NOTE: I'm still working on this...don't believe line is correct as James b.1686 would be too young to be the father of James 1697--Can anyone help!!!!--Helene

Courtney Babbidge (Lord)

b.England, parents ukn

CHILDREN included (all b.St. Sepulchre, London):

  1. James Babbidge b.20 Mar 1686
  2. Hanna Babbidge b.8 July 1688
  3. John Babbidge b.17 Nov 1689
  4. Richard Babbidge b.6 Jan 1690
  5. William Babbidge b.29 May 1692
  6. John Babbidge b.28 Aug 1693
  7. Courtney Babbidge b.24 Jan 1698 St. Sepulchre, London; Willand, Devon; 2 Jun 1718 Elizabeth Clarke

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James [aka Courtney?] Babbidge

b.March 20, 1686; s/o Courtney Baddidge and Mary ______
r.Devon, England
m.bef.1697 Prudence_______

CHILDREN included:

  1. James Babbidge b.1697
  2. Courtney Babbidge
  3. Peter Babbidge
  4. Tampson Babbidge m.John Brumfield
  5. William Babbidge

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James Babbidge

b.abt.March 9, 1687/1697 Uffculme/Liffculme, Devonshire, England; s/o James and Prudence Babbidge
d.August 11, 1764 [age 78] Harpswell, ME
bur.Old Center Cemetery, Harpswell, ME
m.March 3, 1724 Boston, Mass., Margaret Foresyth

CHILDREN included:

  1. James Babbidge b.June 10, 1726
  2. Ann/Anne Babbidge b.Jan. 29, 1728 No. Yarmouth, ME
  3. Mary Babbidge b.June 21, 1730
  4. Courtney Babbidge b.May [another source says November??] 7, 1732 No. Yarmouth d.Jan. 13, 1781 Deer Isle, ME m.(1)Dec. 2, 1755 Sarah Bibber
  5. William Babbidge b.Jul. 31, 1734 chr. Aug. 27, 1722 d.Feb. 6, 1793 Deer Isle, ME m.Dec. 7, 1758 Windham, ME Rebecca Bibber b.1744, Harpswell
  6. Tamsin Babbidge b.May 30, 1736 m.John Starbird
  7. James Babbidge b.Oct. 29, 1738 m.Mary Silverster b.July 30, 1741 Oxford, ME
  8. Samuel Babbidge b.April 4, 1740

Re:CONFUSING NOTE: B.Lake Noyes, LDS Deer Isle Genealogy Series: "Courtney Babbidge, Sr. came from England--came from Manchester a 2nd son of Lord Courtney, well-to-do...Old Babbidge from Manchester, England came here once on a visit to his sons--went back so Uncle Toms said to ...." [Is James also "Lord Babbidge?" as Courtney is the second son of James?-haw]

NOTE: From Wheeler's History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell page 828: JAMES BABBIDGE...a husbandman residing at North Yarmouth, was born about 1697, at Uffculme, Devonshire, England, and was a son of James and Prudence Babbidge, whose other children were a dau., Tampson, who m. John Brumfield, and sons Peter, Courtney, and William. (From "Deposition of James Barbidge, of North Yarmouth, Maine. 1730.)(NEH&G, Reg. Vol. 13.) [Note that if deposition was really taken in 1730 the death recorded in Harpswell (below) could be James Sr. and not Jr....also, did Tampson marry twice?--haw]

From Wheeler's: The Harpswell town records contain the record of the death of James Babbidge, August 11, 1764, aged 78, he was therefore born 1686. It is not improbable that he is the James alluded to as having been born in 1697, and that a mistake has been made in one or the other statement. [I assume Wheeler is wrong and it is the father of this the birth dates would fit. However, there is still a problem with his being the father of this James at age 11; so b. of James Jr. must have been "later than" rather than "about" 1697..--haw]

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Courtney Babbidge

b.May 7, 1732 [or 5 Nov 1732?] No. Yarmouth, ME; s/o James and Margaret (Forseyth) Babbidge
d. Jan. 13, 1781 Deer Isle, ME
m.(1)Dec.2, 1755 Sarah Bibber
b.abt.1738, d/o James Bibber
d.Feb.16, 1767 Bailey's Island, ME (both Sarah and her son William drowned while attempting to cross the ice from Orr's Island to the neck near the late Shuball Merrimans's shore; both were buried on Merriman's land)
m.(2)abt.1768 Abigail Booker, d/o Will Booker
m.(3)abt.1776 Mary Nancy "Molly" Staples, she m.(2)James Joyce who later m.Hannah Staples

CHILDREN of Courtney and Sarah:

  1. Sarah Babbidge b.Dec. 20, 1756 Bailey's Island, ME d.April 1, 1821 Orono, ME
  2. William Babbidge b.May 22, 1758 Harpswell, ME d.Feb. 16, 1767 [with his mother]
  3. Stephen Babbidge b.Feb. 3, 1760 d.Jan. 1840/41 (Rev. War service) m.(1)March 3, 1814 Hannah Staples d.1826; m.(2)Anna Staples ([Hannah's sister]) Saunders, widow of Samuel Saunders m.(3)Sarah Sellers
  4. Courtney Babbidge Jr. b.Oct. 17, 1761 d.Vinalhaven, ME, Oct. 9, 1834/5 Served in the Am. Revolution and was at the surrender of Cornwallis. m.(1)May 3, 1787 Martha Lane dau. of Hezekiah Lane
  5. Elizabeth "Betty" "Betsy" Babbidge b.Sept. 18, 1763
  6. Susanna Babbidge b.Apr. 2, 1766 m.March 17, 1789 Oliver Lane son of Hezikiah Lane

CHILDREN of Courtney and Abigail:

  1. William Babbidge b.Sept. 15, 1769 (or Sept. 4, 1770) m.Lucy _____ moved to Windham, ME
  2. James Babbidge r.Vinalhaven, ME
  3. Hannah Babbidge m.1806 Oliver Lane son of Hezikiah Lane

CHILDREN of Courtney and Molly:

  1. Abigail Babbidge b.May 9, 1777 d.Feb. 19, 1853 m.Oliver Lane son of Hezikiah Lane pub.Sept. 19, 1829
  2. John Babbidge b.Jan. 6, 1779 m.Margaret Grover
  3. Mary Babbidge b.Dec. 2, 1781 m.1804 Capt. Hezekiah Colby

From History of Brunswick, Thopsham and Harpswell Part III, Chapter 2 pa.856: WILLIAM SILVESTER, of the third generation from Richard, was born in Hanover, Mass., Feb. 25, 1708; m. Mary Barstow May 12, 1736. She b. in Hanover, May 20, 1717.

In his diary is the following entry:-

"May 25, 1762, then we left Hanover and came to Hingham that day shipped our goods on board the Grayhound, Courtney Babbidge, Commander, and we sailed that night about 10 o'clock. The 26 day we went on board. 30 we came to anchor and landed our cattle. 31 we landed our goods and took possession of our house in Harpswell the last day of May." This house was on the lot now (1877) owned by Rev. Elijah Kellogg.

LDS microfilm interview: ...Stephen Babbidge had another 1/2 sister who m.Oliver Lane of Whitmore's Neck, she burnt to death from an old kerosene lamp when they first came out in an old house that stood near Clara (___kl__s) ...

Oliver Lane appears to have married three Babbidge half-sisters.

Also see History of Swan's Island, Maine, pages 89-97.

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William Babbidge

b.Jul. 31, 1734
chr. Aug. 27, 1722
d.Feb. 6, 1793 Deer Isle, ME
m.Dec. 7, 1758 Windham, ME; Rebecca Bibber
b.1744, Harpswell

CHILDREN included:

  1. Rebecca Babbidge b.1761 Harpswell, ME? d.Nov. 8, 1843 Deer Isle, ME; bur.Old Cem. Deer Isle, ME m.1780 Castine, ME; William Greenlaw
  2. Abigail Babbidge b.Sept. 14, 1764 d.May 21, 1849 Stonington, ME m.March 10, 1780 James J. Bibber

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Other Sources:

  • Vital Records of North Yarmouth, Maine to the Year 1850, [Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Rhode Island, 1980 and Picton Press 1993] Page 2
  • Old Times of North Yarmouth, Maine by Augustus W. Corliss [Somerworth NH, New Hampshire Publishing Company; 1977] Page 872

    Babbidges buried at Old Settlers Cemetery, Rte 15, Deer Isle:

  • Babbidge, Dea. Stephen 1787-1851
  • Babbidge, Catherine 1788-1840 (w/o Dea. Stephen)
  • Babbidge, Courtney 1761-1834 (Revolutionary War)
  • Babbidge, Hannah 1762-1826 (w/o Stephen)
  • Babbidge, James 1805-1832
  • Babbidge, Capt. John B. 1790-1826 (his wife Mary & their dau. Martha, drowned)
  • Babbidge, Mary ??-?? (w/o Capt. John B.)
  • Babbidge, Martha -died @ age 1 yr. (d/o Capt. John B. and Mary)
  • Babbidge, Stephen 1759-1841 (Revolutionary War)
  • Babbidge, Stephen 1796-1849
  • Babbidge, William 1732-1793

    Babbidges buried at Mount Warren Cemetery, South Deer Isle:

  • Babbidge, Aaron 1795-1875
  • Babbidge, Lydia Thurlow 1804-1896 (w/o Aaron)
  • Babbidge, William 1797-1866
  • Babbidge, Phebe 1795-1864 (w/o William)
  • Babbidge, William 2nd 1824-1883
  • Babbidge, Susan L. 1825-1875 (m/o Eliz. and w/o William 2nd & after w/o Hon. Richard Warren Babbidge)
  • Babbidge, Frank S. 1865-1865 (s/o William & Susan)
  • Babbidge, David W. 1857-1858 (s/o William & Susan)
  • Babbidge, Alonzo B. 1861-1862 (s/o William & Susan)
  • Babbidge, Sarah 1787-1877 (w/o Stephen)
  • Babbidge, C. [or G. or E.] 1852-1898

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