Grindle Family Line


Walter Grindall (Sir)

b.1271 parent ukn

CHILDREN included:

  1. Margaret Grindall m. Ingraham de Boynton who was b.1235 and d.1258

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Daniel Grindle

b.prob. 1655-60 England, parents ukn (possibly Richard Gryndle)
m.Elizabeth Blagdon; d/o Lt. James Blagdon
b.prob. 1658-60


  1. Deborah Grindle
  2. Alice Grindle
  3. John Grindle b.abt. 1690 m.Sarah Sevil
  4. James Grindle
  5. Daniel Grindle

Note: Elizabeth "is only known to have been his wife in 1721. That she was the mother of his (supposed) children born about 30 years earlier is not established." The Grindle Family of Hancock County, Maine, compiled by Walter A. Snow, Elizabeth C. Wescott, David C. Grindell, and Almon A. Gray, 1978.

From OLD KITTERY: Sarah Barter, b.March 26, 1693, Crochits Neck, Kittery married James Grindle, (or Griddle) May 3, 1716.

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John Grindle

b.abt. 1690, presumed son of Daniel Grindle
d.abt. 1739
m.Aug. 10, 1712 at Portsmouth, N.H., Sarah Sevil/Savil


  1. John Grindle bapt. Aug. 1, 1714
  2. Ichabod Grindle bapt.1715
  3. Sarah Grindle bapt. Jan. 5, 1718
  4. Eliphelet Grindle

From the Grindle phamphet by Brooksville Historical Society, date ukn:


Several versions of the story of the lost brother have been given us by older members of the family who have heard the tale from the lips of their own grandparents.

There were the familiar three brothers. Why do so many family histories start with three brothers? In this case they were John, Ichabod and Eliphelet.

They were traveling through a thickly wooded section of the Penobscot Region looking for a suitable spot to build new homes when they should be able to bring their families to this new land.

They were not young men. John must have been forty-two or forty-three, Ichabod a year or two younger and Eliphelet perhaps thirty-eight. Night was coming on and the three prepared to make camp. They made no fire for unfriendly Indians might be lurking near. They planned to rest only until daybreak and then go to the settlement.

Just before the first faint steps of dawn appeared in the eastern sky John and Ichabod were aroused by the groans of their brother. Eliphelet was ill; he was in terrible pain and unable to rise from his hard bed. John and Ichabod left him there while they went into the woods to find small trees that could be made into a stretcher or litter on which they could carry the sick man to the settlement. They were gone only a short time but when they returned their brother could not be found and he was never heard from again. It was believed that he was captured by the Indians and probably killed.

The Berwick records give the following: Francis, s/o Eliphelet Grindall, bapt. Dec. 22, 1760, 2nd Church of Berwick. No further mention of the child Francis is found. This date is the same as the date of the baptism of the three children of John and Elizabeth Grindle--Daniel, Rhuben, and William.

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John Grindle

b.bapt. Aug. 1, 1714 at Portsmouth, N.H.; s/o John Grindle and Sarah Sevil
d.1794 Brooksville, ME
m.(1)Mary Downs; d/o Ebenezer Downs and Elizabeth Hanson
m.(2)ca.1749 Elizabeth Dorr
m.(3)Dorothy "Dolle" (Webber) Farnham b.Feb. 11, 1719/20 York, ME

CHILDREN of John and Mary:

  1. Elizabeth Grindle b.June 27, 1734(?) bapt.Jan. 13, 1741/42 m.Thomas Davis
  2. Sarah Grindle b.abt.1740 bapt.Sept. 12, 1742 d.Dec. 7, 1837 m.Nathaniel Veazie
  3. John Grindle bapt.Jan. 13, 1741/2 1794
  4. Ichabod Grindle b.abt. 1744 d.Dec. 1, 1810 m.(1) ? m.(2)Sarah Dow
  5. Joshua Grindle bapt.Mar. 31, 1746/7 in Berwick, ME d.Feb. 21, 1819 m.Anna Lowell
  6. James Grindle bapt.Oct. 5, 1748 prob.d.y.

CHILDREN of John and Elizabeth:

  1. William Grindle b.Berwick May 8, 1749 bapt.Dec. 22, 1760 d.Penobscot Jan. 31, 1820 m.Deer Isle, 16 Feb 1779 Eunice Howard; d/o Ezra & Mary (Colby) Howard. William served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in the Continental Army in Capt. John Lane's Co., Col Foster's Reg. July 13, 1775-Feb. 15, 1776, at Cape Ann for defense of seacoast.
  2. Daniel Grindle b.Jan. 27, 1754 Berwick, ME bapt.Dec. 22, 1760 d.Jan. 29, 1837 Penobscot, ME m.(1)Sarah (Gray) m.(2)Marion (Moore) Irish. Daniel was a Private in the Revolutionary War, served in Col. Jonathan Buck's Reg. Aug. 19, 1777 to Sept. 28, 1777, served at Machias [DAR, SAR line].
  3. Reuben Grindle b.Mar. 30, 1757 bapt.Dec. 22, 1760 d.July 15, 1835 m.(1)Hannah (Lowell) m.(2)Mary [Polly](Winslow). Reuben was a Private in the Revolutionary War, served in Col. Jonathan Buck's Reg. Aug. 19, 1777 to Sept. 28, 1777, served at Machias [DAR, SAR line].

CHILD of John and Dorothy:

  1. Mary Grindle b.May 16, 1765 d.Sept. 22, 1846 m.Pelatiah Leach Note: Mary was the 1st white child born within the present limits of Brooksville, ME. [The Story of Pelatiah & Mary: Pelatiah and and Mary "were married in the latter years of the war. Mary, a singularly beautiful and attractive girl was but sixteen years of age when married. 'Major Leach took his bride to the little log cabin built on the high land overlooking the Narrows (in Penobscot) where the tides rushed in and out; a country that is strangely beautiful today and we imagine how wild and rugged was the scenery in those days. They were apart from the rest of the world; alone, where the great wilderness stretched away and was lost in the mountains, and yet they were strong enough in themselves to be happy.
    'Some two years after, the Major went one day to Castine expecting to return in the evening, but the darkness brought to the little household no word from its protector. Maj. Leach had a thorough knowledge of the Penobscot waters and was a remarkable pilot. He had been impressed into the service of the English to guide their vessels toward the ocean and however reluctant the errand, he assumed the role of pilot and ran the ship on a ledge near Eggemoggin Reach.
    Whether by accident or design...' is not known, but it is sure he never expressed any deep regret for the action. '...Instead of being allowed to return to his home he was taken prisoner to Ireland and kept confined for many months. Mrs. Leach all this time watched over the cares of the household, guided and taught the little son that had come to them and successfully carried on the work of the forest farm, never thinking of giving way and returning to the village. She sowed, and reaped the grain, and chopped wood, and did a man's work.
    'Indians were troublesome at that time and one quiet evening wolves made the forest echo with their cry, but she remained rigidly at her post. She sewed and worked for the neighbors, and this helped much in the needs of the household. But she touched not a cent of the money they had saved before Major Leach's absence, and at last when he did return, with what he had brought there was enough to build the house where they lived so many happy years together....' - quoted by Snow from "The Old Leach Farm - Maine Chance," Castine, ME, 20 Aug 1904]

John moved from Berwick area to "the Penobscot Region" (now Hancock County) in about 1761 when it is recorded that he with others crossed the Penobscot River at Fort Pownell.

He was a chairmaker.

John was a loyalist during the Revolution, and was called "Old Tory Grindle" locally.

From HANCOCK COUNTY a rock-bound paradise, pg 186: "The sea was Surry's lifeline. As early as 1775, John Grindle carried the mail in a boat along the shore with the letters and papers tied up in a handkerchief..."

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Ichabod Grindle

b.abt. 1744 prob. Berwick, ME [MA]; s/o John Grindle and Mary Downs
bapt.May 1, 1744
d.Dec. 1, 1810
m.(1) ?
m.(2)July 15, 1782 at Haverhill, MA, Sarah Dow; d/o Joseph Dow and Judith Butman of Amesbury, MA
bapt.Mar. 25, 1753

CHILDREN of Ichabod and 1st wife:

  1. Son b.abt. 1765-70 prob. Joshua of Sedgwick, ME who m.Sarah Emerton
  2. John B. Grindle b.July 28, 1767 d.Jan. 17, 1841

CHILDREN of Ichabod and Sarah:

  1. Joseph Grindle b.abt. 1783 b.bef.Mar. 14, 1828 m.Jan. 1820 Mary (Joy)
  2. Sally Grindle D. b.Apr. 28, 1786 d.Aug. 5, 1869 m.Joseph Wood Johnson
  3. Judith Grindle b.Oct. 23, 1788 d.Sept. 28, 1878 m.(1)Oct. 4, 1810 Capt. Jeremiah Jones, Jr. m.(2)Ichabod Grindle s/o Joshua Grindle and Anna (Lowell)
  4. Polly Grindle b.abt. 1793 d.June 11, 1816 Nobleboro, ME m.Paul Perkins
  5. Ichabod Grindle b.abt. 1794 d.aft.1810

Ichabod served in the Revolutionary War as a Corporal in Capt. William Reed's Company; Col. Jonathan Buck's Reg. He enlisted Aug. 19, 1777 and was discharged Sept. 28, 1777. Served at Machias. [DAR line]

From Brooksville, Maine "A town in the Revolution" compiled by Walter A. Snow: "...A story concerning Ichabod Grindle has somehow survived for more than a century. Ichabod--so the story goes--went after his cows one night accompanied by his faithful dog, Keeper, and when some distance from the house the old gentleman came face to face with a large bear. Mr. Grindle, dispite his advanced age, lost no time in climbing a tree, and raising his voice shouted "Lord, help me, Lord, help me!" In the meantime Keeper's bark had attracted the attention of the Jones boys who were hunting nearby, and as they came nearer they could hear Mr. Grindle's call for help. They shot the bear and Ichabod descended from the tree and --so the story goes--disgustingly kicked the dead body of the bear and said, "D...n you, I guess you'll let us alone after this, won't he, Keeper?" and turning away he went on after the cows, leaving the amused Jones boys to do as they would with the bear." Note: Land now owned by Edgar Jones of West Brooksville was once a part of the Ichabod Grindle place.

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Joshua Grindle/Grindal

bapt. Mar. 31, 1746 Berwick, ME; s/o John Grindle and Mary Downs
d.Feb. 21, 1819 Brooksville, ME
m.bef.1790; Anna Lowell; d/o Joseph Lowell and Mary Jones
b.Feb. 14, 1746 Newbury(port?), MA d.May 1, 1819 Brooksville, ME


  1. Eliphelet Lowell Grindle b.Dec. 3, 1768 d.Nov. 4, 1843 Sedgwick m.(1)Aug. 27, 1789 Nancy (Gray); d/o Reuben Gray and Abigail (Black) m.(2)Mary (Friend)
  2. Abigail Grindle b.Mar. 11, 1771 29, 1794 William Webb; s/o Webb
  3. Ichabod Grindle b.Apr. 3, 1773
  4. James Grindle b.Jan. 17, 1776 d.June 1856 m.(1) Molly (Lymburner) sister to Mariam wife of Ichabod m.(2)Margaret (Allen-Coffin)
  5. Joshua F. Grindle, Jr. b.Aug. 8, 1778 Sedgwick d.Nov. 5, 1852; m.(1)Nov. 19, 1798 Ruth Stanley she b.May 14, 1786 d.Dec. 12, 1848; m.(2)Tryphone (Lawrence-Saunders-Leach)
  6. Stephen Grindle b.Mar. 26, 1781 Sedgwick d.Oct. 19, 1855 Penobscot m.(1)Betsey (Johnson) m.(2)Hannah (Snowman-Perkins)
  7. Francis Grindle b.May 10, 1783 Sedgwick d.Jan. 14, 1857 m.(1)Judith (Carter) m.(2)Eliza (Harlow-Pendleton)
  8. Reuben Grindle b.Mar. 11, 1785 d.May 25, 18-- m.Sarah (Webber)
  9. Joseph Grindle b.Oct. 19, 1788 m.Hannah (Grindle)
  10. John Grindle b.Feb. 18, 1793 Sedgwick
  11. Mary David Grindle b.March 6, 1798

Joshua was a brickmaker in Brooksville. He was on the muster rolls of Ft. Pownall for two years.

Brooksville, Maine "A town in the Revolution, by Walter A. Snow reports: "The home of Joshua Gindle was at North Brooksville in the field by the present [1976] Francis Lymburner home on the western side of the Bagaduce River. A hop vine planted nearly 200 years ago still climbs bravely over the remains of the old cellar wall of the house built by this young pioneer. It was planted, no doubt, by the bride Anna (Lowell). These Lowells were of the Boston family.

           "Here's to the City of Boston
            The land of the bean and the Cod
            Where the Lowells speak only to the Cabots
            And the Cabots speak only to God"

Hannah Lowell, a sister of Anne, married Reuben Grindle, a half-brother of Joshua.

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Ichabod Grindle (Capt.)

b.Apr. 5, 1773 Sedgwick, ME; s/o Joshua Grindle and Anna Lowell
d.Feb. 19, 1844 Brooksville, ME
m.(1)Mariam Lymburner; d/o Cunningham Lymburner and Elizabeth Stover
b.Jan. 20, 1775 Brooksville, ME
d.May 21, 1826 Brooksville, ME
m.(2)int.Jan. 14, 1827 Judith (Grindle) Jones; d/o Ichabod Gindle and Sarah Dow; and widow of Capt. Jeremiah Joses who was lost at sea.
b.Oct. 23, 1788 d.Sept. 28, 1878

CHILDREN of Ichabod and Mariam:

  1. James Grindle b.June 17, 1798
  2. Joshua Grindle b.Jan. 20, 1800
  3. Mariam Grindle b.June 16 [or 6], 1802
  4. Leonard G. Grindle b.March 2, 1804
  5. Frederick Grindle b.Feb. 16, 1806 4, 1827 Elizabeth Hawes
  6. John Grindle b.Jan. 8, 1808
  7. Agatha H. Grindle b.Jan. 17, 1810 16, 1837 Otis Cole of Jay
  8. Clarissa Grindle b.Dec. 28, 1812 23, 1832 Eben Hale
  9. Eliza Grindle b.Oct. 15, 1816 4, 1834 Jacob Ames of Castine, 1848
  10. Ichabod Grindle b.Nov. 30, 1817
  11. Judith Grindle b.June 5, 1824 4, 1847 & m.Apr. 25, 1847 Henry W. Gott

CHILDREN of Ichabod and Judith:

  1. Mark Hatch Grindle b.Oct. 12, 1827 (or 1837) d.July 21, 1906
  2. Jeremiah Francis Grindle b.Nov. 27, 1831
  3. Hannah M. Grindle (twin) b.Nov. 3, 1833 27, 1855 Erastus Condon
  4. Emory M. Grindle (twin) b.Nov. 3, 1833 d.Aug. 31 [or 16th], 1890 Lynn, MA. m.(1)Araminta D. Tibbetts m.(2)Elizabeth J. Smith Gray. Emory was in the Civil War. Oct. 11, 1862-Aug. 17, 1863. Co.H 26th Inf. ME.

NOTES: Ichabod had at least two other daughters: Eleanor and Sally.

Ichabod was a farmer and a sea captain. He was very active in the church work of the community, a man who worked hard and expected others to do the same. At one time he operated the brick yard formerly owned by father Joshua, and brick forming the inner walls of the house he built were made at the Joshua Grindle brick yard. Ichabod served in the War of 1812 as a Captain of a Company of New Hampshire Militia, Capt. Phineas Emerson's Co. Also, served as a Sergeant in the Aroostook War, Capt. Daniel Dority's Company of Infantry in the Detachment of Maine, Feb. 20, 1839-April 23, 1839.

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Mark Hatch Grindle

b.Oct. 12 [or 10th] 1827 Brooksville; s/o Ichabod Grindle and Judith (Grindle-Jones)
d.July 21, 1906 Brooksville
bur. Grindle Cemetery (age 78/9/0 Cem.); Vol. III
m.(1)pub.Aug. 14, 1849 & m.Sept. 9, 1849 Mary A. Farnham; d/o Gersham Farnham and Elsy (Tapley)
b.Sept. 3, 1831 d.Nov. 12, 1856 Brooksville, ME
m.(2)int.Sept. 26, 1857 m.Oct. 14, 1857 Rachel B. Condon; d/o Timothy Condon and Emma Walker d.June 9, 1866 aged 38.
m.(3)bef.1870 [re:1870 Census]Cynthia Teresa (Herrick-Babson); d/o Humprey Herrick and Sarah Holden

CHILDREN of Mark and Mary:

  1. Flora H. Grindle [a.k.a. Flora A. Grindle. H. from birth record) b.Mar. 12 1851 m.(1) Narcg 3m 1870 Frank M. Green m.(2)Capt. Amos Jerome Perkins. See Flora story.
  2. Elwood Erastus Grindle b.Oct. 9, 1855 d.1912 Stonington, ME m.Emma Limeburner

Mark Hatch Grindle served in the Civil War as a Corporal in Company H., 26th Regiment Infantry of Maine Volunteers.

His home was always on the farm which was "taken up" by his grandfather Joshua and his father Ichabod. He also worked as a carpenter.

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Elwood Erastus Grindle

b.Oct. 9, 1855 Brooksville, ME; s/o Mark Hatch Grindle and Mary A. Farnham
Moved to Stonington in 1855 and remained there the rest of his life.
d.Apr. 17, 1912 age 56/6/8 Stonington, ME
bur.Woodlawn Cemetery, Stonington, ME
m.Dec. 25, 1876 Emma Phebe Limeburner [a.k.a. Phebe Emma Limeburner]; d/o William Limeburner and Phebe Wine Parker
b.Nov. 30, 1858/9 Brooksville, ME
d.Mar. 20, 1937 Camden, ME
bur.Woodlawn Cemetery, Stonington, ME
[d. as Emma P., age 79 (Rockland Courier Gazette)]


  1. Elnora "Nora" May Grindle b.Mar. 30, 1877 Brooksville, ME d.Aug. 7, 1940 age 64yrs in Camden, ME; m.March 21, 1906 Stonington, ME Fred T. Simpson b.July 7, 1874 s/o Eben F. Simpson and Julia Ette (____).
  2. Augusta "Gus" W. Grindle b.Jan. 18, 1879 d.July 14, 1931 m.Oct.29, 1897 Clayton E. Gilley of Southwest Harbor d.Feb. 14, 1934 Moved to Rockland. (Clayton was the bro. of Frank Gilley who m.Maude Holmes; the son of Frank and Maude was Wendal Holmes Gilley who carved birds which can be seen at the Southwest Harbor museum.)
  3. Agatha "Aggie" Cole Grindle b.July 6, 1882 d.Sept. 16, 1920 bur.Woodlawn Cemetery, Stonington, ME m.Jan. 1, 1908 Robert Knowlton Cousins

See: Robert's and Aggie's wedding invitation.
See: Aggie Cousins.
See: Nora Simpson.

NOTE: Jeanette MacDonald, of Nelson Eddy fame, was the 3rd cousin of Elnora, Agatha, and Augusta. When she would visit Brooksville they would all sail home to visit her.

Elwood was the Foreman of the Stonington Granite Quarry.

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