Note: Many genealogists dispute the research done by Stocking of the line Capt. William Knowlton, d.1659, back to Sir Perot.--HAW

_______ Perot (Sir)

    CHILDREN included:
  1. Christian Knowlton, dau. of Sir Perot, m.Sir William de Langley, high sheriff under Edward III (1327-1377)

Re: Knowlton Ancestry 1897, by Chas. H.W. Stocking. From Supplement & Index to the Knowlton Ancestry by Geo. Henry Knowlton 1905: "Sir Perot, in 1305, adapted and assumed the name of Lord Knowlton, as owner of the estate in Kent County, England, 'Knowlton Hall or Manor', which passed down to him by inheritance and by Knight's Service. This estate in Kent County, Eng. was given in 1081 by William the Conqueror, to one of his followers, from whom it passed by Knight's Service to Sir ______ Perot. The mansion is situated on a knoll, and means town on a knoll. The modern spelling is, as we spell it, Knowlton. the estate to this day, is owned and occupied by descendants of the Knowlton family--Peytons--and now (1906) is still called Knowlton Manor or Knowlton Court."

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William Knollton (Esquire)

  1. John Knollton

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John Knollton

b.son of William Knollton, Esq.
m.Dorothy Tyndall d/o Sir John Tyndall (Governor of the Tower of London).

  1. Edward Knowlton

John came into the possession of Knollton Hall or Manor in 1515.

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Edward Knowlton

b.son of John Knollton
m.Elizabeth Peyton d/o Sir John Peyton

CHILDREN included:

  1. Richard Knowlton b.1533

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Richard Knowlton

b.1553 in Canterbury, Kent County, England, descendant of Edward Knollton and Elizabeth Peyton
d.Knowlton Manor, Canterbury, Kent, England
m.July 17, 1577 St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, Kent, England Elizabeth Cantise Kent, England
d.Kent, England

    CHILDREN of Richard and Elizabeth included:
  1. George Knowlton b.May 8, 1578
  2. Stephen Knowlton b.May 1, 1580 bur.Nov. 27, 1581
  3. Thomas Knowlton b.1582
  4. John Knowlton b.Feb. 21, 1584
  5. William Knowlton b.1584

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William Knowlton

b.1584 Kent, England; youngest son of Richard Knowlton and Elizabeth Cantise
d.June 6, 1659; bur. Nova Scotia, Canada England Ann Elizabeth Smith
d.Oct. 8, 1675 Hingham, MA

    CHILDREN included:
  1. John Knowlton b.1610 Kent, England d.1653 Ipswich MA Marjery Wilson b.England d.1653 Ipswich, MA; occupation shoemaker
  2. Samuel Knowlton b.aft.1610; mariner
  3. Robert Knowlton b.1613 d.England
  4. William Knowlton b.1615
  5. Mary Knowlton b.1617(?) d.y. England
  6. Dea. Thomas Knowlton b.1622 d.April 3, 1692 Ipswich, MA; occupation deacon, cordwainer, shoemaker

William was a sea captain and sailed from Chiswick, England, 1632-3; supposed to have settled in Hingham, MA in June 1635 and d.June 6, 1659 and buried in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

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William Knowlton

b.1615 England; s/o William Knowlton and Ann Elizabeth Smith
d.July 17, 1655 Ipswich, MA
m.bef.1641 Elizabeth Welch/Balch

    CHILDREN of William and Elizabeth included:
  1. Thomas Knowlton b.Nov. 1640/41 Ipswich d.Feb. 28, 1717 m.Nov. 27, 1688 Hannah Green d.Oct. 24, 1708 Norwich, CT
  2. William Knowlton b.Dec. 1642 d.March 16, 1718 m.(1)bef.1678 Susannah ______ d.March 3, 1695 m.(2)bef.1707 Lydia Griffin
  3. John Knowlton b.1645/46
  4. Samuel Knowlton b.1647 d.Jan. 15, 1696 Ipswich, MA m.April 1669 Elizabeth Witt
  5. Benjamin Knowlton b.1649 d.Aug. 19,1690 Springfield, MA m.Nov. 30, 1676 Hannah Mirick b.Feb. 10, 1649
  6. Joseph Knowlton d.abt.1719 m.Aug. 14, 1677 Mary Wilson
  7. Mary Knowlton b.1653 Ipswich, MA d.aft.1700 Windham, CT m.(1)1672 Samuel Abbe m.(2)1699 Abraham Mitchell

William came to America with his parents and settled in Ipswich, MA in 1639. He was a bricklayer. He was made a freeman in 1641/2. He had a share in the purchase of Plum Island.

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John Knowlton

b.1645/6; s/o William Knowlton and Elizabeth Balch
d.Aug. 1728 Ipswich, MA
m.(1)Bethia Edwards dau. of Rice Edwards of Wenham, MA she d.after 1707
m.(2)1714 at Wenham, MA Susanna (Hutton?) d.aft.1728

    CHILDREN of John and Bethia:
  1. John Knowlton b.1670 Ipswich MA
  2. Mary Knowlton b.Ipswich MA 1713
  3. Rice Knowltonb.1676 Ipswich MA d.March 15, 1766 Wenham, MA
  4. Suzanna Knowlton d.aft.1715 Beverly, MA m.1690 Samuel Corning Jr.
  5. Benjamin Knowlton d.Dec.1764 Ipswich, MA
  6. Bethia Knowlton
  7. Thomas Knowlton Manchester,MA d.July 22, 1755 Middleborough, MA
  8. Timothy Knowlton, Manchester, MA d.Hopkinton, MA
  9. Elizabeth Knowlton
  10. Abigail Knowlton d.1756 m.(1)Isaac Giddings d.March 26, 1737 m.(2)William Dodge
  11. Miriam Knowlton [found an email that listed Isaac Giddings as Miriam's husband?]

John resided in Ipswich and Manchester, MA, a carpenter and enterprising builder, having 11 children, all probably by 1st marriage.

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Rice Knowlton

b.1676 Ipswich, MA; s/o John Knowlton and Bethia (Carter) Edwards
d.March 14, 1766 Wenham, MA
m.(1)Jan. 2, 1699 Mary Dodge
b.June 6, 1680 Ipswich, MA
m.(2)Nov. 26, 1750 Elizabeth Smith of Marblehead, MA

    CHILDREN of Rice and Mary included:
  1. Rice Knowlton Jr. b.Jan. 27, 1704/6? Ipswich, MA m.Dec. 12, 1727 Mrs. Lydia (Adams) Woodbury b.b.Dec. 16, 1704
  2. Churchill Knowlton b.Feb.16, 1720

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Churchill Knowlton

b.Feb. 16, 1719/20 Wenham, MA; s/o Rice Knowlton and Mary Dodge
d.March 28, 1776
m.(pub.)July 4, 1776; Jane Rogers

    11 CHILDREN including:[These 3 brothers settled in Northport, ME area c1785]
  1. William Knowlton b.Sept. 12, 1754
  2. Reuben Knowlton [served in the Rev. War] b.July 1744 [Rev. War] d.c1803 m.(1)April 19, 1765 Mary Morse m.(2)Sarah "Sally" French
  3. Thomas Knowlton

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William "Benjamin" Knowlton

b.Sept. 12, 1754 MA; s/o Churchill Knowlton and Jane Rogers
d.1820 Isle au Haut, ME; by a fall
m.Elizabeth Smith, sister of Samuel Smith of Boston
b.abt 1753 Nova Scotia
d.Dec. 8, 1842 Deer Isle, ME

    CHILDREN (not in order):
  1. Jane Knowlton m.Nov. 28, 1799 Joseph Curits of Belfast, ME
  2. Robert Knowlton b.bef.1775 m. by Samuel Alen, Baptish pastor of Deer Isle, Oct. 5, 1815 pub.Aug. 30, 1815 Sarah "Sally" Buckminister
  3. Joseph Knowlton b.Apr. 6, 1799 d.Mar. 18 or 23, 1882 m.March 13, 1824 by Abijah Wines, pastor, pub.Jan. 19, 1825 Rhoda Buckminister (sister of Sarah who m.Robert)
  4. Elizabeth "Betsey" Knowlton m.(1)Solomon Hamilton m.(2)______ Hambleton (She lived to be 100 years old)[5 children]
  5. Sarah "Sally" Knowlton 7, 1805 Joseph Tyler, J.P., George Smith [10 children]
  6. Nancy Anne Knowlton 13, 1807 Aaron Merithew[BLN NOTES: They lived at Isle au Haut. Family members always called her Nancy Anne and she d.insane (harmless) on Orphan's Island. Aaron was the second child of Roger Merithew and was drowned about 1848. [8 children]
  7. Benjamin Knowlton d.1830 1, 1816 Esther "Huldah" Lindsay/Linsey

William was known as Benjamin.

From Hosmer's "Town of Deer Isle, Maine" page 197-8: " BENJAMIN KNOWLTON was for many years a resident of Isle au Haut. He was a relative of those of that name in the town of Northport and in the County of Waldo, and, we belive, was a native of Massachhusetts. When a young man he went to Nova Scotia, and there married a Miss Smith. He was there a part of the time, at least, if not all, of the Revolutionary period, and some time after his return took up his residence on Isle au Haut. His sons were the late Mr. Robert Knowlton, of this town, and Mr. Joseph Knowlton who removed to Islesborough. One daughter was the wife of a Mr. Hamilton, now nearly ninety years of age. Another was the wife of Mr. George Smith; another was the wife of Mr. Aaron Marithew, and we believe that there was another. Mr. Knowlton died many years ago, but the date is unknown to us; his wife died in 1842, at the age of eighty-nine years. Some years before her death a brother in Nova Scotia, by his will, left her the income of $6,000, which she received till her death, and after that the principal was divided among her children. She resided in the family of her son, Mr. Robert Knowlton, and removed to Deer Isle with him a short time before her death. Mr. Robert Knowlton died in 1876; his wife died a few years before him."

BLN NOTES re William:...His name is on the list of voters in Belfast for 1800. He was a shipbuilder and trader; also kept a hotel for a time and was then quite wealthy. He built two ships, which were both lost at sea, on the voyage from Liverpool, England loaded with salt, by which he lost the greater part of his fortune. A compiler of the Knowlton data says "about 1802 he removed to Isle au Haut, ME where he lived until his death, from a fall, about 1820".

After his death, his widow, Elizabeth, moved with her son Robert from York Island, Isle au Haut, to Deer Isle [to Tea Hill, Stonington--Sylvester Lot]. She d. at her son Robert's, Deer Isle Dec. 7, 1842, aged 89-8-0 and is buried in the lower Southeast Cemetery in town of Stonington, ME formerly part of old town of Deer Isle. Their first three children were born in Halifax...

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Robert Knowlton

b.March 1794 Belfast, ME; s/o William Benjamin Knowlton and Elizabeth Smith.
d.Oct. 1876 Deer Isle, ME
m.Aug/Oct 5, 1815; pub.Aug. 30, 1815; Sarah Buckminster; Rev.Samuel Allen, Bapt. clergyman at Deer Isle
b. d/o Thomas Buckminster and Rhoda Robbins; and sister of Rhoda who married Joseph Knowlton

    14 CHILDREN including: (not in order of birth)
  1. Judith Knowlton b.Apr. 17 or 22, 181(5/6)? d.March 21, 1900 m.Jan. 12, 1837 by John Turner, J.P., George W. Smith of Isle au Haut [pub. to JOHN Smith, Jr. Nov. 4, 1836 D.I. Rec.]
  2. Abigail Yeaton Knowlton b.March 7, 1824 d.Jan. 25, 1905 bur. Tea Hill 11, 1845 Oliver Lane Colby [8 children]
  3. Sarah Knowlton b.April 16, 1831 d.Apr. 7, 1897 of pneumonia m.Dec. 8, 1850 pub.Nov. 23, 1850 William Richardson s/o Nathaniel and Mary (Thurston) Richardson; [6 children total-2 were John and Winslow Richardson]
  4. John Knowlton b.Sept. 28, 18 (16)? d.y.
  5. John Knowlton b.Aug. 9, 18(18)? d.Aug. 18, 1826
  6. John Buckminster Knowlton b.Sept. 28, 1828/9 at Isle au Haut, ME d.Dec. 15, 1890 [record says "dropped dead"] m.1852 Cynthia Bowden [or Bowdoin--says her dau. Cynthia] Davis dau. of Joshua and Lydia (Stover) Davis [12 children]. Cynthia m.(2)Davis Haskell of Deer Isle with whom she lived for about four years--then separated and came back to Tea Hill and the family have no use for the Haskell name.-BLN
  7. Henry Wilson Knowlton b.Nov. 23, 1833 Isle au Haut d.Sept. 28, 1914/5 m.Jan. 6, 1857 Sarah Simpson Small b.Nov. 15, 1837 dau. of Thomas and Eliza (Fifield)Small
  8. Robert Knowlton Jr. b.June 9, 1820 d.Dec. 1, 1879 27, 1845 Elizabeth Warren d/o Richard and Elizabeth (Trundy) Warren
  9. Thomas Knowlton b.Feb. 5, 1821 d.y.
  10. Thomas Buckminster Knowlton b.March 17, 1822 d.March 17, 1890 m.Jan. 1, 1844 by Joseph G. Stinson, J.P., pub.Dec. 26, 1845 Abigail Sellers
  11. William Benjamin Knowlton b.Dec. 1, 1825 m.(1)pub. June 7, 1841 Susan Lindsay m.(2)Elizabeth Judkins d/o John and Sarah (Colby) Judkins of Newburyport and no relation to the Leonard Judkins Family; [9 children: one child of Wm and Susan: George s. b.July 10, 1850]
  12. George T. Knowlton b.Sept. 10, 1827 d. in infancy
  13. Ezra Knowlton b.Sept. 22, 1835 d.y.
  14. Urania (Lourania) Knowlton b.See Note m.Feb. 16, 1858 Jacob "Jake" Carleton Stinson son of Edmund Stinson and Bethiah Webb (Family records give Urania L. b.Nov. 29, 1841; Death Certificate gives Urania K. b.Nov. 29, 1837; tombstone gives Uranian H. b.1838, and H.B. Smith said (at time of her death) he felt sure her middle name was Stevens. Sarah Eaton says Urania's middle name is Harriet with agrees with lettering on tombstone.---BLN Note)

Re: BLN--"Robert was a master mariner, farmer, and fisherman. When a boy he lived in Belfast, ME and came to Deer Isle (York Island, Isle au Haut) with his father's family and later moved to Green's Landing (now Stonington) where he purchased the Edmund Sylvester lot and house. He d. in Stonington Oct. 7, 1877 aged 83-7-0, and his wife Sarah d. here also, June 14, 1863. Sarah was b. in Oceanville (a community of Stonington)."

Hosmer, page 224, says: "In August, this year (1814), the United States frigate Adams ran upon a ledge near Isle au Haut and the guns on board with other articles were landed. A tent was erected for the accommodation of some of her crew who were sick of the scurvy. She had several prisoners-of-war on board. Her captain employed the late Mr. Robert Knowlton and his brother, who had a small vessel that was employed in fishing, to carry their prisoners to Thomaston, the part of which is now Rockland. While on their passage there they made an attempt to take the vessel, but Mr. Knowlton and his brother were very resolute and gave them to understand that it would not be safe for them to undertake it. They then became quiet and were carried to their place of destination. The ship was got off the ledge and went up the river to Hampden, where, a short time after, she was blown up by her captain--Morris--in order to prevent her falling into the hands of the British, who took possession of Castine shortly after she was taken up the river."

BLN: From Dav. Conley, s/o Patrick and Helen (Turner) Conley, Feb. ___ 1901: Robert Knowlton first owned York's Island to my knowledge but it was York Island owing to a man of that name being first owner.
Knowlton sold it to Asa Turner of Isle au Haut who used it for sheep. He sold it to Patrick Conley for about $300 near the year 1867 and it has now fell into the hands of his children, James being the principal owner.
BLN: From Long Henry Smith, a nephew of Robt.Knowlton: Robert Knowlton bought York Island from Benjamin York, and included in the payment for same was a small schooner named "Caroline" burnt in Crockett's Cove.

Robert was known as "Goddy" Knowlton.

Robert Knowlton's Photo

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