Charlemagne and Beyond

My great half-uncle Amasa Amidon Holden got this list from an unnamed source about 100 years ago. (We haven't figured out if it's correct yet). One of my ancestral lines:

  1. Antenor, King of the Cimmerians, Royal family of Troy, 480. B.C.
  2. Marcomir
  3. Antenor
  4. Primus
  5. Helenus
  6. Diocles
  7. Bassamus
  8. Clodomir
  9. Nicanor
  10. Marcomir
  11. Clodius
  12. Antenor II
  13. Clodomir II
  14. Merodachus
  15. Cassander
  16. Antharius, Chieftain de la Sicambri, b.bef.70 B.C.
  17. Francus, First King of West Franks, died 7 A.D.
  18. Clocius II, Chieftain of Franks, B.C./60 A.D.
  19. Marcomir III, Chieftain of Franks, B.C./20 A.D.
  20. Clodomir III, Chieftain of the Franks, A.D.
  21. Antenor III (Female), Queen of the Franks, b.bef.40
  22. Ralherius, King of the Franks, b.bef.69
  23. Richemer, King of the Franks, b.abt.90
  24. Odomir, King of the Franks,
  25. Marcomir IV, King of the Franks, b.abt.100/128
  26. Clodomir IV, King of the Franks b.104/114
  27. Farabert, King of the Franks, b.122/135
  28. Sunno, King of the Franks, b.abt.137/157
  29. Hilderic [Childreric], King of the Franks, b.bef.177/212
  30. Batherus, King of the Franks, b.abt.197/238
  31. Clodius III, King of the Franks, b.bef.217/264
  32. Walter, King of the Franks, b.bef.237/289
  33. Dagobert I, King of East Franks, b.abt.230/257
  34. Genebald, Duke of the East Franks, b.abt.262/277 died 358 A.D.
  35. Dagobert II, Duke of the East Franks, b.abt.300
  36. Clodius, Clovis "The Raparian", King of the East Franks, b.abt.324
  37. Marcomir, Childebert, King of Cologne, b.abt.317
  38. Pharamond, First King of France, Sigisbert "The Lame", b.abt.370
  39. Clodic, Colderic "The Paricide", b.abt.395
  40. Sigimerius/Gigmerus I, b.abt.419
  41. Ferreolus, Duke of Moselle, b.465
  42. Aspert, Senator of Gaul, b.abt.536
  43. Arnoldue Margrave of Schelde "Bodigisel II", b.abt.562 d.588 Carthage
  44. Saint Arnolph, Major Domus, Arnulf of Metz, b.Aug. 13, 582 d.Aug. 16, 640
  45. Anchises, Duke of Brabant "Ansegisel", b.602 d.685
  46. Pipin II Crassus, Duke of Brabant b.635 d.Dec. 16, 714
  47. Charles Martel, Prince and Duke of France b.690 d.Oct. 22, 741
  48. Pipin III, Duke of Brabant, King of Franks b.714 d.Sept. 18, 768
  49. Charlemagne, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire b.Apr. 2, 742 Ingelheim, Fermany d.9 a.m., Jan. 28, 814 Aachen; m.Hildegarde d/o Gerold I, Count in Vinzqau
  50. Pipin Carloman, King of Italy b.Apr. 773 d.July 8, 810 Milan, Italy m.Ingeltrude de Autin
  51. Beranard, King of Italy b.797 d.April 17, 818 Milan, Italy m.Cunningunde de Gellone
  52. Pipin of Vermandois, Count of Senlis b.815 d.aft.840
  53. Herbert I, Count of Vermandois b.840 d.902
  54. Herbert II, Count of Vermandois d.943 St. Quentin
  55. Albert I, "The Pious", Count de Vermandois b.920 d.988
  56. Herbert III, Count de Vermandois b.955 d.1000
  57. Otho, Count of Vermandois b.1000 d.May 25, 1095
  58. Alice
  59. Elizabeth
  60. Adeline
  61. Robert de Bellemont
  62. Aubrey de Bellemont
  63. Richard de Percival, d.1202
  64. Richard Percival, d.1261
  65. Lord John Percival, d.1281
  66. Sir Roger Percival, d.1314
  67. Sir John Percival, b.1286
  68. Sir Walter Percival, b.1326
  69. Sir Ralph Percival, b.1347
  70. Sir Richard Percival, b.1375
  71. Sir Ralph Percival, b.1410
  72. Sir John Percival, b.1447
  73. Sir James Percival, b.1468
  74. Edmund Percival, b.1495
  75. Anne (Percival) Lowell, b.1544
  76. Percival Lowell (Emigrated to America), b.1571
  77. Joanna (Lowell) Gerrish, b.1609
  78. Mary (Gerrish) Dole, b.1658
  79. Mary (Dole) Boynton, b.1658
  80. Jeremiah Boynton, b.1709
  81. Lydia (Boynton) Thurlow, b.1743
  82. Eunice (Thurlow) Colby, b.Jan. 13, 1772
  83. Abraham Colby, Revolutionary Soldier, b.1796
  84. Oliver Lane Colby b.Dec. 24, 1836
  85. Melissa Elwood (Colby) Davis Holden Cousins, b.May 27, 1844
  86. Robert Knowlton Cousins, B.July 13, 1883/4
  87. Rebecca Imogene (Cousins) Knight
  88. (Private-Still living)
  89. (Private-Still living)
  90. (Private-Still living)

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