Challis Family

Name origin: A cup or bowl; taken from the sign of a house or shop.

John Challis

b. s/o parents ukn
m.Elizabeth Watson

CHILDREN included:

  1. Elizabeth Challis
  2. Philip Watson Challis
  3. John Challis b.abt.1618

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Philip Watson Challis (Lt.) England; parents ukn
d.Apr. 22, 1691 Salisbury, MA in Amesbury, MA Mary Sargent
b.1634 Amesbury, MA; d/o William and Judith (Perkins) Sargent
d.Sept. 27, 1716 Amesbury, MA

12 CHILDREN included:

  1. Thomas Challis
  2. John Challis
  3. John Challis
  4. Phillip Challis (twin)
  5. William Challis (twin)
  6. William Challis
  7. Lydia Challis b.May 31, 1665 Salisbury, Essex, MA d.March 1739 Newbury, Essex, MA m.Dec. 21, 1687 James Chase
  8. Mary Challis b.Aug. 27, 1668 Salisbury, MA d.May 14, 1697 Seabrook, NH m.May 25, 1687 Amesbury, MA Joseph Dow

Phillip is thought to have come to New England about 1633, first to Ipswich, then to Salisbury and Amesbury. Source: Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, by Hoyt.

From Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700 by Holmes: CHALLIS OR CHALICE; PHILIP, b.England, 1617 was at Ipswich, MA, 1637.

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