Thomas Lakin/Laken

b.abt.1570 England; parents ukn
d.aft.Feb. 1632/3

CHILDREN included:

  1. William Lakin b.abt.1595
  2. _______ Lakin m.Richard Blood. (The existence of this daughter is not proven, but it is likely that Richard Blood and William Lakin were brother-in-laws. This could mean Richard was married to William's sister or vice verse. Richard witnessed the 1663 will of William Lakin.)

NOTES: From TAG, Vol. 70, No. 2. 1995: Thomas Lakin is the earliest known ancestor of this family. He is mentioned by name in the will of his son William of Ruddington dated Feb. 7, 1623/3. No further record of him is found, and no Lakin's are listed in that area on the tax rolls in 1664 or 1674. Thus he was deceased by then or had removed from the area. The William Lakin, who died at Groton, Mass. on Dec. 10, 1672 was not the father of the William Lakin (b.abt.1595), but might have been a brother of this Thomas Lakin himself.

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William Lakin

b.abt.1595 England; s/o Thomas Lakin
d.April 22, 1633 Ruddington, Nottingham, England
m.abt.1622, Mary _________; she m.(2)William Martin
d.Aug. 14, 1669 Groton, ME

CHILDREN included:

  1. William Lakin (Lt.) b.abt.June 10, 1623 d.Feb. 22, 1700/01 m.abt.1648 Lydia Browne d/o Abraham and Lydia Browne
  2. John Lakin (Ensign) b.aft.1623

NOTES: FROM "The Lakin Family of Groton", NEHGR, vol. 63, 1909 and "The English Origins of the Lakins of Mass." TAG, Vol. 70, No.2, 1995 William Lakin lived in Ruddington, England not Reading, England as previously thought. He left a will dated Feb. 7, 1632/3 in England. After his death his widow, May, and their two sons came to Massachusetts, accompanying or soon following William Martin, her second husband. martin appears as a proprietor at Reading, Mass. in 1644. After a brief residence at Reading the family moved to Groton, Mass. where they were among the founders of the town. Each of the Lakin sons had a twenty acre-right as an original proprietor of Groton and in consequence their immediate descendants were large landholders.

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John Lakin (Ensign)

b.Nov. 1, 1628 Ruddington, Nottingham, England; s/o William Lakin and Mary _____
d.March 21, 1697 Groton, MA
m.1657/58 Groton, MA; Mary Bacon
b.Feb. 18, 1640 prob.Groton, MA; d/o Michael and Mary (Jobo) Bacon
d.Dec. 1, 1687 Groton, MA

CHILDREN included:

  1. John Lakin b.abt.1659 Groton, MA d.bef.March 1697 m.Sarah Wheeler d/o Richard and Sarah (Prescott) Wheeler [no children]
  2. Mary Lakin b.1655/1660 Reading, MA d.1688 Reading, MA m.July 18, 1674 Groton, MA Henry Willard
  3. Sarah Lakin b.Feb. 4, 1661/2 Groton, MA d.March 15, 1740 Grafton, MA m.Benjamin Willard (Capt.)
  4. William Lakin b.May 12, 1664 d.Dec. 10, 1672
  5. Abigail Lakin b.March 13, 1667 Groton, MA d.aft.1722 Groton, MA m.(1)1685 Groton, MA Samuel Parker m.(2)Feb. 7, 1721/22 Groton, MA Robert (Dixon or Dickson)
  6. Joseph Lakin (Ensign) b.April 14, 1670 d.April 1, 1747 m.abt.1695 Abigail Lakin d/o Wm and Lydia (Brown) Lakin
  7. Benjamin Lakin b.Nov. 6, 1672 d.bef.Sept. 7, 1753 m.Sept. 23, 1706 Elizabeth Lakin d/o William and Elizabeth (Robertson) Lakin [she his 1st cousin once removed)
  8. Josiah Lakin b.Sept. 14, 1670 d.bef.Nov. 14, 1723 m.Dec. 12, 1704 Lucy ______.
  9. Lydia Lakin b.abt.1677 m.(1)bef.1700 Capt. John Shipley s/o John Shipley m.(2)March 22, 1736/7 Groton, MA Capt. Joanthan Boyden.

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