDREN of James and Sarah:

  1. John Lane b.1653 of Bellerica, MA d.Jan. 24, 1738 Gloucester, MA
  2. Henry Lane b.1657 Cape Ann, MA d.June 4, 1690 Boston, MA
  3. Samuel Lane b.1660 North Yarmouth, MA d.Dec. 30, 1724 Lanesville, MA m.Rachel ______
  4. Job Lane b.1667 Billerica, MA d.Sept. 19, 1744 Billerica, MA
  5. James Lane b.abt.1669 Billerica, MA

Note: NE Historical Register April 1838: He was a tradesman in London in 1654. With his family he came to Malden, MA in 16_5 and was for a while engaged in trade with his brother Job Lane. He removed with his family to Casco Bay, Me., and settled on the east side of Cousins River in Freeport, a part of the ancient West Custogo or North Yarmouth. The point and island near took his name, which they have retained to this day. It is supposed that he was killed in an attack of the Indians, 13 Sept. 1688, and his family driven away, as we find no record of him afterward.

Maine NH Gen. Dictionary page 411:Children: Ann [Lane] lived with but did not marry John Bray. Elinor Redding told in 1665 that (Ann) had two or three bastards and stole lace...

Libbey Noyes & Davis, page 411: LANE, Samuel a blacksmith of No Yarmouth fled to Gloucester 1708 married Rachel ________, ch: Samuel m.23 Oct 1722, Mary Emmons;

Babson's History of Gloucester: James Lane b.abt.1650; moved with his family from Malden to Casco Bay where they lived till driven away by the Indians in the first Indian War. James was killed in a fight with the Indians leaving, at least, four sons--Henry, Samuel, Job, and John...

From: Ancient North Yarmouth and Yarmouth, Maine 1636-1936--A History by Rowe; page 15: From Malden....came also James Lane. Having lived there for about two years, he came to Westcustogo in 1658, settling on the neck of land on the east side of Cousins River known to us as Fogg's Point, his holdings also included the island which bears his name. This as we have seen was a part of the Royall Grant and we suppose that it was purchased by Lane of him although no deeds are on record to that effect. Lane was evidently a man of some means as his numerous purchases of land, by which he acquired a large estate in this region, seem to testify. At first he lived in a small, rather old house near the shore but later built a large new house in which he lived until the first war broke out when, he being killed, the family was driven away.

James Lane is supposed th have been twice married, his first wife's name being Ann by whom he had a daughter of that name. James Lane left six children, Ann, John, Samuel, Henry, Job, and James. Ann lived as the wife of John, the son of Richard Bray, but seems never to have been legally married to him. John married Dorcas, the daughter of John Wallis of Falmouth and lived near his father-in-law at Purpooduck Point until King Williams War, when he removed to Gloucester, Massachusetts. The family has had representatives in town during its entire history and the present Lane families in Yarmouth trace their descent form the pioneer through his oldest son, John. They are, we believe, the only family now in Yarmouth, with the exception of the Royalls, in whose veins flows the blood of a pioneer of Wescutogo. [re: Lane Family, vol. 3, part 3]

From Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: EDWARD, merchant b.Eng., 1620, arrived at Boston, Mass., 1656.
JAMES, brother of Edward, carpenter, son of James T. of Portsmouth, Eng., came to N.E. 1656; settled at Malden, Mass., afterwards at Casco Bay, Maine.
JOB, brother of preceding, b.Lancashire, Eng., 1620; was at Rehoboth, Mass., 1644; freeman at Malden, Mass., 1656.

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John Lane

b.1653 prob.Bellerica, MA; s/o James Lane and Sarah White
d.Jan. 24, 1738 Gloucester, MA
m.1680 Glousester, MA; Dorcas Wallis
b.1661 area of Casco Bay,ME; d/o John Wallis [John son of Nathaniel Wallis of Cornwall, England] and Mary Shepard [Mary came from Devonshire, England]
d.Feb. 2, 1754 Gloucester, MA


  1. Josiah Lane b.1682 Cape Elizabeth, ME d.Nov. 23, 1743 bur.Cove Hill Cemetery, Gloucester, MA m.1715 Rachel York
  2. David Lane b.1686 Cape Elizabeth, ME
  3. John Layne (Lane) b.1688 d.June 24, 1724 town of Penobscot, ME. Killed by Indians. m.1713 Mary Riggs [8 children]
  4. James Lane [Deacon] b.1690 Gloucester, MA d.Apr. 20, 1751 Gloucester, MA bur. Cove Hill Cemetery, Gloucester, MA m.(1)1710 Ruth Riggs d.1711 aged 21; m.(2)1715 Judith Woodbury [5 children]
  5. Sarah Lane b.1690 Lanesville, MA d.Nov. 18, 1715 Gloucester, MA
  6. Dorcas Lane b.1692 Gloucester, MA
  7. Hepzibah Lane b.July 20, 1694 Gloucester, MA d.Feb. 12, 1732 Gloucester, MA
  8. Mary Lane b.Aug. 8, 1696 Gloucester, MA d.July 1716 Gloucester, MA
  9. Joseph Lane b.Oct. 15, 1698 Gloucester, MA d.Apr. 24, 1743 Gloucester, MA
  10. Benjamin Lane b.July 25, 1700 Gloucester, MA d.March 13, 1773 Gloucester, MA m.Jan. 6, 1725 Elizabeth Griffin
  11. Deborah Lane b.Feb. 19, 1703 Gloucester, MA d.May 9, 1729 Gloucester, MA
  12. Job Lane b.Feb. 8, 1705 Gloucester, MA d.bef.1795 Gloucester, MA m.17_4 Mary Ashby [3 sons]

B. Lake Noyes LDS Papers: John Lane was born about 1635; and with his wife and children, came to Gloucester, about the close of the seventeenth century, from Falmouth, Me.; driven thence, probably, on the second destruction of that place by the Indians. John Lane received from the town a grant of common right in 1702; and, in 1704, ten acres of land at Flatstone Cove, where he had already settled, and to which his own name was subsequently given. He m.a daughter of John Wallis, she was the wife that accompanied him to Gloucester. John was living in 1734, at the age of 81; the date of his death is not known. Five of his sons were living when he died. The Gloucester Vital Records have "Dorcas, w. of John, d.Feb. 9, 1754, in her 93rd yr. (GRS)

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Benjamin Lane

b.July 25, 1700 Gloucester, MA; s/o John Lane and Dorcas Wallis
d.March 13, 1773 Gloucester, MA
m.Jan. 6, 1725 Gloucester, MA Elizabeth Griffin
b.Sept. 10, 1707 Gloucester, MA; d/o Samuel Griffin [Samuel descendent of the immigrant Humphrey Griffin] and Elizabeth York
d.Sept. 11, 1779 Gloucester, MA

CHILDREN (all Gloucester, MA but Hezekiah Annisquam, MA):

  1. Thomas Lane b.Sept. 5, 1726 d.Sept. 10, 1726 aged 5 days
  2. Benjamin Lane,Jr. b.Nov. 23, 1727 d.1802/5 m.Hannah Lane d/o Samuel and Mary (Ammons) Lane
  3. Elizabeth Lane b.Jan. 3, 1730
  4. Jonathan Lane b.Oct. 2, 1731 d.Aug. 25, 1816
  5. John Lane b.Oct. 15, 1733
  6. Lydia Lane b.Feb. 24, 1735
  7. Hezekiah Lane b.March 31, 1738 chr.Apr. 2, 1738
  8. David Lane b.1740 chr.June 3, 1740
  9. Daniel Lane b.1740 chr.June 3, 1740
  10. Dorcas Lane b.1743 chr.Oct. 16, 1743
  11. Joshua Lane b.Sept. 8, 1745 chr.Sept. 8, 1715
  12. Joseph Lane b.Sept. 8, 1745 chr.Sept. 8, 1745 d.Nov. 1828
  13. Lois Lane b.1747 chr.Dec. 13, 1747
  14. Nathaniel Lane b.1749
  15. Rebecca Lane b.1751 chr.Dec.22, 1751
  16. Peter Lane b.Apr. 18, 1754 chr.Apr. 28, 1754 d.Oct. 30, 1772 aged 19 yrs.

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Hezekiah Lane

b.March 31, 1738 Annisquam, MA; s/o Benjamin Lane and Elizabeth Griffin
d.Sept. 16, 1816
m.(1)Jan. 15, 1760 Gloucester, MA Martha Gott
b.abt.1738 prob.Annisquam, MA; d/o Stephen & Eunice Gott
m.(2)aft.1786 Lydia (Boynton) Thurlow

CHILDREN of Hezekiah and Martha included (all born in Gloucester, MA):

  1. Hezekiah Lane Jr. b.1760 chr.Dec. 25, 1760 d.Sept. 11, 1810
  2. Oliver Lane b.June 2, 1762 chr.Oct. 17, 1762 prob. d.y.
  3. Martha Lane b.March 10, 1763 chr.Oct. 13, 1765 d.between 1840-1850 Rockland, NY m.Courtney Babbidge, Jr.
  4. Oliver Lane b.1767 chr.Nov. 11, 1767
  5. Abner Lane b.1769 chr.Aug. 19, [or Nov. 19] 1769 d.Nov. 19, 1816 m.Jan. 26, 1796 Susannah Trundy
  6. Abel Lane b.1772 chr.Aug. 16, 1772 d.Dec. 12, 1791
  7. Calvin Lane b.Nov. 1774 chr.Nov. 1774
  8. Lydia Lane b.1777 chr.May 11, 1777 d.1832 m.Robert Douglass of Isle au Haut
  9. John Calvin Lane b.1779 chr.July 18, 1779

Other child mentioned by Hosmer:

  1. Benjamin, afflicted by insanity

Note: Hezekiah Lane, in 1783, came to Deer Isle from Sandy Bay, MA , now called Rockport, MA.

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Benjamin Lane [Lam, Lame]

b.Presumed son of Hezekiah Lane and Martha Gott
m. Polly _____

CHILDREN included:

  1. Martha Gott Lane b.March 20, 1808 m.Jan. 30, 1834 Stephen T. Colbee
  2. Hepsibeth/Hepsibah Leighton Lane b.Nov. 3, 1810 d.1882 age 73, m.March 22, 1829 Deer Isle, ME Moody Buckminster
  3. Benjamin Lane b.Aug. __, ____, m.Elizabeth Hamblin
  4. John S. Lane b.Jan. 14, 1816 m.Dec. 5, 1838 Sophia W. Stinson
  5. Mary Lane b.March 8, 1813? m.David Colby (Colbee)

NOTE: See DI Vital Records, pages 2 and 6 re: Lam, Lame.
NOTE: [We believe that Benjamin was the son of Hezekiah and Martha (Gott) Lane because Hosmer states that they had a child, Benjamin, afflicted by insanity, and Benjamin named one of his daughters Martha Gott Lane (after his mother?) and we haven't found any evidence that he belonged to anyone else.--HAW]

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Oliver Lane

b.bef.Nov. 11, 1767 Gloucester, MA; s/o Hezekiah Lane and Martha Gott
d.Feb. 19, 1853
m.(1)March 17, 1789 Susannah Babbidge d/o Courtney
m.(2)1806 Hannah Babbidge
m.(3)pub.Sept. 19, 1829 Abigail Babbidge
d.Feb. 19, 1853

CHILDREN of Oliver and Susannah (Babbidge) Lane:

  1. Hezekiah Lane b.Jan. 18, 1790 (D.I. & Prescott Powers early copy).
  2. Martha (Mathey) Lane b.Nov. 24, 1791 (D.I. & P.P.) Martha dau. of Oliver d.Nov. 30, 1797 (P.P. & D.I. Vol. 1)
  3. Oliver Lane b.June 2, 1793 (D.I. & P.P.) Oliver Lane, Jr. and Miss Hannah Hardy, pub. Oct. 26, 1819 & m.Feb. 3, 1820 by Ignatius Haskell, J.P. [Hosmer says Hannah was the dau. of Silas Hardy, but BLN says she was really d/o Peter Sr.]
  4. Lydia Lane b.Feb. 1, 1795 (D.I.) Feb. 21, (P.P.)
  5. Martha (Marthey II) Lane b.Dec. 21, 1797 (D.I. & P.P.) m.May 3, 1767 Courtney Babbidge
  6. Polly Lane b.Oct. 14, 1797 (D.I.)
  7. Mary Lane bapt. same day as Susannah below. (April 17, 1799)
  8. Susannah Lane b.March 15, 1799 (P.P.)
  9. Sarah "Sally" Lane b.Apr. 17, 1803 d.Oct. 4, 1861 m.(1)pub.Feb. 7, 1824 Abram Colby (2)Timothy Saunders, Jr.
  10. Betsey Lane b.March 18, 1804 (P.P.) d.March 1816
  11. Paul Thurlow Lane (b.Dec. 14, 1809 D.I. Rec)(or b.Sept. 7, 1805 [P.P.]) m.Nov. 1, 1835 Mary L. Smith
  12. Stephen Babbidge Lane b.Nov.23, 1807 m.(1)Abigail W_____ she d.Apr. 15, 1839 m.(2)Oct. 13, 1839 Marietta Bunker of Cranberry Isles
  13. Lucretia H. Lane b.July 10, 1810
  14. Meshech_k Lane b.abt.1807 (Put here because Oliver had 2 boys under 10 in 1810 Census, so 1 will have to be placed here & in the 1820 Census has only 2 boys listed as between 10 & 16, so Paul T. & Mesheck would just make it.-BLN) [BLN did not have Stephen Babbidge Lane listed as Oliver and Susannah's son--so this places doubt on Mecheck's parentage.-HAW] Mesheck-Meshech Lane & Elisa Crockett, both of D.I. were pub. Nov. 27, 1820 & spelt "Mesheck". There is recorded in D.I. II "Eliser, dau. of Ephraim & Betsy Crockett, b.Dec. 20, 180(7?). Josiah Crockett, a descendent of Thomas of Kittery, was an early resident of Falmouth (now Portland) & removed to D.I. in 1768 to Crocketts Cove, etc. He was father of Nathan, Ephraim, & Sarah. Nathan succeeded to his father's estate. Mescheck is not found in any other records in 1820-30, or 40 Census.

NOTE: From Hosmer: One of Oliver Lane's daughters [Lydia] was the wife of Mr. Samuel McClintock who came here (Deer Isle) form Portsmouth, N.H.. Another dau. m. Mr. Job Small. Another m.Mr James Duncan Jr.
NOTE: From Mclane's "Islands of Mid-Coast Maine", p.426--"...and to tie things up he (Oliver) married another of William's (Stinson) sisters, Keturah. p.429 "Oliver Lane, Silas Hardy's son-in-law..."

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Abner Lane

b.1772, s/o Hezekiah Lane and Martha Gott
chr.Oct. 13, 1765
d.Nov. 19, 1816
m.Jan. 28, 1796; Susanna Trundy


  1. Polly Lane b.Oct. 14, 1797
  2. Abner Lane b.March 2, 180(0 or 2?), bapt. March 8, 1802
  3. Betsy Lane [poss. b.Jan. 31, 1799] d.March __, 1816
  4. Abel Lane b.June 2, 1803, bapt.April 5, 1804
  5. William Lane d.March 12, 1810
  6. William Henry Lane b.Sept 25, 1811 m.Dec 1, 1831 Sabrina T. Colbee
  7. Joan Babbidge Lane b.June 26, 1817 20, 1835 m.Oct. 6, 1835 Jack Stinson
  8. Martha B. Lane b.May 5, 1814 15, 1834 Davi(s) H. Staples m.Dec. 4, 1834 Davi(d) H. Staples

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