______ Androwes


  1. Elizabeth Androwes b.bef.1478 Somersetshire, England d.Dec. 24, 1558 m.Robert Pike

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______ Andrews


  1. Mary Andrews b.abt.1590 England m.Thomas Barnes

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Robert Andrews

b.1560 Norwich, Norfolk, England; parents ukn
d.March 1, 1643/4 Ipswich, Essex, MA
m.abt.1620 Elizabeth Franklin
b.abt.1597 Norwich, England d/o William Franklin
d.aft. 1644 Ipswich, MA

CHILDREN of Robert and Elizabeth included:

  1. Alice Andrews b.abt.1587 m.William Franklyn
  2. Rebecca Andrews b.abt.1592
  3. Abigail Andrews b.abt.1596 d.June 24, 1665 m.Daniel Hovey
  4. Alice Andrews b.1592 d.bef.1641
  5. John Andrews b.1597
  6. Thomas Andrews b.1599 d.July 10, 1683 Ipswich, MA
  7. Alice Andrews b.1617
  8. Elizabeth Andrews b.1624 d.July 10, 1683 m.(1)1634 Ipswich, MA Hugh Griffin m.(2)abt.1650 Philemon Whale m.(3)abt.1660 Mr. Upson

NOTES: Robert settled in Ipswich early in 1635. He came from Norwich, Norfolk County, England as owner and master of the ship Angel Gabriel. Robert was an innkeeper. His sister, Mary, was the wife of Robert Burnham. Her sons were: John, Thomas, and Robert Burnham. 1640. May 13 (Ipswich Papers), Robert Andros is granted to draw wine for retail at Ipswich, with the condition of the town. (i.e., "if he do not wittingly sell to such as abuse it by drunkenness.")

In a book Ancient Pemaquid by J.W. Thornton, 1857, it says: "On the last Wednesday of May in this year (1635) the Angel Gabriel, a strong ship of 240 tons, and carrying a heavy armament of 16 guns swung at her moorings in the King's Road, four or five miles distant from the city. Her destination was Pemaquid. On her deck was a company of many Godly Christians, some from other ships, bound for New England; one of them was Richard Mather, visited there by Sir Ferdinando Georges, but the chief personage in the company was John Cogswell, a London merchant of wealth who with fragments of his freight, and accompanied by his servants settled at Ipswich.

The ship in a fury of an easterly storm with her cargo were totally lost; some of the passengers not escaping death. This shipwreck is chronicled as one of the greatest disasters in the annals of Pemaquid."

WILL OF ROBERT ANDREWS: The 1 of March 1643. In ye name of God Amen. I Robert Andrews of Ipswich in New England being of perfect understanding & memory doe make this my last will & testament.

Imprimis, I commend my soul into the hands of my mercifull Creator & Redeemer an dI doe commit my body after my departure out of this world to be buryed in a seemly manner by my friends &c.
Concerning my estate, Imprimis, I doe make my eldest son, John Andrews my executor.

Item. I give unto my wife Elizabeth Andrews forty pounds, & to John Griffin the son of Humphrey Griffin sixteen pounds to paid to him when he shall be twenty one years & if he shall dy before he comes to that age, it shall return to my two sonnes John & Thomas Andrews.

Item, concerning my son Thomas Andrews my will is that he shall live with his brother John Andrews 3 years, two of which he shall be helpful to his brother John Andrews in his husbandry, & the last of the 3 years he shall go to scole to recover his learning, & if he shall go to the University, or shall set himselfe upon some other way of living, his brother John shall allow him 10 pounds by the yeer for four yeers & then fifteen pounds by the yeer for two yeers succeeding after.

Item, concerning the fourscore pounds, which is to be paid unto my son in law Franklyn's daughter, Elizabeth Franklyn, my will is that if she dy before the debt is due, it shall be thus disposed of, ten pounds of it shall go to my son Daniel Hovey's child, Daniel Hovey my grandchild, & the other seventy pounds shall be divided between my two sonnes John and Thomas Andrews & if those my two sonnes should dy, then thirty pound of it shall be divided between my 3 kinsmen John, Thomas & Robert Burnam by equal portions & twenty more should go to Humfrey Griffins two other sonnes & the other twenty shall go to Daniel Hovey.

And because my son John Andrews is yet under age. I doe commend him unto Thomas Howlett as his guardian until he shall come of age.

Witnessed by: William Knight, John Whipple, Thomas Scott and Joseph Metcalfe. Signed by the marke of Robert Andrews. This will was profed in ye court held at Ipswich 26th of ye first month 1644.

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John Andrews, Cpl

b.1597 Norwich, Norfolk, England; s/o Robert Andrews and Elizabeth Franklin
d.March 13, 1665 Ipswich, MA
m.1621; Sarah Connant
b.1601 England
d.April 29, 1666 Ipswich, MA

CHILDREN included:

  1. John Andrews, Lieutenant

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John Andrews, Lieutenant

b.1618-1621 Norwich, Norfolk, England; s/o John Andrews, Cpl and Sarah Connant
d.April 20, 1708 Chebaco Parish, Ipswich, MA
m.1646 in Ipswich, MA; Jane Jordan
b.1622 Ipswich, England; d/o Stephen Jordan

CHILDREN included:

  1. William Andrews, Ensign b.1649

Lieut. John, 1618, was in Ipswich, Mass., in 1662.

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William Andrews, Ensign

b.1649 Chabacco Parish, Ipswich, MA; s/o John Andrews and Jane Jordan
d.Feb. 07, 1716 Ipswich, MA
m.Oct. 20, 1672 at Ipswich, MA Margaret Woodward
b.Feb. 24, 1655 Boston, MA: d/o Ezekiel Woodward and Anne Beamsley
d.May 22, 1716 Scarborough, MA

CHILDREN included:

  1. William Andrews
  2. John Andrews
  3. Margaret Andrews b.1676 Ipswich, MA d.Nov. 1, 1722 Gloucester, MA m.Samuel Gott
  4. Elizabeth Andrews

From an Essex newspaper, date ukn: "On Wednesday afternoon, as Mr. William Andrews was in the woods a mile from any house, getting timber, a large stick fell on his right leg, breaking both bones between the knee and ankle. He called for help by no one came and he splintered up his leg, cut two crutches and hobbled out to the house of Mr. Henry Andrews, when he was taken home."

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