Name origin: HANSCOM, HANSON. Family traced in England to Roger de Rastrick, living in 1251 at Wapentake, Morley, Yorkshire; of the sixth generation from him. Henry, son of John de Rastrick, became known as Henry's son then Hanson, thus the foundation of the name.

Thomas Hanson

b.1523 Woodhouse, Yorkshire, England; parents ukn
d.Oct. 22, 1592 Eland, Yorkshire, England
m.Sept. 8, 1573 of Mowsley, Leicester, England; Janet Gledhill
b.1525 Barkisland, Yorkshire, England
d.Oct. 22, 1597

CHILDREN included:

  1. John Hanson b.March 26, 1586
  2. Robert Hanson

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John Hanson

b.March 26, 1586 Elland, Yorkshire, England; s/o Thomas Hanson and Janet Gledhill
m.abt.1611/1614; Frances Pritchard


  1. John Hanson b.1612
  2. Edward Hanson b.1618
  3. Thomas Hanson b.1622/23 d.June 27, 1666 Will proved, Dover, NH
  4. Elizabeth Hanson b.March 13, 1622 St. Nicholas, Acons London, London, England

NOTE: Two marriage dates are commonly given for John and Frances. His death date must not be 1611 due to dates of Edward's, Thomas', and Elizabeth's birth dates...? Does anyone have better information?--haw

I have heard from a researcher [Reg] in England who said "in 1617 John was a grocer in London when he surrendered his portion of Rastrick Hall to his brother Robert."

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Thomas Hanson

b.1622/23; s/o John Hanson and Frances Pritchard
d.June 27, 1666 in Dover, N.H.
m.abt. 1636 in Dover, N.H.; Mary Paul
d.June 28, 1668 [Killed by Indians "Old Widow Handson" in assault on Waldron's garrison. From A Gen. Dict. of the 1st Settlers of New England by James Savage]


  1. Tobias Hanson b.1641 d.May 10, 1693 m.Elizabeth Boyce Killed by Indians.
  2. Thomas Hanson
  3. Isaac Hanson b.1648 d.bef.Oct. 17, 1683 m.(1)bef.1679 Mary Evans m.(2)b.1679 Mary Heard
  4. Timothy Hanson b.abt.1651 d.bef.Sept. 4, 1711 m.bef.1679 Barbara Bowers
  5. Elizabeth Hanson b.1645 d.1732 m.1669 John Hance
  6. Mary Hanson b.aft. 1645 d.aft.1666

NOTE: From Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660 by POPE page 90: HANSON: Thomas, Dover, came before 1660(?); his will proved June 27, 1666; wife Mary, sons Thomas, Tobias, Isaac, Timothy, some lands bought of William Hackett and Captain Barefoot, and others granted him by the town.

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Thomas Hanson

b.abt.1643; s/o Thomas Hanson and Mary Paul
d.bef.Nov. 8, 1711 in Dover, N.H.
m.Jun. 3, 1669 in Salem, MA; Mary Kitchen
bapt. Apr. 23, 1648 in Salem, MA; d/o John Kitchen and Elizabeth Grafton


  1. Mary Hanson b.Dec. 3, 1670 in Salem, MA d.aft.1710
  2. Thomas Hanson b.1680 d.abt.Jan. 13, 1729 in Lynn, MA m.(1)Oct. 9, 1701 in Salem, MA Margaret Maule m.(2)Jun. 12, 1719 in Lynn, MA Hannah Peirce
  3. John Hanson b.abt.1682 d.abt.Jun. 16, 1727 in Canada m.Jul. 23 1703 Elizabeth Meader in Dover, N.H.
  4. Mercy Hanson d.1711 m.(1)Dec. 1, 1699 John Church m.(2)bef. 1713 Nathaniel Young
  5. Abigail Hanson d.aft. 1710 m.May 12 1709 Jonathan Young
  6. Nathaniel Hanson d.Jan. 25, 1749 in Dover, N.H. m.abt.1715 Martha Bickford
  7. Elizabeth Hanson b.Jan. 9, 1687 d.1755 m.1715 Ebenezer Downs
  8. James Hanson d.aft. 1710 m.Ruth ______
  9. Isaac Hanson d.Oct. 22, 1706

NOTES: Occupation planter.

From Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: THOMAS, b.Eng.,1623, came from Sutton parish, Bedfordshire, Eng., 1629, with his relations; to Salem, Mass., granted lands near Salmon Falls, N.H., 1658, afterwards lived at Dover, N.H., and at Kittery, ME, 1678. [This Thomas?-haw]

His son, John, died on 2nd trip to Canada to ransom a dau. ca.Apr. 19, 1727, halfway between Albany & Canada. Family taken captive Aug. 27, 1724. From "Newsletter" of 1725, Newport Aug. 27: "Mr. John Hanson of Dover...w wife, 3 [or 4] children [Sarah, Elizabeth, Daniel and a babe], a servant woman, also one Ebenezer Downs having a wife & chil. at Piscataqua, also one Miles Thomson, a boy--who where all taken captives about 12 mos since by enemy Indians (excluding Hanson). Cost him 700 lbs [600 livres] for ransom..." See following:

FROM: "One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families", by John Osborn Austin, printed privately at MA 1893

Subject: Elizabeth (Meader) Hanson, wife of John Hanson.

p.124: JOHN HANSON, Dover, N.H.
Most of his life he dwelt on the outside of the town, at the place called "Knox Marsh," and was a Quaker.

1724: His wife (Elizabeth (Meader) and four children, Sarah, Elizabeth, Daniel and a babe, were captured by the Indians, as also the maid servant; two of his children been first killed and scalped, viz., Ebenezer and Caleb. The father was absent at the time; but the graphic narrative of his wife states that the attack was made by "13 naked Indians with guns and tomahawks." She and the four children and maid servant were hurried off to Canada, marching through the wilderness for twenty-six days, together; suffering every hardship from fatigue and want of food and the cruelty of their captors. After further wanderings, the family were separated; but all brought out to French settlements finally, where Mrs. Hanson and her babe, who had been miraculously preserved, were ransomed by a Frenchman for 600 livres [700 lbs], and her boy for additional sum. She then had better treatment.

Her child was baptized by a Romish priest and named by him, as she tells us, "Mary Ann Frossway" [Marian Froissart?]. Having been about five months with the Indians and month with the French, her husband ransomed her; and he finally secured all the children except Sarah, and returned to Dover. He also ransomed the maid servant.

1725: This was the date of their return to Dover, his wife says; she having been away, altogether, "about twelve months and six days."

1727: Though unsuccessful in ransoming his daughter Sarah, tow years previously, he now started again; but, on his journey to Canada, died when about half way from Albany to that province. His daughter Sarah finally married a Frenchman, to avoid an alliance with an Indian, with which she was threatened.

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