Name origin: Cock, little, a term of endearment, a diminutive; the same as at or kin, used as a termination, as Ki>Willcox, little Will. The word is often used to denote a leader or chief man.

Moses Cox

b.July 18, 1630 Hampton, England; parents ukn
d.May 28, 1687 Hampton, NH [this may the d. date for his son Moses??]
m.1639/1640 of Hampton, NH; Alice Wise
b.1620 Pemaquid, ME; d/o Humphrey Wise and Susan Tidd
d.Aug. 20, 1657 Hampton, NH (lost at sea)

CHILDREN included:

  1. Philip Cox b.1637
  2. Alice Cox b.1640
  3. Hannah Cox b.1642
  4. Mary Cox b.June 26, 1644 Hampton, NH m.May 6, 1659 Hampton, NH John Godfrey
  5. Sarah Cox b.abt.1642/48 chr.April 5, 1668 Hampton, NH d.1739
  6. Rachel Coxe b.1646 d.aft.Sept. 2, 1707
  7. John Cox b.1638/1657 d.Aug. 20, 1657 at sea
  8. Moses Coxe b.Nov. 2, 1649

From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Holmes: Moses was at Hampton, N.H., 1639.

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